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Here Is What They DON’T TELL YOU – Legendary Marketer ReviewHowto & Style 

Here Is What They DON’T TELL YOU – Legendary Marketer Review

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Join Legendary Marketer Here:

Create your own Blogs and make money CLICK HERE 

Thanks for checking out this review video on LM I hope that you find it helpful. This is a great company and it’s changing live all over the world.

Legendary Marketer Scam? No not this company, it’s far from being a scam my friend and if you watch the video above you will see how legit it is.


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203 thoughts on “Here Is What They DON’T TELL YOU – Legendary Marketer Review

  1. http://Amanda%20Mcclintic

    I bought the book and then I bought the audio for the book and it was like $25 or something I don’t know I can’t figure out where do I go to listen to the audio

  2. http://No%20One

    Hi Mr. Jay, is this worldwide? Sarry dont have idea of thus kind a thing.

  3. http://Thankful%20to%20Live!

    Thank you for sharing this information. The book sounds interesting. Can you do a video review on the book when you are done reading?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      Yes I will

  4. http://Abhishek%20Ks

    Hey I m thinking of joining the legendary marketer ,and one more this is I don’t even a tiny thing about marketing , should I be taking this up to earn money…
    Just by seeing u tell a lot about it and even the CEO of the company I’m keeping big step towards it & and want to do it as a part time job because im still studying so ,pls help me out .
    After joining should I be paying every month a 30$?

  5. http://Domingos%20Goncalves

    Hi Jay, how can I email you?

  6. http://Wayne%20Korarome

    Awesome story Jay, I’m interested and I will join.

  7. http://s%20dizzle

    Dude stop telling people to ask you questions below when you never respond to your viewers with any info or detailed replies. That’s how you earn sign ups. I seen one of your viewers ask you a question because he wanted to decide if he should join under you or a more helpful resourceful poster, and you didn’t even reply. A sale you absolutely lost. I’m sure you’re busy, then don’t suggest people ask you stuff if you just ignore or worst, don’t even bother too look.

    1. http://Mari%20Aguilar

      The only thing they want is to sell their stuff but they don´t even use what they recommend that is why they don´t replay to any msg

  8. http://Tio%20Robert

    Hey jay would you share some information how you make the landing video page for you link.

  9. http://Justin%20Kitch

    Are you still running a business through Legendary Marketer?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown


  10. http://Evannex

    Hey Jay! I have been researching this for a while and have finally decided to jump in. I’m not looking for a get rich quick scheme, I know anything sustainable requires work. I have a question though: How much could I realistically make in the first month, assuming I put in the effort and follow the training provided? I have no additional capital to invest into paid advertising, so I guess I’m wondering if it is still possible to turn a profit with this system without paid ads.

    Any response would be amazing! Thank you!

  11. http://Ted%20Franks

    Jay, you were the first person who introduced me to Legendary Marketer; however, I checked out some reviews and found others who were promoting it as well. Now one of them is offering some incredible bonuses for joining through their link, and I really feel that, being such a “newbie”, I could really launch my business much higher and greater with those tool. So, I would feel bad to sign up with someone else’s link because you would not get the benefit of a new sign-up, right? Please respond so I can make my decision as soon as possible. Thanks, Jay!

  12. http://Rick%20Contreras

    Thank you, Jay, I do understand invest your self.

  13. http://MONEY%20TREASURE

    Bro i am indian can i work here which are the payment methods plzzz tell me

  14. http://CLEMENTINA%20HUMANA


  15. http://Gamel%20Kamalielu

    Jay, been watching your videos for a while… been actively seeking for an opportunity to work from home… your videos are always honest and straight forward. I’m signing up today 🙏. Thanks for the encouragement🔥

  16. http://Xiomara%20James

    Can you please help me. I asked for a refund. I will come back if you work with me.

    1. http://Trecia%20Pooler

      you have training in side of the system with a coach to help you along the way , dont give up just keep going through the training it really works.

  17. http://Xiomara%20James

    Legendary marketing

  18. http://Xiomara%20James

    It’s not just 30 bucks. They told me I have to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising.

    1. http://نصر%20البحر

      How it’s going could please explain to me

  19. http://Winston%20Rhock

    So what don’t they tell you? Clickbait

  20. http://francesca%20barron

    yep me again… Wanted to show some gratitude for your help .. to me your the best.. I learn twice as fast and your charisma is inviting.. thank you… Ciao

  21. http://francesca%20barron

    Hello Jay, big fan of “The Secret”. Enjoy your video’s. I realize clients I affiliate with are not the group for a high end courses. Though I am above average deal maker and especially good in solutions to close but where I am now is small town USA, the south, I am completely out of context here being from a big city like L.V. So, I need to fill the need where I can reach at first because I do have family in Tafalla and Paris. Here’s my question, does LM have options for someone like me and my traffic??

  22. http://LMarketing

    Hey! Lisa here, been trying to make the money online for a while haha. How is this different from a program that I’m promoting which is on online affiliate marketing school? The end goal of my school is to have a website built that sells high converting products, have social media authority, and gain commissions from members who join under you. I’ve been there for 3 weeks working on my website and promoting it on Facebook and such. Haven’t run ads yet. Anyways my question is, how is legend marketer different? What is the work well have to do? What is it’s end goal? Is it monthly subscription? Thanks so much!

  23. http://Futurenet%20Life

    Hi I’m interested in this Programm
    Can we talk on Facebook call?

  24. http://Emily%20A%20Cox

    Jay – Please Facebook me personally, or better yet, text me: 802-922-6609 I am interested in this.

  25. http://YUNG%20TEZ

    How old do you have to be to join

  26. http://dreamersreview

    Hey Jay,
    I like your channel. I am signing up because you give me the courage to do it.. My biggest lack of knowledge is how to post ads.. Can you make a video showing how you post ads for legendary marketer pls.. That would help a lot

  27. http://Bethlehem%20Ketema

    So I just paid 30 Dollar and was thinking… This program would not work if I don’t buy the 2500 dollar upgrade Right? Since we are speaking upfront here. I don’t have 2500 dollar so I shouldn’t waste my time here right?

    1. http://The%20Digital%20Supremacy

      +Amelia Oliver ive been doing it two mths and it starting to pay off now. the ones making the BIG money are the ones that get in first. but saying that. if i can get it making me $2000 a mth i will be happy as its only one of a few things am doing online. hope this helps.

    2. http://RIZZY

      any progress? thank you +Rasta Fonz

    3. http://JelizaRose%20H

      Rasta Fonz did you have to pay 2500?

    4. http://Rasta%20Fonz

      +Alex Babaev i just made a comment but didn’t press REPLY so here i am writing it again now. yes i’m in Module 2 under Marketer’s Club. there are a lot details and how to in it. i will learn and understand and most importantly APPLY IT. i love details and i really want to learn it and use it and grow big with it seriously. thank you for following up on me i truly appreciate and respect that in you! how are you doing on your end?

    5. http://Alex%20Babaev

      +Rasta Fonz How is it going so far my dude?

  28. http://Donni%20Tompkins

    Can i do it from my android phone???

    1. http://CASH%20INFLUENCER

      Donni can do it from android just like me.. htpp://

    2. http://Domeniko%20Zela


  29. http://Donni%20Tompkins

    I have to stop working 60 hrs 6 days a week for 20 years. 51 yrs old and broke. If i did this 3 hrs a day 7 days a week what kind of money can a non marketing person make? $500??$1000??? Per month??? Need beginners info on funds. Congrats that inpressive. Mad skills.

  30. http://Bernard_%20Mark

    Is there an age limit?and does it work on mobile?

  31. http://omata%20godsent%20oseghale

    Hi jay, can we discuss further more via mail or whatapp please? because am motivated by your video and i have a blog running for 2years now and i have not started making money. here is the link please check it out thanks you.

  32. http://Ayodele%20Ayo

    I just came about this video mins ago, please i want to how it works and how to start?
    Kindly assist me

  33. http://Joshua%20Mills

    So honestly all I have to do is invest $30 and work very very hard and I’ll start to see money results just like you correct???? Because you sound honest

    1. http://Joshua%20Mills

      Mahiro Fuwa just striving what’s going on?

    2. http://Mahiro%20Fuwa

      Joshua Mills how is it going ?

  34. http://YUNG%20TEZ

    How old myst you be to join

  35. http://Felix%20Zeta

    hi jay

  36. http://Jacqueline%20Washington

    Signed up today! Excited about the process.

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      Awesome welcome to the team!

  37. http://The%20Bearded%20Affiliate%20AJ%20Johnson

    I joined LM and I learned alot and now I make commissions on a regular bases

    1. http://Leo

      how is it going after 3 months ?

    2. http://Jay%20Brown

      That’s Great!

  38. http://brenda%20peace

    Thank you Jay for this video. It is so helpful.

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      Just glad I could help!

  39. http://SDSL%20RECORDS

    Yo jay I’m going to join legendary marketer soon I wanted to get more info on it is it anyway i can speak with you direct

    1. http://SDSL%20RECORDS

      Jay Brown how on the phone or video chat?

    2. http://Jay%20Brown


  40. http://rob%20Villaflores

    Hi jay, i a beginner and looking for ways to earn online, then i saw that you are recommending Legendary Marketing, do you advice for me to start doing Legendary Marketing?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      If you want it is a great company to start with

  41. http://Dinthui%20Ch

    Great review thanks. I have been looking for an online job where i can make some real money and now I think I can make it from Legendary marketer. I don’t know whether the company is gonna survive long or not but i need to make some real quick money as I join and then I’ll look for security where I can make living out of it.

    Please tell me how do we get payment in this Legendary Marketing-PayPal/bank account? 2. When do we get payment as we make sales-Daily/weekly/Monthy?
    3. What is the minimum fund I can start with to start earning from there?

  42. http://barrel%20Creations

    what is your facebook name plz

  43. http://Alex%20Monev

    Hi, what is the difference between amzscout and jungle scout?

  44. http://Blue%20Dog%20Sales%20Group

    Hello jay, I did it i’m in under you!. I’ll connect with you on FB.

  45. http://The_Lonely_Ape

    I can’t afford the 30….

  46. http://Reginald%20Williams

    know what im sayin

    1. http://Jay%20Brown


  47. http://Roberto%20Jaimes

    Ok this might sound ridiculous but, I want to make this full time job for me at the age at 16. I want to be really dedicated to this at an early age since I don’t have that many bills to pay right now. Is it possible for me to do this or is there like an age requirement I don’t know of?

  48. http://feliciamk10

    Hi Jay! I watch your videos, I don’t have a niche or even Social Media. Do I need to find a niche and build a brand first before starting Legendary Marketer?

  49. http://Joshua%20Mills

    Hey Jay I want to send you a personal email just to tell you about the struggle I’m going through and also to ask about this online thing you doing. How can I reach you or yo u reach me through email. God bless you

  50. http://Kopa%20Cabana

    Im a member, currently on Step 4. Im hungry for this money

    1. http://Leo

      how is your hunger after 5 months ? just wondering

    2. http://Swizzle%20Stick

      Does it work?

    3. http://Mahiro%20Fuwa

      Kopa Cabana how is it going mate?

    4. http://Your%20Mentor%20Ken


  51. http://Non-Monogamous%20Lifestyles%20Association

    I’m already signed up. Thanks for the review. I’m excited about all I am learning. Got the Masters Program.

    1. http://JelizaRose%20H

      Did you have to pay 2500$ for the master program, or did you pay only 30$ and are you making any income?

    2. http://Abhijit%20Ray

      What is you rprogress? Would you please share your experience. Thanks!

    3. http://Your%20Mentor%20Ken


  52. http://Richkxdds%20Ent.

    Can you still click continue when u didn’t start ur training yet

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      Yes contact your coach

  53. http://TauroFitness

    Jay how can I sign up?

    1. http://TauroFitness

      Jay Brown broh I’ve hit that link twice and filled out the quick connect form…nothings happened since?? Should i have gotten a call or email or something?? Nothing and I’ve checked multiple times now broh..

    2. http://Jay%20Brown

      Link in the description

  54. http://ivan%20silva

    I was wondering if their is a way if i would be able to talk to you im really i have been looking for income like this sir

    1. http://Black%20Cheetos

      ivan silva i just the company too

  55. http://Muhammad%20Ali%20Aziz

    how do you withdraw the money? paypal?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      who said PayPal it’s an eWallet

  56. http://Clinton%20Thompson

    I know it’s 30 to start and 30 per month what else do you have to purchase?

  57. http://Ricardo%20Galindo

    hi everyone, what i always wonder if anybody can do this? i mean even if you live outside the US? thansks in advance!!!

    1. http://Black%20Cheetos

      Ricardo Galindo it worlwide

  58. http://Tony%20Maries

    LOOOL, it’s for ” broke college students”, yet you have to pay $30 to get in. Idc if it actually works. I don’t have $30 as a FUCKING BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT

  59. http://Dotti%20Trader

    Can I work from Brazil? How I receive my payments? I need to invest money to do Sales? Or Just with a 30 bucks paying the sistem I allow to earn comissions?

  60. http://Max%20Peters

    How much is it to join? They are asking for $30 but a lot of programs have other hidden costs.

    1. http://Mark%20Asbury

      Legendary Marketer has a $30 front end. And then $247.00 up sell and then $2,500 up sell.Then a $5,000 up sell. And then four more $2,500 dollar up sells Total of $17,777 if you buy it on the up sell. it may be higher if you buy it later.

    2. http://Sittie%20Madale

      No hidden Fees but they have a program which will teach you how to earn commission while you learn..its basically a digital product that you have to purchase.

    3. http://Black%20Cheetos

      Max Peters this is doesnt have no hidden fees

  61. http://David%20Sheehan

    Hey Jay. I’m a member of Legendary Marketer, was grandfathered in at the beginning. I have about a 10k/mo budget to work with. Do you offer any coaching services?

  62. http://Christine%20Blackwell

    Thanks for keeping it real!

  63. http://Aaron%20Johnson

    If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spare do not even try. There sole profit is over yours 10/1

  64. http://DK%20Lifestyle%20Addicted

    Can one start earning comission after joining the $30 plan or does one need to upgrade to $2500 before one can earn decent comissions ? Your transparency would be highly appreciated

    1. http://Black%20Cheetos

      DK Lifestyle Addicted u dont pay the 2500

    2. http://Katrina%20milton

      That’s the same question i have, however i don’t see an reply to your question. Jay can you please respond?

  65. http://Lokesh%20Singhla

    I am fearing for paying 30$ per month to legendary marketing, please can you teach us, what that teaching will teach because I don’t want to pay 30$.

    1. http://Your%20Mentor%20Ken

      Any business requires you to invest something to make it work, $30 a nothing compared to most businesses are 100K plus to start.

  66. http://john%20davidson

    Hello jay, after signing up for this for 30 dollars is there any other fee?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      Yes, there are other products you can purchase but is optional

  67. http://Jews_rule

    i heard u have to pay $2000 for training after you sign up for membership. Is this true ?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      It’s optional

  68. http://Sidney%20Patterson

    Keep doing what you do! You’re really inspiring

    1. http://Jay%20Brown


  69. http://Anthony%20Gamble

    Is it good for students too? Can I work around my classes?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      I don’t see why not

  70. http://alexandra%20michaelidou

    what is the cost to get in?

    1. http://Dotti%20Trader

      Jay Brown Just It or i need to spend money with ADS?

    2. http://Jay%20Brown

      $30 to start

  71. http://Health%20Nut

    i see the initial cost is $30. what’s the up sell for complete system?

  72. http://vaibhav%20dubey

    Good Day, Jay,

    I have subscribed to your channel on youtube and got enrolled to the Legendary Marketer through your link as well. I am really excited and I hope I took the right step forward. Currently, I have completed step 6 and I was wondering do I really need to get Legendary Builder Masterclass for $2500 right now or should I invest more time on this with a $30/month plan along with $47 one time fee (marketers Rolodex.) as I have just started out my journey with LM and bit confused as well. Please advise which is the best way to proceed when starting out new. I would be needing your valuable advice on my journey to LM. Please enlighten me. Thanks and have a great day ahead!

    1. http://Agri

      Scroll through the comments section, *he rarely ever responds* ! It’s only about getting people to support his programs but zero courtesy to even respond to their questions/concerns.

    2. http://TundeFunke%20Barbosa-Martins

      No response?

  73. http://Tone%20Space

    I’m bout ready to drop that $30 on Legendary Marketer..I saw another video of a guy showing a list of folks on fb and their were killing it! All up and down that list! lol.

    1. http://Domeniko%20Zela

      its every month but can buy one time product

    2. http://Eddie%20Mata

      Wendy Lee if $30 a month is an issue for you, you are looking at the wrong place to make money. Just get a job were you make enough to then invest in growing your own business….

    3. http://Enrique%20Espinoza

      Wendy Lee monthly and if you can’t afford 30 a month then you’re doing something wrogn

    4. http://Wendy%20Lee

      Is it 30$ monthly or one time? Please answer i need to know cuz i cant afford every month

  74. http://ikeshia1981

    I would like to join legendary marketing and I would like to know if there is any special bonuses for joining your team and how would I get access to any LM fb groups?

  75. http://nath%20leo

    hey jay I life in Europe do you think this could work here

  76. http://RKF%20Search%20Results

    So once you sign up for the $30/month, does money need to be spent on ads/ Or?

  77. http://killerking%20bros

    Your awesome! I wish I had you as a personal mentor. 💓💓💓💓💓 Your a Great Teacher!

  78. http://Gregory%20Wynn

    I signed up today. Holla at you later

    1. http://Swizzle%20Stick

      Does it work?

    2. http://Munzir%20Jay

      how is it going?

    3. http://Mahiro%20Fuwa

      Gregory Wynn how is it going?

  79. http://Ebony's%20Circle%20News

    I clicked (and clicked…. And clicked some more) to get information and the conclusion was a $30 total. Did I do something wrong????

  80. http://denay%20vonte

    this is very unrelated but can you please share the name of the outro music?

  81. http://Daniel%20Schnell

    Can I make money if I just invest the thirty dollars?

  82. http://FirstBorn

    can people from uk join?

    1. http://Your%20Mentor%20Ken

      Yes they can

  83. http://Cameron%20Barnes

    Jay, are you still accepting people for MCA?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      My brother is head over to his channel

  84. http://Jenny%20Eugenio

    i am interested in this Jay

    1. http://Jay%20Brown


    2. http://Jenny%20Eugenio

      +Jay Brown I am from Philippine, is this applicable here?

    3. http://Jay%20Brown

      Awesome! Follow the link below in the description for more info on it 🙂

  85. http://CognacQ

    Jay I am watching your videos and I am curious. 30 seems to be pretty cheap to get started in making money like this. Is this one of those companies that upsell people like you to invest in more expensive products to get your sells reps to get people to buy those expensive products so you can accrue more commission?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      There are products that cost more than $30 in the company but is optional

  86. http://Lois%20Hill

    Jay I paid $30.00 to join Legendary and I need to know how to get started with your training as well as your guidance.

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      Hi welcome to the team! Login and Follow the steps in the back office then contact your coach.

  87. http://Mario%20Kinnon

    I just started I doing my training on level 2

  88. http://Diory

    Whenever I get paid do I need a bank account or can I use my prepaid excella card to receive the money?

    1. http://Diory

      Jay Brown No it just has the 10 digit number and the cvv number in the back

    2. http://Jay%20Brown

      Yes as long as the card has an acc and rout number

  89. http://Jia%20Ming%20Zhuang


    1. http://Yandoff%20smiff

      Jia Ming Zhuang Hi

  90. http://wef%20sonnyrock

    What website you promote

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      It’s below the video

  91. http://Jessica%20Romero

    Do you need a laptop to start ?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      no, although I recommend getting a computer once you make enough money using your phone or tablet. many members use their phone or tablet when they first start.

  92. http://Sandeep%20Bhati

    Please tell me about real online earning Android app…which could pay a good cash…or either a website which I could access smoothly through Android…

    1. http://CASH%20INFLUENCER

      Sandeep bhati come to me ..hindi me btata hu sab kuch.


      Sandeep Bhati go to CASHINFLUENCER youtube channel.

    3. http://Your%20Mentor%20Ken

      They are not worth your time

  93. http://MeBeYours

    What sources do you use for traffic?

  94. http://SoMaravilhas

    hi Jay i have been watching your videos since last year, i have been studying and investigating and try to find out if the affiliate marketing is real, i would like to join it but im living in Russian now i dont know if i can join in. my email

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      You can join anywhere

  95. http://goingstrong23

    Okay 1st thank you!!! I have a meeting in a couple days i cant wait im going all in thank you for this opportunity!!!

  96. http://Alexis%20Hornbuckle

    How long have you been doing LM?…and thank you for putting me on.

  97. http://Izatatus

    I come from Barbados will this training work 4 me

  98. http://Joe%20Thompson

    how much is the program?

    1. http://I%20QUIT%20MY%209%20TO%205

      $30 month

  99. http://Desmond

    Hello Jay! I joined because of you and after a day, I’ve earned my first commission! I just want to tell everyone that this is REAL guys, even as a broke college student so thank you so much Jay! You’re the man

    1. http://Animation%20World

      +Bullet Aslam iam also wanted join this, can u send me u r details please because iam also indian

    2. http://Jay%20Vishnu

      Share Tips at Malaysia can?

    3. http://Share%20Tips

      Bullet Aslam Yes indians can do this.. CASH INFLUENCER YouTube channel is doing this. Go to his channel and learn everything about this business in hindi. He is making money from it. He show his proofs on his channel.

  100. http://arif%20mandal

    Hi jay how r u ?
    i don’t have any credit card can i use my paypal to sign up.
    please reply the same.

  101. http://George%20Rodriguez

    I’m ready 😂

  102. http://Vito%20Spakovsky

    Can you make video for people who are starting with legendary marketer Like if i learn things and do them in first day and continue with that mind set work on it more then 10 hours a day how much money can i expect in next 30 days . Or you can make some video about how to make it more easyer and effective . I know it depends on many thinks to make this much money but I am going to make this Legendary marketer my full time job and more than that and I am hungry for it because i have seen success of other people so . What I have to do to make some money first day or first week or first month with no people on Facebook no subscribers on YouTube no people on other things . Real start from the ground up no people no extra money but hard work – sitting in front of computer is not hard work but you know what I mean just 10 or more hours a day . Or what would you do if you started from 0 like me . So I will know on what things to focus . Thanks for answer. PS : Sorry for long comment 😀

    1. http://Michael%20Mason

      Vito Spakovsky I have same exact question bro 😂 lol

    2. http://Lovely%20LadyBoss

      Hey Vito! I just started with Legendary Marketer and in order to become as success as possible, you have to follow the process. If you are on the computer 10 hours a day, what will you be accomplishing that will help you get to your goals faster? I say stay connected to your Coach and take advantage of the information that they provide. We get a WHOLE team to help us be successful. Have patience with yourself, and get the experience necessary to water the business owning seeds that are being planted from Day 1.

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    Hi jay i don’t have any credit card can i use my paypal to sign up

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    Hi Jay. Do you have an email where I can contact you? I have some questions about the program. Thanks.

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    I seen NOTHIN…NOTHINNNN LOOLL!! Dude wasnt doing ANYTHING!!. WAKE UP!! Ya’ll got to work!! Bunch of lazy employees online trying to make money, go back to your job, you won’t make it!

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      That’s awesome bro! you got this my man!

    2. http://Ron%20G

      Jay Brown Bro, sorry man but I gotta go hard on em man, I just wanna thank you as well man I quit my day job and I’m going full time because of Legendary, bless up bro🙏🏾

    3. http://Jay%20Brown

      Lol right

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    Sir how to start work

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      Follow the website in the description of this video

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    Jay does this work outside US?In south asia?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown


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    What if I don’t got much followers in fb ?

    1. http://Jay%20Brown

      We teach you how to build followers… Every successful internet marketer started with zero followers.

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    I have not made any money online; and I have no experience of Marketing, HOW MUCH CAN I MAKE ON MY FIRST DAY WITH LEGENDARY ????

    1. http://Jack%20Johnson


    2. http://Jay%20Brown

      That depends on you like I mentioned in the video… you may make money you may not… your work ethic will determine that

  110. http://Pheaon%20Prince%20Jr.

    Psshh that’s it?? Man I’m already over $500K man.. lmao jk! But HELL YEAH my man! You never cease to amaze me! Keep it up and don’t worry because you’re going to have to make some space for me in the future 😎😎

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      Awesome brotha you go this

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