How to Create a WordPress Website within 30 Seconds

Okay. Too many individuals think that its a challenge of building a website in an hour let alone 30 seconds. It can appear to be a feat just like the 4-minute mile. On this short post, I am going to show you that this is the truth.   I am going to expose to you how I did it, and how you can do it. I am even going to be presenting you with a video walk-through!


Why Choose WordPress?

Allow me to give you a bit back story on my “internet site” journey. Back after I started out within the online business (…5 years ago now), constructing an internet site turned into exceedingly technical. You had to be a programmer; you needed to have proper photoshop skills, and also you want a decent pc and expensive software even to create a crappy site. Yes, I use to construct some of the ugliest looking websites (in hindsight). However they have been very profitable, so it worked out well.

Then alongside came WordPress, an open-source framework that has a community of hundreds of thousands of human beings, and 10,000’s of developers. It is far by a long way the most supported and practical framework for constructing websites, however, WordPress alone nonetheless calls for net hosting, FTP, a database and a few technical knowledge to install.

It is the best platform, but sometimes it can be a little hard to fix. In reality, even seasoned online marketers and webmasters can have a heck of a time installing WordPress websites. But…

… Along Came Instant WordPress

back in 2010, a website builder was created and released it within Wealthy Affiliate called WordPress Express.  It is probably the most efficient, techie free way to build a website that I have ever used and I actually created this website using it…and did so in less than 30 seconds.  It takes all the technical stuff out of it…


No FTP’ing documents
No putting in place databases
No annoying about DNS or domain Registrars
No HTML or personal home page
No photoshop
No costly packages to shop for

So I bet you are questioning about this 30 second bit and a way to go approximately building your personal website online?

I have actual, tangible evidence that I can do this and that you may also accomplish this as nicelysurely click on on the video beneath to look at this  S.I.M.P.L.E. system of installing a WordPress internet site from scratch. I call it, choose a subject, and installationjust watch and you will see!



YOU can now get your own niche WordPress Website set-up for FREE!


In less than 5 minutes from now you can have your own website set up and ready to make you tons of money.

No matter what you want your site to be about, no matter what you decide to sell on it. You will be able to get the traffic you need to get your business up and running with this free course.

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2 Thoughts to “How to Create a WordPress Website within 30 Seconds”

  1. Kevin

    What makes WordPress better than Wix or Weebly?

    I find Wix to be pretty user friendly as well.

    1. Wix vs WordPress. Wix plans cover hosting, themes and free extensions. But the price can go up if you need to install a paid application from the Wix app market. WordPress is free, and the cost will depend on how many plugins you need, your hosting provider, whether you need a premium theme and more as far as weebly i havent used that so i cant tell you much about it. I love wordpress.

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