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How To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate 2018 – Comprehensive Review, Results, & Tour

hey everyone its erik here from workfrom your laptop comm with acomprehensive and detailed look into howto make money with wealthy affiliatewhat are we gonna cover in this videoi'm gonna cover how it all works i'mgoing to show you how long it takes tomake money with wealthy affiliate i'mgonna touch on the training if you'relooking to create your own successfulonline business i'm going to touch onaffiliate marketing what it is and howit works if you are already anestablished business owner looking todrive massive traffic to your businessi'm gonna show you how wealthy affiliatetrains you on local SEO search engineoptimization i'm gonna show you exactlyhow much it all costs how you can getstarted absolutely free today with me asyour personal support coach to help youin every way I can and then last but notleast I'm gonna give you a sneak peakvideo tour of the wealthy affiliatemembers area so this is not going to bea Cliff Notes version of how to makemoney with wealthy affiliate this isgoing to be a detailed and comprehensivelook into exactly why wealthy affiliateis the best training platform online forentrepreneurs looking to build their ownsuccessful online business and for thosewho are looking to drive massive trafficto their existing ones so if you'rewatching this on YouTube that's greatyou'll find all your important links inthe YouTube video description like whereyou can read the full article listedvideos based on and where you can createyour free starter account or I also wantyou to know that here from work fromyour laptop com anytime you want to seethis video it's right here in the upperright corner where these triple dots areyou can access this video at any timethere and that's true for both PC andmobile so if you can turn off yourdistractions put your cell phone onvibrate find that happy place in yourhouse where you get the leastdistractions so that you can have fullfocus on what's in front of you so let'sget startedso in a nutshell wealthy affiliate isgonna train you on how to target aspecific audience in any niche youdesire and then show you how to createcontent that is the answer to thattarget audiences organic searches onlinethis is going to drive massive organicand free traffic to your website and toyour business now if you are a businessowner looking to do exactly that drivemassive traffic to your business thendollar signs are going off in your headand more on that and a little bit weshow you exactly how wealthy affiliateis great for business owners looking todo exactly thatbut first what if you're someone whodoesn't have your own business what ifyou don't have your own products andyou're thinking how can this help mewhen I don't have products of my own topromote well now we jump into affiliatemarketing that is exactly what affiliatemarketing is all about it is aboutconnecting people online with theproducts and services they are alreadysearching for and it is how ninetypercent ninety-five percent of allonline business is done in fact Iguarantee you're taking part inaffiliate marketing and not even knownit whenever you make a search for let'ssay you're looking for a new camera Ilove travel I love photography so righthere on my screen you're seeing herethis is a review for this sony cybershotDSC RX 104 this is a camera I have takesgreat pictures well when you're thinkingabout buying something and you lookonline to get a review like this whereit shows you all kinds of specs andeverything about this camera what I wantto focus your attention on is this righthere buy on something we'revery familiar with you click on it takesyou directly to Amazon where you can buyit and through the power of technologyyou're gonna have this camera in hand intwo days this link is an affiliate linkthis reviewer didn't put together thisreview out of the goodness of his or herheart they're doing this because everytime someone clicks on this link goes tothe merchant makes a sale this reviewergets a percentage gets a commission overand over and over and guess what theydon't have to worryabout shipping they don't have to worryabout inventory they have simplyconnected their target audience withexactly what they were looking for theydidn't have to knock on doors and tellpeople why they need to buy a camerathese are people looking to buy thiscamera remember I found this because Iwent to Google typed in Canon cyber-shotrx100 for review like many people doevery single day this particular reviewis right here on Google front page andthe third spot actually the second spotcuz this one right here is an ad righthere in the second spot they're gettingthousands and thousands of hits permonth and even if just a smallpercentage of those hits are makingthose purchases guess what that iscommission after commission aftercommission coming in on just this oneproduct alone you can do this forthousands of products there is noceiling to what you can make so now arethe dollar signs going off in your headthey should be and now what about thosebusiness owners who already have theirown business they want to drive massivetraffic - how does wealthy affiliatehelp you well let's go over it herelet's go to my profile here in wealthyaffiliate I'm gonna give you a wholesneak peek on exactly this whole membersarea everything you get from all thesetabs and so forth at the end this videobut for now let's go over here into thelive events I'm gonna type in local SEOlocal SEO is the process search engineoptimization SEO is when you are getlooking for a global response to yourcontent you are structuring your contentjust like in that camera review where aglobal audience is going to find thatcontent as the answer to their searchmassive traffic comes that way when youare a business owner you are now lookingnot so much for the global SEO butyou're looking for local SEO you wantyour targeted area whether it's yourcity or the surrounding cities orwhat-have-you to be able to find yourbusiness as the answer to their searchesand this is exactly where wilt affiliatehelps you can see herelocal SEO 2018 earning income fromclients local business listings Googlebusiness first steps to ranking hellolocal SEO these are all hour-longwebinars taught by wealthy Phil its headtrainer Jay Neil is an excellent trainerand the great thing about these we havethese replays available to us as awealthy affiliate premium members wehave hundreds of hours of training inall types of topics and local SEO is abig one not only that through membertraining those who have been verysuccessful the wealthy affiliatecommunity is a million plus strong youcan get member training from those whoare successful doing Zack lists and seehow the specifics they've used the tipsand strategies along with in the withinthe affiliate marketing training talkingabout social media marketing so forthusing Facebook Google+ Twitter in allthese ways you as a business owner aregoing to learn how to drive massive freetraffic free being the key now as youscale forward you may decide to doubledown on on posts and content that isworking and you can use pay-per-clickcampaigns to do that you'll learn allthose expert strategies through wealthyaffiliate this is a huge asset to havingyour tool belt as a business ownerlooking to drive massive traffic to yourbusinessso how long does it take to make moneywith wealthy affiliate as you probablyvery well know whether you're intraditional business or online businessthere's no definitive answer to thatquestion it depends on thousands ofvariables your work ethic how muchyou're putting into it your niche soforth but what I can tell you is that inmy experience it was much much muchsooner than later for example here letme show you so this is a blog that Iwrote here inside a wealthy affiliate inmy very first year I started in Januaryof 2017 my journey with wealthyaffiliate is now August 2018 I got abouta year and a half in and this is a blogpost that I wrote in my 11th month 4,000per monthresults I was able to trigger a $4,000month inside my first year and this washuge to me this isn't something here tobrag this is to show confirmation thatthis training work says that's exactlywhat it was for me it was confirmationthat the work I was doing was paying offnow this isn't something that comesovernight guys this isn't aget-rich-quick scheme this isn'tsomething that you're gonna makethousands of dollars in your first monthit takes time to build real trafficGoogle doesn't just reward a poststructure the right way on the veryfirst day putting you at the top of thecharts that was the truth and everysingle person would be out therecreating websites and with money pouringin it takes time it takes time to getGoogle trust but the point is that whenyou got the right training and you'rehave a community of like-minded peopleall with the same goal working alongsideyou following the right steps brings youto that success and I would imagine thatif you could right now know you can takesomething for a test drive a free testdrive a training platform that in anumber of months could be bringing youthousands more per month wouldn't youtake that opportunity I would hope soand that's exactly what you have herewith the wealthy affiliate and of courseyou have me in your corner as yourpersonal support coachto work alongside you I'm a hundredpercent accessible and I want to doeverything I can to where you can havethe same success I've hadwealthy affiliate trains us on the fourkey steps to being successful in onlinebusiness and that first step is choosinga profitable niche we all have a hobbyor a passion and the great thing aboutwealthy affiliate is you have completefreedom to go into any niche eat shoesyou're gonna learn how to target thatspecific audience that you want completefreedom and how you go about doing thatno matter what your passion is and learnhow to turn that passion into revenueand the great thing is like it says heredon't have any ideas you don't know whatyour passion is no problem wealthyaffiliate will help you choose adirection for your business from over amillion different niches the second stepis building a website and don't worrylike it says here no design skillsneeded guys through this training you'llhave a website up and running and livein less than 30 seconds and we're nottalking about some basic couldi cookiecutter web site we're talking aboutstate-of-the-art ultra powerful andsecure hosting they'll allow you to growyour business with wealthy affiliatewith no ceiling you're gonna be able toattract massive amounts of traffic andthat's where we get to the third pointproven strategies to attract loads oftraffic without traffic you have norevenue people are your business justlike I said without people you havenobody to sell or advertise to andwithin the first few lessons our wealthand feel you're gonna learn the mostcurrent traffic techniques so you canhave that traffic you're looking forthis is so powerful not only to thosebudding entrepreneurs looking to createtheir first successful web site but alsoto those business owners looking to doexactly this and drive that massiveamount of traffic to your business lastbut not leastearning revenue turning that trafficinto revenue through affiliate marketingyou are partnering with trustedmerchants like Amazon eBay YouTubeShopify five hundred and ninety eightmillion five hundred thousand productsyou can instantly sell in any niche youchoose if you already have your businessyou're driving massive amounts oftraffic to that business you alreadyhave your product that you are promotingwhen you're someone who doesn't haveyour own business doesn't have yourproducts guess what you have anunlimited ceiling and all these productsyou can promote to thoseaudiences that are already searching forthem this is hugeadditionally not only we can you partnerwith trusted merchants like these butyou notice right here here's the wealthyaffiliate logo what does this meanwealthy affiliate has its own affiliateprogram and it is extremely extremelylucrative click right here on trainingthe affiliate bootcamp 7 courses 70lessons this is all about promotingwealthy affiliate and wealthy foodsaffiliate program is very lucrativeyou've never known how to promote aproduct you start having success or whatthe affiliate you say well how about Ireach out to all those people just likeme looking for this training programit's an extremely lucrative program andI'm gonna click right here just to showyou in the online entrepreneurcertification this is the training whereyou're going to pick any niche youchoose and grow just to give you a quicklook five courses fifty lessons you'llget more on this in the sneak peak tourat the end of this video but you can seehere that through the affiliate bootcampyou have yet another additional way toearn money through wealthy affiliatealso I'm gonna touch on this again inthe ending video through Jack's and Jacksees a keyword research tool we havehere at a wealthy field this is a toolto where it's like knowing what yourtarget audience is looking for beforethey even walk into your doors you'regonna be able to find the most popularsearches that we can create content thatis the answer to those searches it's ahuge and incredible built in keywordtool that we get here free and wealthyaffiliate itself has its own affiliateprogram so you can promote it and earncommissions in the same wayI want to touch on something reallyquickly here it is something that iscoming soon to wealthy affiliate I wasfortunate enough in my first year toqualify to the super affiliateconference in Las Vegas it was anall-expense-paid trip to Las Vegas whereI got to meet the founders Kyle andCarson along with the top leaders ofwealthy affiliate we had roundtablediscussions and on how to improve thisproduct and one of the things I wastouched on is something that is comingvery soonriding gigs this is something thataffects every member of this awesomeplatform because it allows you tooutsource your riding let's say you'resomeone who isn't the best rider you sayoh my spelling isn't my strong pointwhen I'm typing it just doesn't come outthe way I like this allows you to becomeeven more efficient outsourcing yourriding to wealthy affiliate communitymembers who are trusted and proven andhave that success rate at creatingcontent that converts you're able tochoose from different levels of Riderchoose exactly what you want whetherthey're going to have imagery within thecontent proofreading number of revisionsquickly you can get it and so forth thisis huge and it's yet another way to earnmoney with wealthy affiliate let's sayyou are someone who enjoys writingthat's one of your strong points nowit's yet another way to pad that revenueand have even more money coming in withyour successful online businessso what's the final verdict you guessedit a big giant green thumbs up guys thisis a no-brainer wealthy affiliate is byfar the best training platform you willfind online for building your ownsuccessful online business and forsomeone if you already have a businesslooking to drive massive traffic to ityou cannot go wrong with wealthyaffiliate let's cover the price pointslike I promised at the onset you cancreate your free starter count right nowabsolutely free you're not even going toenter payment information take thistraining for a test drive you'll have meas your personal support coach if you'rewatching this on YouTube the links inthe video description if you're watchingthis from work from your laptop calm thelink is below this video you get accessand this is not a look but don't touchtype of trial this isn't a 7-day trialwe're in seven days you're gonna startgetting charged this is literally freefor as long as you like and you get tostart building you start building awebsite you get access to the first tenlessons of the main train you get accessto the first ten lessons of theaffiliate bootcamp as you'll see in thein the sneak peak video tour the membershere I'm about to show you click on itanything you want click on everythinglike get an idea of what it is and ifthis is for you if you like this of thevideo tutorials or your speed jump up topremium guys at premium you actuallygonna get a huge discounted first month$19 total for your first month and guysthis unlocks a hundred percent of whatwealthy affiliate offers this is not ana la carte pricing where one trainingmodule costs this much and then the nextone cost hundreds more then the next oneis even more expensive than the last youget 100% of what wealthy affiliateoffers and you can start it for $19 foryour first month forty-nine dollars eachmonth after that that's what a buckseventy-five a day you can't go wrong Ihighly recommend to all my referralscreate your free starter account andthen as quickly as you can jump to this$19 first month you won't find a betterdeal you can unlock a hundred percentconsider it a 19dollar first month test-drive trouteverything you like you can always turnit off at any point you're not locked infor any period of time it'smonth-to-month take full advantage ofthis as my referral I also offer lots ofbonuses to people going to my referralsgoing premium to further incentivizethis this is the best deal you'll everhave and once you start creating onceyou start building and you get addictedlike I did and you start seeing successthen guys the best bang for your buck byfar is to go yearly it is it comes downto an average of 29 dollars a month lessthan a dollar a day you pay once a year359 per year you can't get better thanthat you remove all your monthly duesyou cut your dues in half it is by farthe best bang for your buck I hope thishas been a comprehensive and detailedlook to where you now have a fullunderstanding of how to make money withwealthy affiliate and now withoutfurther ado let's jump into the sneakpeek video tour of the members areahey everyone its erik here and now thatyou have a full understanding of how tomake money with wealthy affiliate youcan see why i recommend it so highly asa training platform and mentoringcommunity for anyone looking to buildtheir own successful online business nowi want to give you a quick sneak peekvideo tour highlighting the wealthyaffiliate members area that's exactly wehave right here in front of us this areain the middle is your live dashboardit's where members will ask questionsand post progress reports interact witheach other it's fully customizable as towhat you want to see first you can pinto the top new questions new blog postsyour training progress your affiliatestats and so forththis bar up at the top is the wealthyaffiliates smart search bar any questionyou have type it right in there andit'll pull the answer from wealthyaffiliate training courses from othermembers questions so you can find theanswer you're looking foryou can also type in members name youcan type in my username Eric Cantu is amember search and it'll take you rightto my profile as your personal supportcoach guys I'm fully accessible if youhave any questions you want to ask mefeel free to post a question right hereon my profile like this person hasasking for some advice or on your screenyou'll have a button here that saysprivate message if you want to ask mesomething privately outside of thepublic forum also rest assured that anyquestion you ask within WealthyAffiliate even if it's not directly tome as my referral I'll get a specialnotification that you need help and itshows up here in my tasks area and youcan see in the last 30 days I've had 159questions Myra froze have asked and Itake a lot of pride and that I answerevery single one of them guys I'm herefor you we're workingshoulder-to-shoulderI'm gonna do everything I can to haveyou have the same success I've had donot hesitate to reach out and ask aquestion and know that I'm going to getto the answer here on the right side youhave the live chat this is running 24/7this is a great place to get someinstant responses to questions you haveI'm in here two three times a day so ifyou see me in there do not hesitate tosay hi on the left side we have sometime starting with the training tab thisis really where you gonna get all thecourse training with wealthy affiliatefrom the online entrepreneurscertification which is five courses andfifty lessons showing you how to beprofitable and be successful in anyniche you choose all the way to theaffiliate bootcamp which is where youtap into what the affiliates affiliateprogram promoting wealthy affiliateseven courses seventy lessons each ofthese you take a your own pace video twotours within each lesson tasks to applyso you are fully understanding the thecourse curriculum guys if you have anyquestions at all during this trainingyou know who to ask I'm here for youit's excellentthorough and eye-opening training thewebsites tab is where you're gonnamanage the websites you'll be buildingdon't worry if you've never built awebsite before you are trainedstep-by-step through the process that isthe theme here you'll be able to manageyour websites build your websiteregister your own ComNet dot org sitedomain like site content platform is agreat platform for writing your contentlet's say you feel like you're not agreat speller you don't have the bestgrammar not a great writer it has spellcheck and grammar check it haseverything for you you can even choosefrom over a million license free royaltyfree images so that when you're addingimages to your content you don't got toworry about them being copyrighted as Imentioned in the article that you justfinished reading writing gigs is comingvery soon guys so even if you're not thebest writer do not worry it is a greattime to be a part of wealthy affiliatebecause you'll actually be able tooutsource your writing very soon but inthe meantime it's an incredible platformfor you to create your content sitecomments this is a huge asset that wehave here at Wealthy Affiliate whereyou're actually able to use this hugecommunity to comment on the post thatyou're writing when Google sees this andthey see interactivity to see questionsbeing asked and answered on your sitethis really helps boost your rankings itgets you all that free traffic in theeyes that you deserve on your contentsite feedback is where you're going toget some feedback on like the thevisuals of your site you want to get neweyes to give you some constructivecriticism on what you're building andsite support is where you're going to goto it's 24/7 directly to this to supportengineers anytime you have anykind of technical issue with yourwebsite live events I touched on in thearticle you just read where our headtrainer J Neil has these live hour-longwebinars every Friday covering a widerange of topics and the best part is ifyou miss a live webinar the very nextday it's available to where you canwatch the replay with the research tabhere you now have access to Jack C whichis the integrated keyword research toolyou are fully trained on how to maximizeyour success through the use of thisincredible tool this will in a nutshellbe training you on how to find the mostpopular searches your target audience ismaking so you can then create contentthat is the answer to those searchesit's like having a storefront withthousands of people outside and you knowexactly what they all want before theyeven come in so what are you gonna doyou're gonna fill your shells withexactly what they want this is the keyto traffic and the key to revenue guyswhen we have it fully integrated intoall the affiliate the live chat tab herejust takes you to a larger 24/7 livechat window Help Center has a fewshortcuts to site support a shortcut topersonally message Kyle Carson andmyself as your support coach up here atthe top and square you'll access yourprofile in your own account settingsyour info and don't worry because if youforget everything I've told you you haveright here and for any of a system tourto give you all the details oneverything you have available right herewhat the affiliate there you have itguys you can see why I recommend thisplatform over all others everything youneed to create your own successfulaffiliate marketing business is all inone place and you can try it foryourself right now absolutely free toget started click the link below andcreate your free starter account as yoursupport coach you'll have me right byyour side to help you in every way I canto get the answers to any questions youmay have and not only will you haveaccess to me you'll have access to kylecarson jay and thousands of otherlike-minded entrepreneurs in thisthriving community I look very forwardto working with you personally and I'llsee you on the inside

How to make money on Wealthy Affiliate 2018 – a comprehensive and detailed review with full results and a sneak peek tour of the Wealthy Affiliate members area. READ THE FULL REVIEW: . CREATE YOUR FREE STARTER ACCOUNT: .

Entrepreneurs from all over the world are learning how to make money on Wealthy Affiliate. With well over 1.3 million members in 195 countries, it is one of the most successful online business training platforms you’ll find. Wealthy Affiliate has been in business 13+ years, and I’m going to show you exactly why it is the best training platform & mentoring community for earning consistent revenue online & driving massive traffic to your business.

So how does Wealthy Affiliate work? How long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate? As a current business owner, how can you dramatically increase your online traffic and turn that into huge profits? Or as someone who’s never built a business before, how can affiliate marketing turn your passion into full time revenue? Do you need your own products or services to be successful? What is affiliate marketing and how does it work? What are some Wealthy Affiliate results? Is Wealthy Affiliate legit? How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate?

As someone who’s had success with this awesome platform, I’m going to answer all these questions for you and more in this Wealthy Affiliate review. I’m going to show you just how quickly you can start earning consistent monthly revenue through this program & how to take it for a FREE test drive to see if it’s for you. Finally, I’ll take you on a sneak peek video tour of the members area so you can see it all for yourself.

Any questions at all? Don’t hesitate to ask away in the comments section, or if you’d like to ask me something privately, feel free to contact me at

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40 Thoughts to “How To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate 2018 – Comprehensive Review, Results, & Tour”

  1. Dafine Music

    how many posts per week were you writing when you first started seeing some income?

    1. Work From Your Laptop

      I feel a good schedule to keep is 2-3 per week. If you can create 10 quality posts per month every month, you’re doing great. When I stuck to that schedule, that’s when I started seeing returns.

  2. Alan Benney

    Great video Eric I love this platform the sad part is it took me 15 years to find it. But now I have found it wow awesome thanks for sharing the video

    1. Work From Your Laptop

      Better late than never, right? I look forward to seeing you on the inside and helping you in every way I can as your support coach!

  3. Gary Horne

    Great video, I’m impressed so far, I am a complete beginner but I get the general idea / concept. Do you need to spend money advertising to get yourself on the first page on google for example ? Or how is that achieved ?

    1. Work From Your Laptop

      Great question. WA’s training shows you how to get ranked organically, in other words free and without needing to pay for ads. Many people do PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns way too early without knowing which content of theirs converts. When you do that you can lose a lot of money quickly because you’re getting clicks but they’re not translating to conversions and revenue. By building your traffic organically through keyword research and SEO (both taught extensively in WA’s training) you learn not only how to achieve first page rankings free, but you can see which content is converting and you haven’t spent a dime. THEN if you choose to you could leverage that into a PPC campaign and you’re already ahead of the game because you know what converts and what doesn’t. This can lead to a very successful scaling strategy. The key is learning how to do it organically first. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Jimmy Ray

    Finding a niche, or a “profitable” niche is INCREDIBLY hard!! I still haven’t found one

    1. Work From Your Laptop

      Never made a penny of your own in 22 years? It’s time to make a change then 🙂 If online business is something that intrigues you I highly recommend creating your free starter account with the training community I’m a part of and seeing if its for you 🙂 Link is in the video description. I hope to see you on the inside!

    2. Singering Star

      +Jimmy Ray damn! I don’t have a job Im totally broke never ever earned a single penny in my life of 22 years …n now desperate to work on something just to earn some money not out of my interests but just to make a living for myself n make my parents happy n proud of meh …
      Nd I was exactly looking in the future living the life that you’re living but since you’re not satisfied …it makes meh wonder what do I do now ?? Do I want my own family yet or just live the life the way it is going …or should I think of a future on a whole new perceptions ?! Am confused!

    3. Work From Your Laptop

      Lots of people think they need to find that gem niche. Its really about going after something you have a genuine interest in. Through keyword research and solid SEO along with consistent content creation, any niche can be successful. It’s just like Amazon, no matter what you can think of, someone out there wants to buy it. 🙂

    4. How 2 and where 2

      Join the club… it is no child’s play

    5. Work From Your Laptop

      Basically what I’m saying is that instead of outthinking yourself and coming up with all the reasons you’ll fail, you have here in front of you a training platform that obviously interests you and it’s free to try. So just try it, lol. It’s literally risk free. Be trainable and see how much you learn. I hope to see you on the inside! Thanks for the questions and comments!

  5. Coaching with Damien

    Eric, there are ppl that upload your videos into their channel.

    1. Coaching with Damien

      +Work From Your Laptop Haha. No problem bud :).

    2. Work From Your Laptop

      Thanks so much! I need more watchdogs like you out there! Continued success and thank you so much for letting me know!

    3. Coaching with Damien

      +Work From Your Laptop Hey Eric. Just checked out. there is no one anymore from you. 2 days ago, I’ve found 4, but it seems that they were taken down from youtube probably. Will let you know if I find something else :).

    4. Work From Your Laptop

      Please direct me to them so I can take them down as I did this one. Thank you so much!

    5. Coaching with Damien

      +Work From Your Laptop No problem 🙂 there are some more doing it with your videos

  6. Demetrice Wright


    1. Work From Your Laptop

      Brother I don’t know why people ask or don’t ask questions. This video is my longest and most detailed. Maybe that translates to less questions. I don’t know. It converts pretty well, so maybe the people who do have questions are the ones reaching out to me from inside Wealthy Affiliate once they’ve joined up. No idea. But thanks for calling me an internet fraud. I appreciate it.

  7. tebbaai mohamed rida

    I wanted to join and check the free membership but they ask me to pay 49$ to have access to the dashboard, neither can’t see the 19$ offer for the first month, what’s the catch?

    1. Work From Your Laptop

      Yes, WA hosting is actually spectacular and your website(s) will be built on WordPress. You can choose to build a website either on a free siterubix domain or on your own .com, .net, or .org paid domain which you can register and purchase from inside WA. Domains range from $13.99-$15.99 per year and include all the bells and whistles you could ask for from 24/7 support to domain email and more. You can also move existing sites over to WA or move the sites you build in WA to other hosting if you needed to leave in the future. The hosting is comparable to what I’ve found listed for $250/month and completely blows other hosting platforms out of the water to be honest. With regards to upsells, once you’re premium you get 100% of the training. Period. The keyword research tool which is integrated into the platform is free but does have some upsells to it if you want extra features. I do use those features and find them priceless quite honestly, but for pretty solid keyword research the free version is all you’d need.

    2. tebbaai mohamed rida

      Eric Cantu ok I will consider joining and if so will use your link, btw is there a hosting service in the inside and ca I use wordpress?
      is it included within the membership? and what kind if up sales can we find in the inside? thank you again for responding and for the great video 🙂

    3. Work From Your Laptop

      Unfortunately that $19 first month only applies to upgrading from free starter accounts. However, I would definitely emphasize that the $49 (monthly) / $39 (bi-yearly) / and $29 (yearly) pay structure is the best you’ll find online for the amount of training you get. It delivers and I’ve had nothing but positives from it! I hope to see you on the inside! Thanks for the good questions.

    4. tebbaai mohamed rida

      thank you Eric Cantu for taking time to answer my question, indeed I am actually in Morocco, is there anyway to try it out for 19$for the first month?

    5. Work From Your Laptop

      Thank you for the comment and question. There’s no catch. Due to high spamming and spam bots there are a handful of countries where the free starter account isn’t available. These countries are Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, and Nigeria. If you’re in any of those countries, you can still join for a month and receive 100% of the training available for $49/month. After that, if you wanted to get the best bang for your buck you could go pay as little as $29/month if you went to the yearly membership. That’s the best bang for the buck and the best plan I’ve found online 🙂 Thanks for the question!

  8. Wenmitz Mitz

    im a first timer and im willing to learn

    1. Work From Your Laptop

      Thank you for the honest comment 🙂 As someone who was in your shoes not too long ago, I think I can say with confidence that this training will be eye opening and powerful for you. Create your free starter account through the link in the video description and you’ll have me as your support coach to help you along the way. Try out the training for yourself, see how much you’re learning, and then take full advantage of everything WA brings you. I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

  9. AL Castro

    See you on the inside Eric!

    1. Work From Your Laptop

      Absolutely! Create your account through the link in the vid description and you’ll have me as your support coach! Look for my welcome message on your profile when you join 🙂 I think you’ll love the training.

  10. AJ Belanger

    Is that $4K from Wealthy Affiliate membership commissions? I’m wondering how much commission it helped you earn from other sites like Amazon etc?

    1. Work From Your Laptop

      My advice would be to take the pressure off yourself and take this training in the same way you would a college course. Don’t worry about the commissions or the business side of things. Simply focus on learning. The training is solid, straightforward, thorough, and eye opening. You can start building while you learn, so follow the training and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Businesses aren’t built perfectly from the get go. Every one of us builds, makes mistakes, learns from them, and then adapts. Focus on what you’re learning and everything else will fall into place. I think you’ll really enjoy the training and community. When you enjoying the process, you set yourself up for success. If you enroll through my link in the video description I’ll be happy to be your personal support coach. Stay driven and I hope to see you on the inside! Thanks for the comment!

    2. Britttany Love

      +Work From Your Laptop i just discovered this yesterday and im kinda nervous does What advice would you give to newbies to affiliate marketing?

    3. Work From Your Laptop

      Not at all. This training is a one stop shop 🙂 I’ve applied WA’s training across multiple niches and it’s opened a ton of doors. If it’s something you’re interested in, I highly recommend trying it out for yourself. I’ve had nothing but positives from it 🙂 Thanks for your question and comment!

    4. AJ Belanger

      +Work From Your Laptop oh that’s cool! Thanks for your response. What kind of travel related affiliate? Is it another course?

    5. Work From Your Laptop

      That’s a good question. The only affiliate program I take part in with my site is Wealthy Affiliate’s program. I decided to build it as a proof of concept to see if this whole affiliate marketing thing works and I was very pleasantly surprised. Yes that $4k is 100% from WA’s affiliate program. My instagram account however (@batmantravels) is a part of several travel related affiliate programs as well. I owe every bit of my success to WA’s training that completely opened my eyes to how internet business is done. I plan to continue to diversify as I build more sites in different niches. I’ve seen first hand how my mentors in the WA community have branched out in the same way to earn $10k/month & more. It’s truly an eye opening and lucrative industry to be a part off, and the freedom to dive into any niche you have an interest in is what really drew me in 🙂 Thanks for the great question!

  11. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

    Great video Eric. Hope to meet you in Vegas next year! That information about the writing gigs is freaking huge!!! That is going to change the game. Thanks for the insight bro.

    1. Work From Your Laptop

      +Robert Spiller WA’s head trainer Jay has actually done some great live webinars on Landing Pages. He has several in-depth training sessions and all the replays are available inside WA. The live webinars are a huge asset we have at WA and I personally think they’re priceless. Thanks for the comment!

    2. Robert Spiller

      Eric…does WA have landing, squeeze and sales pages? I didn’t see any

    3. Work From Your Laptop

      You’re doing great work, brother! Keep it up! Thanks for the support!

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