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Is The Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

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27 Thoughts to “Is The Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. Brenda White

    Thank you, Gabby. I appreciate your candid review, but what I didn’t hear is what was spent to get things going for you. I understand they say the website is free, however, there’s got to be more to it. I would think there are monies needed for getting a domain name, and isn’t there monies spent for Google Ad Sense? I dunno know, just guessing. If there is or isn’t, I would have liked to have heard you say something about that. Perhaps you can in a reply. Much appreciate it if you would. Thank you.

  2. L Cg

    Hi Gabby.. What happened to you??!!!! How’s everything going with your website?.. tell us please!

  3. TK Online Marketing

    Great job on the review.

  4. Blk Palms

    Why do you have to tell me what wealthy affiliate is if I’m here because I searched it

    1. donna cuachin

      Because you are curious… and wanna know more about it

    2. Rise Chronicles

      Blk Palms because you searched it duh

  5. Jay Moppins

    Huge help thanks so much! Your skin is super glowy great moistorizer!

  6. Viola Gary

    Thank You Gabby for the encouragement to stay the course and not give up. It does take time and patience to keep going with this program. I was active in it in the beginning but lost momentum through the years due to financial and health issues. I am a senior citizen and retired from work. This affiliate program is all you say it is and I also would encourage anyone to sign up for this program. I am currently active in this program and intend to finish it this year. Here’s to success for all who are in and struggling to keep going –don’t give up or in. Keep going ask questions attend the live vids with Jay and I hope I also have been a help to anyone who reads this. Thanks again Gabby.

  7. Pete McDowell

    When you say post consistently do you mean adding to your website?

  8. Smiddy

    Wealthy affiliate did not have luxury cars or anything that’s what brought be in and they also didnt make promises. I love wealthy affiliate and I am making sales now

  9. Sandy Shoals

    Much like life, some are more attractive than others. I can say I learned a lot from WA though it wasn’t how I ended up making my 1st $ online.

    1. Galen McGriff

      Sandy Shoals
      How long did it take for you to make your first $ ?

  10. Dandza Beznje

    Has anyone tell you that you are very beautiful?

    1. Joey V

      Dandza Beznje LoL 😂

  11. John Noneofyourbusiness

    Are you still with WA?

    1. Jill Whiting

      John Noneofyourbusiness yes I am stll with WA

  12. Jill Whiting

    Great video I liked what you have to say and you speak very clearly

  13. Jacques D. Floyd

    This was a very informative video. I appreciation you being so.. honest with us, because as you know there are so many scams out in the industry and all there sole purpose is to just get our money . with that being said thank-you again and hope to see more videos from you. ( :

  14. Kyle Oren

    DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!!! Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely NOT worth it!
    You’re better off with Host Gator or Blue Host and watching FREE videos on YouTube on how to set up WordPress once you buy a domain name. Wealthy Affiliate has restrictions that NO ONE will mention UNTIL ITS TOO LATE! you will get WAY BETTER results at a FRACTION of the price with Host Gator or Blue Host ALLLLL DAY LOOOONG!

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT AFFILIATE MARKETING IS ON YOUTUBE FOR FREEEEEEEE, Wealthy Affiliate hides a lot of NEED TO KNOW info from you to get your cash… They simply are NOT ABLE to get you as far as you can go as fast as you would like to get there. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!

    ALSO… NO ONE will tell you that Affiliate Marketing is frowned upon by just about every email service out there buuuut if you like taking someones advice that leads you to hit wall after wall, after wall, after wall, after wall at TRIPLE the price of Host Gator or Blue Host then WA is for you (Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t even come close to covering the type of ground that you will need to cover once you get your site together… but Host Gator and Blue Host DOES)… I am in no way affiliated with Host Gator OR Blue Host AT ALL, THATS how much I know for a fact that Wealthy Affiliate DOES NOT DELIVER AND ISN’T WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

    Their Community is nowhere as useful or helpful as they would like for you to think…

    You Don’t need Wealthy Affiliate… Wealthy Affiliate needs you, BELIEVE THAT!!!!

    1. Dave Donahue

      Did you try the Wealthy Affiliate? I agree it feels like hitting a wall and you can’t go anywhere. The platform looks good has some decent training but at two years In know the basics. If you just go with a hosting company like Blue Host isn’t that all you need and the WordPress platform?

  15. Sarah Isbell

    Great review, thanks! I just signed up and hoping to learn a lot here soon.

    1. donna cuachin

      Im a proud weaLThy affiliate member

    2. Kyrielle Henry

      what’s your website

    3. Matthew Jernigan

      Sarah Isbell How has it gone so far?

    4. Mick M

      how has it gone for you so far?

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