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Finding a JOB in 2019

Ever wonder why you always hear someone say they cant find a job? it Maybe because they are being too picky or just not giving enough effort to look. There are so many businesses hiring right now i cant even keep up. I get hundreds of email notifications a week with businesses who are hiring right now!

Being a Business owner myself i know that people come and go for one reason or another. Mainly because they want more money, or they just don’t like the hours or just tired of working period. Either way it goes you will always! need a job. Some people i know get a job just like that within a week and others it takes months or even years. They hop from job to job thinking one is going to be better than the other but when they get hired they find out that they still have to work! No matter what the job is you will still have some stress either with a co worker or the work itself at some point in time.

When looking for a job you must think about if this job is going to take care of your finances, if its going to make you happy, and If you are going to move up in the company eventually. This makes you even wonder if you really want a job! No one wants to use their bodies to labor for someone else every single day over and over again and in the end suffer from body aches from over working and when you eventually get too old to do anything all of your retirement will be going to medical bills.

Who wants that? Most people are looking for ways to get multiple streams of income. Some way that they can take care of their loved ones even if they ever fall sick or god forbid die. Something that their loved ones can benefit from long after they are gone. There are not many if any jobs that will provide you with this benefit.  You would definitely have to have your own business to accomplish this goal. If you don’t care about your future and just trying to make it now then hey by all means get a Job!

If its hard for you to get a job after going on an interview than maybe you are not answering the questions correctly just   Click Here to get an ultimate guide to interview answers so you can be prepared to say the right things for your next interview.

Now if you are like me and like relaxing at home while doing stuff on the computer then you may want to consider some work at home projects. I call them projects because they are not necessarily jobs. More like Self-Employment. You get to create your own hours, control your cash flow and work any where in the world you want. And no one is there to look over your shoulders. 

Now of course you have to be very disciplined to have this type of career. But you will definitely enjoy the benefits after you get rolling and know what type of freelance work you would like to do. 

I would like to introduce you to my line of business. I love creating websites and getting paid from them. As a matter of fact you are on one of my websites right now. If you like writing or making videos and always wanted to learn affiliate marketing or just making money online then my #1 recommendation for doing that is  RIGHT HERE. I make a great monthly income just by building websites. When you click on the link it will take you to a demonstration of me walking you through how to get started. Its a great online training that you will have fun earning and learning from. Now if you want to make some quick get rich money then its not for you but if you want to build an empire and make passive income in your sleep then by all means CLICK HERE. IF you want to know more about it before you jump in  then visit and i will explain it there. 

I am always happy to help someone who is looking for more ways to double their income

 so if you have any questions leave a comment.  Thanks for reading and please share if you find this post informative and helpful :).

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