Life is not a race. But it sure has a time to go by.

Nothing last forever. That’s why  i’ll die.


But  I will come back after that, because my body only gets old, Then a baby has to be born to hold my new soul



I will never know that I was here before, because my mind is new from sin.

Ill just keep on living until my body reaches the end………..over and over again. 



I hope you got that, lol any way (high times)


, these are the things that go on in my head. I’ll be sharing random thoughts with you a lot until I find some new products to share, that will make you money while you sleep but in the mean time check out my other posts if you haven’t already so you can be on your way to freedom because they truly work.  Please leave your opinons on what you think of this video and my poem. What did ya get out of it.  This will show you that every body has an opinion about something so do what ever you want when you are in your moment because its your life and you own it! Have the courage to go out there and get what you want, Be who you want, Do what you want, because there is nobody stopping you but you. And who says you can’t do it over if ya fuck up the first time.  

ooooh she cursed! ha! seeee somebody just had an opinon about that! WHO CARES. LIVE YOUR LIFE AND HAVE A THICK SKIN WHILE DOING IT. I LOVE YOU GUYS! UNTIL NEXT TIME…











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