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6 Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now For March/April 2019

[Music]hi everybody welcome back to my channeltoday I'm here with another of my workfrom home videos and in this video righthere I'm going to be telling you guysabout some companies that are hiringright now there are several jobsavailable and you would be starting workin either March or April so let's goahead and get right into it and before Ido that if this information is helpfulto you guys make sure that you sharethis video with anyone that's lookingfor legitimate work from home ok solet's go ahead and get straight into itcompany is Dyson mission this company afew times on my channel I'm just goingto tell you guys about one of the jobsthat they do have a couple of jobsavailable including online team lead andalso a customer experience exhalationspecialist so for right now I'm justgoing to go ahead and tell you guysabout the online team lead you will beable to access both jobs via the link inthe description bar okay so as far asthe online team lead is concerned theyare hiring in the United States a briefdescription of the job you're going tobe overseeing the day-to-day activitiesof the customer experience online teamthis is going to include reportingoversight to proper allocation ofstaffing across all channels includingcheck email at defense and social mediaalso user reviews and voice and alsooversight of new digital initiativesalso SharePoint development and actingas a primary point of support andassistance to the online advisors you'realso going to oversee the day-to-dayactivities of social media monitoringand the diesen review program andprovide assistance as needed to thesupervisors and also the operationmanagers okay so definitely quite a fewthings that you'll be doing with thisposition as far as the salary isconcerned they're not mentioning thesalary you can always check class orreviews and look up this company andlook up this job and get a briefoverview of the salary as far as theskills that they're looking for they'relooking for you to have a high schooldiploma or a GED that is requiredthey were also like for you to have aminimum of three years experience in ahigh quality customer service role andat leastone year experience in an onlinecustomer service environment this isgoing to include chat and email supportokayalso if you have previous leadershipexperience that is preferred as well andalso experience with social mediawebsite that's going to include FacebookTwitter Yahoo YouTube which most of ushave that all rightyou also need to have the ability towork a flexible schedule this is goingto include evenings weekends and alsorequired overtime okay so yeah that'sjust a brief overview of the positionand you can definitely go ahead andapply for that position if you'reinterested you will have to register ontheir site to apply for that positionall right so again like I said they dohave that online team lead position alsothe customer experience escalationspecialist position that's also at workfrom home position just to give you abrief overview of that position to beproviding supports of the customerexperience team you're going to behandling supervisor and requestedescalation calls emails and checks soyou would be the person that they wouldbe transferring the call to to handleyou know those escalated calls okay soyou definitely got a PEC some patiencewith that type of position both of thesepositions with Dyson will be in thedescription bar for you guys if you'reinterested in applying stuff we have ABCFinancial and I have mentioned themseveral times they are on my website onthe work from home companies pagethey're currently hiring right now witha start date of April 4 2019 so you candefinitely get to working by thespringtime and they are hiring for theremote customer service representativesat one point disposition paid I believeit was 16 dollars an hour but they havechanged that I believe now it's $11.50an hour and basically with this positionyou'll be using your positive attitudeyour solution-focused mindset and yourtop notch customer service skills tomake an impact on your customers day nowyou're going to be assisting withinbound and outbound calls from fitnessclub members and staff regardingrecurring payment issues and contractquestions okay so those calls will becue to you now they do have requirementsthat you have to meet as faras standards and everything adherentsyou know and also an average talk timeof 315 seconds or less on the membercalls they do have full-time set workschedules with weekends off so that'sreally good if you don't want to workweekends which most people don't thiswould definitely be a good thing for youtraining is paid and they do havebonuses in place for you you would alsoget a full benefits package that's goingto include your 401k you would get paidtime off you must have a high schooldiploma or a GED to be considered forthis job and you must live in thefollowing states Arkansas AlabamaFlorida Georgia Kansas North CarolinaOklahoma Texas or Virginia you must havea stable work history you must also beable to work a flexible schedule withinthe timeframes of 7:00 a.m. and 9:00p.m. central but also liking you to haveone year of experience in a call centersetting with experience handlinghigh-volume inbound and outbound callsof course you know you're gonna need aquiet home office space you also needhigh speed internet which can be DSL orcable ok they also have the technicalrequirements as far as the equipment isconcerned and you can check that outthere and also the internet speedrequirements as well and definitely goahead and apply if you are in thosestates where they aren't hiring so let'sgo ahead and get into the next job butwe have concentric sand concentric stemsto hire on a regular basis to work fromhome jobs at this point in time theyhave quite a few work from home jobsavailable including part-time jobs whichis great if you're looking to workpart-time they have an OperationsManager job a bilingual team leader alsowork from home customer service so youcan definitely check out all of thosejobs but I'm just going to give you guyssome information about the work fromhome customer service job now with thisposition you can work full-time orpart-time you'll be working between 20and 29 hours per week of course this isa customer service position so you willbe assisting customers the starting payfor this position is $10 an hour you dohave monthly performance incentivesyou'll also be eligible for helpinsurance as well you do need to have ahigh school diploma or GED and also oneyear customer service experience andalso you need to be open to work any ofthe shifts provided so you definitelyneed to have a flexible work schedulethey are hiring in several states butthey're not hiring in Alaska CaliforniaDC Hawaii Massachusetts MarylandMissouri Montana Nebraska New JerseyOregon Vermont Washington or Wisconsinso there are few states that they're nothiring from but they are hiring frommost states so definitely go ahead andtake advantage of that now as far as theequipment that they're requiring that Ihave a computer you need to have amonitor that's 19 inches or largerhigh-speed Internet phone service and acall taking headset you're notinterested in that customer serviceposition you can definitely check outthe operations manager position youwould ensure the day-to-day operationsof the customer service team so yeahdefinitely check out that OperationsManager position if you're not lookingto work the customer service repposition okay so next up we have aposition that's available in the US andworldwide so definitely check this oneout this is going to be with the companytime doctor and they are hiring forappointment centers this is 100% workfrom home you will need to work USAhours but you can live anywhere in theworld and this job requires you to setup appointments to sell time doctorusing outbound leads in this positioncomes with the very good base salaryplus generous commissions and it's goingto consist of identifying leads managinga pipeline and also account managementyou're going to need to make a minimumof 50 successful outbound calls each dayso if you're someone that's into salesand you don't mind calling people thenthis is definitely a position for youlooking for someone that's reliable whovalues punctuality has a good work ethicand is looking for a long term positionso you can definitely go ahead and checkthat out like I said this is a salesposition you will have to make calls andbe kind of aggressive so if that's notreally your thing then you might notwant to apply for this but it is goodthat therein the United States and outside of theUnited States as well so you candefinitely take advantage of that ifyou're interested next up we have MCLand MCL is hiring for work from homecall center reservation agents andtraining begins April 15 2019 now thisposition is only available to residentsof the North Carolina Piedmont Triadarea okay so if you're not in that areathen unfortunately you're not going tobe able to apply for this position nowaccording to this job paysaround sixteen dollars an hour the workfrom home reservation agent is going toanswer incoming calls to identify thecaller's needs and sell the productsthat match their vacation plans andresult in positive customer experiencesnow this position right here also offersbenefits you're going to get yourmedical your dental your vision in your401k also proves benefits and also sicktime after 90 days and also you areeligible for vacation after six monthsas far as the equipment requirementsyou're going to be supplying theinternet connection you're gonna need ahardwired broadband internet service viacable or fiber optic connection also youneed to maintain certain internet speedsyou will need a modem and router as wellokay you do need to have a high schooldiploma or GED it would like for you tohave some cost center sales or relatedtravel industry experience also aworking knowledge of a reservationsystem within a call center is preferredbut not required okay alright so lastbut not least we have elevate Kate from12 they are hiring virtual reading /math instructors and they do need youstarting March 4th and beyondalright now you do have to have abachelor's degree to work this positionthe salary is between 12 and 15 dollarsan hour the hours for this position areduring school hours so if you have abachelor's degree and experienceteaching or tutoring this is definitelya great fit for you now your onlineinstruction hours will be based on whatyou can commit so this is a flexibleposition you don't have to worry aboutcommuting or anything like that all youneed is a computer with an internconnection and the curriculum and thecontent has already created for you youdon't have to do that you'll also workwith the same students at the same timesconsistently so again if you do have abachelor's degree and you have workedwith children before then this isdefinitely a great opportunity for youit's flexible it's during school hoursso you won't be working all times anight and weekends and things like thatso that's definitely a pretty goodopportunity that's everything that Ihave for you guys todayyou guys know that if you have anyquestions or comments that you can leavethose below if you like this video goahead and hit that like button and againshare this video with anyone that'slooking for legitimate work from home asusual you guys know that I appreciateyou guys so much for watching and I'llsee you guys in my next video

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    1. Lilith Gray

      +Breanna Denmark Are you serious? Welp….that makes two of us! It also happened to me! This is twice I paid for my background check so I could be hired and POOF!

    2. D.i.y_ Crawford_ Style

      Yea they should refund or give you a different position

    3. Lovely Lasean

      I know but they filled a position before you could even get results back for a background check? That should be refunded. You paid for the background check in exchange for being considered for a position, this isn’t your fault! 😩

    4. Breanna Denmark

      Lovely Lasean it’s non-refundable

    5. Breanna Denmark

      D.i.y_ Crawford_ Style I guess the filled up. I’m very upset because I need to leave my current job ASAP and I was making decisions around the opportunity at liveops. I signed all the paperwork and paid and there’s no position

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    1. Lovely Lasean

      Hi, this is for the United States only.

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     for the updates but do have anything for the Caribbean people other than time doctor.

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    2. Lovely Lasean

      Hi. I don’t work for concentrix so so I wouldn’t be able to help you. I just post the jobs. You would have to contact their technical

  8. Tiffanie Sills

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    1. Lovely Lasean

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      Because The job is filled, it says that right above the link. It says if the link isn’t working, it means they’ve received enough applications or the position is filled. There have been thousands of applicants, they can’t keep the links open forever. 😩

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    I’m a freelance writer and social media manager; i’m always looking for higher-paying gigs. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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    A few of the links did not load Error!!!!

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      Because the jobs are filled. It says right above the links that if they don’t load it means the company received enough applicants. This video has 33k views, meaning thousands applied. They can’t keep the links open forever!

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    I have been looking for over five months for a work at home job but can not find one that hire in California?

    1. Lovely Lasean

      Hey girl, I know. 🙄😩 it’s so hard to find work from home jobs in CA, and NY. The few times I found a couple, they didn’t last.

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    1. Lilith Gray

      I’m in S. Carolina. Nothing here either!

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    Thank YOU LOVELY!! I’m praying and trusting you are Godsent!!! I’ve been grounded (vehicle-less) years…now seeking viable income online. Searching something else I happened upon your video! Believing your are legit and have ALREADY done the research for those of “US” who are newbies! Thank you much for what you’ve done and DO!!

    1. Lovely Lasean

      Thank you so much! Yes, everything is legit. 👍🏾

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      Hi. You have to give your social, you are an independent contractor and they have to have that to send you a 1099 so you can pay taxes on your earnings. Back when I first started, Direct deposit wasn’t available, I only received payment by check. They just started direct deposit a couple of years ago. 👍🏾

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    Hi lovely, I think your video is very useful, I am a registered nurse from Kenya Africa, would you have any part time jobs for me,for example online writing? please

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      Hundreds of my subscribers have gotten hired from jobs that I have posted, I’m not sure if they have gotten hired from these yet because this video is new, but several other jobs, yes.

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      All of my info is in the description bar.

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      Yes. I’ve done Opinion Outpost for many years, which is why I recommend it. You can search “Opinion Outpost” here on YouTube to check out my videos. Thanks for subscribing!

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    I’m a new subbie.
    Thanks for the most detailed work from home info.
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    Does all the mystery shopping applications require you to put your tax and ssn# info as part of the process?

    1. Lovely Lasean

      +JBunny Brown Did you do work for the company, or did they send you a check and ask you to send them some of it back? Real mystery shopping companies don’t do that. You have to actually do a mystery shop before you are sent a check, and they wont ask for money back.

    2. JBunny Brown

      I tried being a mystery shopper once and they sent me a fake check… can I know if its a scam or not?

    3. Lovely Lasean

      Yes. You have to pay taxes on your earnings.

  39. Kyia Sada'

    Hi! This video was good although when i clicked the link in the description for dyson, they don’t seem to take me to the page

    1. Lovely Lasean

      That means they have received enough applications. The video has over 7k views and has been up for 4 days, hundreds have applied, when they receive enough applications they close out the link.

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      +Lovely Lasean Thanks! Also, I am from India. Do you have options which I can utilize. I see for most of the jobs, requirement is for US/Canada based person.

    2. Lovely Lasean

      You have to check the description bar of the video, scroll down and you will see links to my youtube work from home job playlist, it has all 89 work from home jobs videos that I have ever done, with all different types of jobs, Often times those companies are still hiring.

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    Do you have any jobs near me? I’m in Orange county California, couple I’m seeking a permanent customer service and or Data Entry position, please no sales. Available any days, any time. Thank you in advance any help much appreciated.

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      Hi, I don’t search for jobs for people individually as I am not a recruiter and I’m doing these videos for free. Lol. I have posted hundreds of customer service positions, you can check out the playlist in the description bar, you can also check the work from home company list that’s in the description bar as well. Last but not least, you can google “data entry work from home in CA” or customer service work from home in CA” to find jobs. 👍🏾

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      Side hustles are extra ways to make money aside from the main way you make money. There are thousands of side hustles, online and offline, from mystery shopping, surveys, part time jobs, affiliate marketing, etc.

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