Review (Scam Warning!)

I ran across this website from someone claiming that they could flip my $800 into $8000 by trading through bit coins and currency. 

One day i was searching on facebook for what i dont remember, I came across people saying how this guy Marcosfx was helping people make lots of money. It was about 10 people i saw saying the same thing and they all said contact him if you would like to make extra money. So my curious self wanted to do some digging to find out if this was really legit. 

My website that you are on now is about scams and legit companys to make money from. This will be on my TOP 10 Scam list as number 1.  Ok so I contacted mr MarcosFX and he responded a few hrs later. He sent me a list of the amounts i can start with and flip the money. I chose the $800 because it sounded good at the timea and i had money to blow. I also did it because i was 90% confident it would work. I knew about currency and forex market and they claimed to do this for you . 

Ok so once he contacted me he told me to buy 800 bucks worth of bitcoin and then transfer it into his account which i did. I bought it from someone through zelle. When you go through zelle it is almost impossible to get your money back if you have been scammed.  

Ok after i did that he told me to give him my information so that he can make an account for me on He sent me the username and password and asked me to watch the account grow. I watched for about 6 days getting excited each day as the account went up 1000 a day. I was for sure that i was going to make me a whole lot of money and had a whole lot of plans on what i was going to do with it. When the last day came around i was trying to withdraw the money but couldnt. He messaged me on facebook and said that i had to send him 20% of the 8000 before i could get it. I told him why couldnt i just give him the 20% from what was already there. He said it doesnt work that way. Immediately a red flag stood up in my brain. I was being SCAMMED! I tried everything in my power to get my 800 back but he just would not refund the money. I told him i wasnt giving him anymore money and that was that. He ended up blocking me and ran away with my money. 

I thought i was great at spotting scams before they occured but this time, I got played! When i did the research on this company the first time i realized i pulled up the wrong company with close to the same name and that company had 5 stars. When i went back to look up there were plenty of people who had already gotten scammed from this company. 

The only thing i could do was file an online scam report, but i still was not able to get my moneyback.

When you go con the site looks very professional. But at the top it says its not safe. They have a live chat there but no one ever answers the chat. All of the reviews and people they have listed as working for them are fake. I hope who is behind this site rot in hell for all of the money they have stolen from innocent people. 

If you are reading this i hope i saved you from this SCAM. IF you are looking for a legit way to make money online you should check out also if you want to learn Forex and trade yourself without having to lose any money then join the academy. CLICK HERE 

I hope this helps, and if you have had a bad experience with this company please leave your comments. 

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