what is motivation Motivation 

What is Motivation

What makes people do what they do? Why do some people be triumphant at the same time as others fail? The answer just is probably motivation. We know that from an early age motivation prompts us to want to analyze and showcase unique types of conduct and stimulates us to perform new feats of success. As we grow and mature thru the distinctive ranges of our lives, we optimistically analyze what motivates us and what does not. It is always good to have great Motivational Thoughts, Self Motivation and to…

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discouraged Motivation 

How to over come being discouraged

Overcoming Discouragement and Unhappiness To be happy, it is important that you find happiness in the little things that you do each day. There are days when we just don’t have the energy to do anything. No type of mood or care for anything. We sometimes bring our disappointments and downs into our minds and the day has already started not too good. Don’t allow this feeling to manifest. Today I give you four recommendations to help you get through this. You are given discouragement … however, you should force it…

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  Life is not a race. But it sure has a time to go by. Nothing last forever. That’s why  i’ll die.   But  I will come back after that, because my body only gets old, Then a baby has to be born to hold my new soul .   I will never know that I was here before, because my mind is new from sin. Ill just keep on living until my body reaches the end………..over and over again.      I hope you got that, lol any way (high times)   , these are the…

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