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run what's going on my friend so I hopeyou're excited to rank up now if you arepart of legendary marketer you're superexcited to make a lot of money in thisbusiness model if you do then we'regonna teach how to make over $10,000 amonth whoo let's do it stay tuned okayso if you want to make over $10,000 amonth with legendary marketer to payvery close attention to this videobecause we're gonna give you theblueprint on how we did it and how youcan be able to achieve results in yourbusiness too now if you haven't joinedlegendre for whatever reason the firstlink in the description below is thelink to get started and we're going toexplain the value behind this businessall right if you already have a businessor if you don't have a business and youwant to learn how to make money fromhome and develop the skills that ittakes to become successful so first ofall we want to do is just show youresults so we're gonna log in to ouraccount just so you know that this worksright because a lot of people they talkabout how great of businesses but youdon't know if they're even producingresults so you don't know if it's gonnabe profitable for you all right so wewant to show that this is gonna beprofitable for you in your life and howyou can be able to create alife-changing we're not talking aboutyou know a couple hundred dollars permonth we're talking about thousands ofdollars per month alright so we just gointo our stats and our Commission's hereyou're gonna see within the past sevendays we've made seven thousand eighthundred seventy six dollars and sixtycents within the past 30 days overtwenty-two thousand dollars then withinthe past few months over seventythousand dollars now we're gonna skillthis business to over a hundred thousanddollars per month and we're gonnaexplain how we're gonna be able to do itby the end of this video if you stick tothe end and just understand that youmight see today aren't fifty threedollars yesterday negative seventy onedollars there are going to be peoplethat are gonna refund okay we're gonnaexplain why that is in the mindset thatthey're coming from in the expectationswhen they join the business because theythink it's like a lottery ticketscratch-off get-rich-quick scheme whichisn't it isn't it's a real business okaythis is a real business that you've gotto be willing to take seriously allright if you come in and expect it makea million dollars within your firstmonth then exit off this video right nowthis is not for you whatsoever but ifyou're coming in this and you'reexpecting to learn the skills that ittakes the skills that are eternal thatyou can take with you throughout yourentireor through online marketing even salesin general right build your confidencebuild your speaking ability be able tocreate income that is gonna withstandthe test of time then watch this videoto the end because this is gonna be somelife-changing information for you we'renot saying that from opinion okay that'sa fact because it's changed our life yesyou know when Nick and I first startedwhen it comes to online marketing wejust believe that you know online if itwork make it work from our laptops andour cell phones if we really could dothat we were like we're all in theminute we got involved we've got alittle scared I don't know if you'veever been scared to really get involvedin something but you knew it waspossible the thing that we want you tounderstand is that you have to look atthis as this thing is working for somany people other than Nick and I youknow our number one student did overseventy thousand dollars in one monthWow with this was this close now we haveadanced yeah we understand if you'rethinking that's too good to be true andyou're like how the heck did he makeover 70 grand in a single month allright well he took this seriously righthe applied the training right he wentthrough everything he took massiveaction right think of this like a sportokay what's your favorite sport maybeit's basketball maybe it's hockey maybethat counts paintball right for me Ilove to play basketball right andplaying basketball I always loved upscrew around I never took it thatseriously so I was never really the bestplayer on the team I was kind of likemiddle-of-the-road right but I wouldalways study like the best players and Iwant you to think were you the bestplayer on the team if not who was thebest player and what did they do on adaily basis did they skip every singlepractice or did they show up to everycrack single practice in out trainingeveryone in the practice after practicewas done did they go to the gym did theyout train everyone at the gym do theywork harder than everyone else do theypractice the fundamentals right or didthey just show up to the game and expectthe coach to throw them in right thisbusiness think of it like that right ifyou want to be the best player on theteam if you want to be the one that ismaking all the money that shows up toyour company's events in speech on stagelike we have done like other leadershave done that are producing big resultsall right then you got anyone to takethis seriously so when you join what werecommend youthe very first step okay he's go throughthe course steps alright you may you mayyou know like it was a thirty dollar ordepending on the time that you'rewatching this video if the price pointchange for the starting product rightyou made that small little tiny microKermit commitment to get started buttreat it as if not that you invested $30or $100 imagine if you invested $300,000and get it started alright and gothrough the course steps so you can havethe foundation built because think of itlike you're building an empire statebuilding right if you're building amassive building you don't build afoundation your buildings gonna crumblethese core steps are like the foundationso there's two things that make thisbusiness very powerful okay number oneif you're brand new you get a coach okayand this coach is gonna guide youthrough these steps and give you thesupport that you need because this coachhas already produced results in theindustry it's already trained to helpyou and coach you along the wayso you know that you have that supportthat guidance to help you out number twoif you're experienced not only do youget a coach but every single person thatyou bring into the business get to coachas well so you can enjoy your life rightand they're in an income at the sametime so you don't have to babysit peoplecuz maybe you're a veteran right maybeyou already know how to set up salesfunnels and drive traffic and do allthat stuff you've been in the game for awhile okay and you know how to sponsorand make a lot of sales a lot ofcustomers right but you're tired ofbabysitting people or like networkmarketing companies all that stuff andyou want kind of a coach to take careand work with your new members to guidethem along the journey and then you canhelp them through your own groupcoaching calls or whatever it is thatyou do alright this coach is gonna guideyour new members through all the stepsand if you're brand new think ofyourself as a veteran right imagine isif you're sponsoring hundreds of peopleper month in your business you can'tphysically work with every single personindividually while maintaining yourfreedom and your sanity at the same timeright you needed coach to work with yournew members and that's what makeslegendary so powerful and what is socool about this is like when we firststarted we saw this thing we saw thatyou know the coach has to obviouslyunlock the other steps but the firstcouple steps were there we startedwatching the videos and that was when weknewholy cow this is a real business modelthis is a real program this is a realsystem and we haven't seen anythingonline ever that we promoted online I'vejust you know rank up now we're able topromote things that we believe in we'reprofessedrecommenders realistically this is theone offered that we've never seen likeit we went through all the steps wecalled up our coach right awaywe call it four coaches right away orlike listen I've never seen him likethis how do we start having it to thenext level we heroes all right cleanwant me to unlock the steps for you am iyes please please we had left the stepswe went through all the steps and therewere like what's next they're like wellwhy wouldn't you want to turn be alegendary marketer I mean our company'slegendary Barger you guys check out thembuck the marketer club sounds like noway what's this all about he goesalright cool so calm there this is whatyou're gonna get here you're gonna theFacebook Ads we did that YouTubebasically advertising it's gonna feelyour business if you can learn on thisby the way these are all key principlesyes the fan page formula the Instagrambuilding if you really take this stuffthere's different modules you might notyou might not take every single moduledeath ok that one was really awesomethis one was not that enough so good butwhat we realized was holy cow when wefound the right modules in here oh mygosh our business took me movement tothose rooms for the roof on this thing Imean this is this was something that wasso powerful for us that we believed inthere's so much that we're so excited touse to devalue when we came intolegendary like our first month we didskyrocket right away we yeah took it asa learning experience right becausefirst you have to learn then you canremove the L and then you earn so ourfirst month our first two months we tookit as a learning experience we had to bewilling to kind of absorb theinformation and take it in bite-sizedchunks and pick the modules thatresonated with us and go through all ofthem like if you look at the big moneyblueprint right here you're gonna seethat it has 39 modules right 200 19minutes total okay so that's reallyfreaking awesome because you can gothrough all those and you can learn somany different things that you would notlearn anywhere else and you could beable to apply it not only to thisbusiness if you're promoting legendarymarketer to earn it income online butyou can leverage that to build anythinglike we always say you know productscome and go tactics come and go butskills are at ternal you so you'redeveloping the skills here through themarketers Club that are eternal as youcan take with you for the rest oftime not only that you're with legendarymarketer but we're not saying you needto be with legendary marketer for a restyou're like we're saying you need tolearn the skills here be willing toinvest and take this seriously attendthe practices right so you can be put inthe game that you can then take that andgo on to the NBA write the nationalballer Association okay you want tobecome a baller online or oh so this isvery powerful now that's big okay goingthrough the training going through thesteps that is huge all right now thenext thing is going all-in right let meask you a question here did you comeinto this world from your dadjust dip in his tip or D go like all-inso you have to be want to go balls deepin your business okay you have to here'swhy if financially and with time okayeven if you don't have that much timemaybe you're thinking like I only have acouple hours per day then invest thosecouple hours per day don't slack aroundand drink beer and sit around watchingNetflix watch the game then take thisseriously and commit to the next 12 to24 months right at least twelve monthsto this but be willing to invest all-infinancially and here's why right how doyou expect to have someone else investand go all-in if you haven't done ityourself right it's integrity a bosstells people what to do that hasn't doneof themselves a leader leads by exampleand when they tell people what to do isbecause they've done it themselves sowhen you go all-in right and you'retelling other people to do it thatconfidence because you've done ityourself through osmosis is going toshow and it's going to ingrained intotheir mind into your team to go all-inright how we make over like 20 grand amonth just starting now right we haven'teven been with this for over a year yeahwe've been with this for less than sixmonths okayand I want you to think of how powerfulthis is because we make that mr. to goall-inwhat it do for us and maybe you can hearit right now is it built our confidenceand it built our excitement becausethose are the two things that you needin order to really take your game to thenext level the skills is like theadditional piece of the puzzle is goingto help put everything together theright format so just like you'rebuilding Legos back when you're a kidyou have to build that foundation justlike you're building that Empire thatlegacy and you have to check out theBuilderthis is really cool because for me Irealized that attraction marketing ishuge the traction codes here the storyin Formula if you're wondering howpeople can convey their messages invideos so well that's we need to learnall right you have master of enrollmentif you really want to become a masterenroller on whatever you're doingwhether it's legendary marketer or isthere a business that you want theymight be able to sponsor bare minimumtwo per day into whatever business seelike for the past three years everysingle day and sponsor two people perday in a different like this is just onehere's the magic valuesmaybe you think like this income righthere that you see this is just oneaffiliate marketing business of yeah wehave multiple out there okay but thisright here has a gig this is the skillset to be able to sponsor bare minimumtwo people per day and whatever businesswere promoting at that time or forrunning ads to multiple businesses rightthe master of enrollment story sellingformula they gives us that not only wehave the confidence that we have thatskill set to become effective presentersright and that's where the profitablepresentation comes into place see Davisdone over 200 million two hundredmillion in his career online in sales doyou think you can learn something fromsomeone like that yes sir yes if youthink it's more investment because I Iremember going to like I remember whenin college I mean like you know thisperson have a lifestyle that I wantthat's the way I always looked at mylife is money this person doesn't have alifestyle that I want why would I takeadvice from them you can be askingyourself that question to the teacherthat I was learning from didn't have theBentley that I wanted didn't have theAudi r8 that I was thinking aboutgetting you know all these thoughts thatI was thinking you both didn't have thelifestyle that I wanted so why should Itake advice from I need a big had alifestyle that not only I wanted butdidn't wanted to as well everything'spaid for that man who spent five hundredplus thousand dollars in cash on a homeI'm like you know what that would becool to do that know that harder RangeRover for my life I'll buy that in cashso that's what we want you see this thisis the thing if you don't take anythingseriously like you're not gonna getanything seriously does that make senseeven seriously you really want if youdon't take it serious you're not gonnabe how do you if you don't take itserious have you expect anyone to takeyou serious right and Danny not onlydoes he walk the walk but he talks thetalk most of these professors out therethat are teaching business classes Iremember in school they're making like40 50 grand a year at mostteach me how to build a million-dollarbusiness but they haven't done itthemselvesall right that's like hiking up Everestwith a tour guide that has never been upEverest before follow me follow me onthis way oh crap there's a there's acrevasse there oh I didn't know thatthat was there oh whatever we're gonnago around this way now they have no ideawhere they're going see dave has beenthrough the gutter and he's gone throughthe grind right to get to the shine soyou have to learn from the people wehave the results that you want you notonly just talk the talk and have allthat confidence but have the results towrite it so everything that he'steaching you in this is proven okay it'sdocumented it's documented the resultsall right okay Lance my leader that'swhy we want to show you our resultsbecause it's documented it works allright we're still learning we're notsaying that we're at the top of our gameyet we're still we're always learningright the best leaders are the passivelearners okay because like we said firstyou learn then you remove the L okay andyou're always doing that simultaneouslyokay so words big idea bridge marketawareness okay these are six modulesright here as a part of a leader productyou have the legendary speakers we'rekind of running through this reallyquick okay because you get the pointgreat there's so many different modulesthan this so many different hours oftraining that you can digest and absorbover the next 12 to 24 months and applyto your business through the marketplaceyou get the traffic rolodex so maybeyou're sitting there you're like okay Iget this I gotta go all in I gotta takethis seriously I gotta be long-term withthis I got a plug in because think ofyourself like the light bulb the team isthe socket you're not gonna work andshine your brightest potential unlessyou plug in with the culture of thecommunity that we have here right but ifyou're thinking like how do I gettraffic what do I doI don't know where to start you on thetraffic rolodex right so where you caneven like if you have some money toinvest you can purchase traffic rightfrom the get-go and then you can applythe organic the organic trafficgeneration principles into your businessto start generating leads and you canplug in with our Facebook group andwatch all of our videos subscribe to theYouTube channel like if you're watchingthis right now on YouTube smash thesubscribe button and go through all ourother videos is we have a lot oftraining that is going to ingrained inyour unconscious mind on how you canstart getting results into this okaywe just want to kind of like lay out theblueprint for this because number oneobviously like attending the practicesis big going through the trainingshowing up to the events this massivefight so much fun you have to be thereyou went to the lastthat the legendary had her be a you aremine right and we want to explainsomething real quickosmosis right what happens throughosmosis when you're around other peoplethat believe on a big scale what'spossiblethey know they can make over 100 grandper month and you're sitting thereyou're thinking like this is how I wasin the start when I heard someone totalk about making a hundred thousanddollars per month I'm like I can't evenwrap my head around that I know howthat's possible but when I made thedecision to invest and go all in thebusiness financially and make acommitmentdistance-wise by purchasing the planeticket showing up to the events meetingour leaders through osmosis their belieflevel rubbed off rubbed off on me justlike being in their presence alrightbeing in their presence it rubbed off onme to where my confidence top of theroof my belief my vision shot throughthe roof right we made a little videowith Dave that I'll put a little overlayfootage right now right just beingaround that guy like our belief wentthrough the roof and we were having likethree thousand dollars a day like fivethousand dollars in a day while we're atthat event for the short like a coupledays that we are there mm-hmm and that'sthe cool thing is like if you get get apart of this communityyou see when when Nick and I did this wesaid we wanted to become real trueleaders to the industry and what we didis we led by our brand first we said youknow what rank up now is gonna be abrand where we have a personality if wecan share a lifestyle that we do everysingle day and we can also become aculture a family you have a family herealright so welcome to the family reallytake this serious and really realizewhen you do go all-in on your dreamsit's worth every centalright so money is just energy I wantyou understand it's just slow and energywhat type of energy do you want to bearound do you want to be around theenergy Nick and I used to be back at ourhometowns and be around a cynicalnegative energy whether some of myfamily actually was that negative energysome of my close friends were some ofthat negative energy not to mention somepeople my job where some of thatnegative energy the minute that I gotaround people that felt like I did inthe culture and believed like I did inthe culture of community to people itwas like a moth to the flame we want youto light a fire and I got it right up Igot a nugget for you right now okaymoney is currency and money is energyenergy is the currency of the universeso when you pay attention to somethingyou purchase that experience so what doyou pay attention to right now on adaily basis are you paying attention toyour skeptical friends that you likehanging out with but yet they don'tbelieve or see the vision that you seeright there trying to downplay itthey're criticizing you let me ask youthis have you ever seen a statue ormonument dedicated to it critic ofcourse not so if you're paying attentionto people that aren't getting paid thetype of income that you want to get paidthen what experience are you purchasingall right so you have to be willing toplug in and pay attention not only towhat Davis put together with thecommunity here like we almost Facebookgroup to Facebook skirts aren't thelegendre market group then we have ourprivate groups as well I mean I find ifpeople in this group you can scrollthrough here you can ask your questionsin this group we have a community ofpeople that is plugging in like bluegoods Congrats J Brown you make $2,000fifty-two minutes ago okay CongratsKenneth Thompson he made $1000 and buildtheir sales an hour ago okay look shoutout to Linda already he's like look atthis there's so many different shoutouts every one of his team CongratsNathan Lucas or $9,000 two hours ago$9,000 right in one day I I didn't makethat in 14 months my first businessthanks to legendary marketerthere's average everyday people justlike you just like us right they comefrom humble beginnings producing resultsCongratsRick's he made thirty thirty two hundreddollars two hours ago okay I'm justgonna keep scrolling right here okaycongrats to Simon George he made $1000three hours ago okay congrats to Roberthe Robert he made $1000 two hours agoall right congrats to Israel I made$2,000 two hours ago okay I could justkeep scrolling four days four days okayevery single day there are dozens ofpeople coming in and making their firstdollar online thanks the legendarymarketer and there's people makingthousand-dollar2.0 3.5 thousand dollars even like30,000 a DeLuca's he made thirtythousand dollars in a single day nowobviously results are typical okay butyou're not typical you wantyou watch this video you're a genius youalready know us you don't need us totell you but the thing is I rememberwhen people were like yo like Nickypilot seriously you believed in me whenI believed myself we freakin believe inyou like we're not joking around we knowlike listen we make enough money in ourother opportunities that this is just abyproduct of like oh my gosh all the thevalue we put it in the marketplacewheeze we're so thankful to find thisonce we found it we're like we have toshare it and that's what anybody doeswhen you when you have a great iPhoneyou go sure that I for you great Samsungphone you can share about it if you goto a great movie you share about it thisis what we want to share with the worldyou get paid when you just share yeahbecause if you go to a restaurant andyou share that with your friend does therestaurant cut you a commission like weput a restaurant and we talk with ourfriends like yeah you gotta check thatoutbut we got a drop of our affiliate linkhere now you been the restaurant doesadvance the movies don't pay you youdon't get paid to share these awesomeexperiences but with legendary marketerall you do is you applied the trainingyou share it you get paid you build yourbrand you get paid okay you plug peoplewith the community you get paid you letthe experts you let Dave train and youlet the coaches train your members allright and you get paid okay so you'rehaving leverage right you don't have tocreate the products yourself all rightyou don't have to hire the customersupport agents you don't have to hireall the coaches you don't have to dealwith all the merchant accounts you don'thave to deal with the infrastructure youdon't have to deal with the stress thatcomes with owning the business you'resimply franchising out the turnkey modeland you're just applying what he teachesyou because Dave's produce results intoyour own business and if you want topromote legendary as an affiliate thenyou saw the Commission's like to scrollthrough and showed you it's unbelievablethere's so many more people that arewinning this company than like any othercompany we've really been a part of it'sunbelievable so if you're willing toplug in you're willing to take thisseriously you're willing to be committedokay you're willing to go through thetraining you're willing you know to showup to the events and there's no doubt inour mind why you should be able to atleast succeed bigger than this companythan you ever have in this industry sowe want you to go all-in on your dreamsright now think to yourself I can makeit happen right now we'll see you youknow step up step in obviously let's gowin but we'll see you on the next videowe'll see the inside it will also seeyou on the beaches of the worldrunning till I'm running out of breath Igot dreams to catch yeah yeah hey rununtil I'm running out of breath I gotgrams of cash[Music]

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