Legendary Marketer – How It Works! (quick review)

in today's video we are going to talkabout legendary marketer how it worksand how my first experience with an ubertaught me everything I needed to knowabout the program and we're startingright now[Music]what is up my name is Chris welcome toanother video if this is your first timehere and your goal is to build the lifethat you want by online business be sureto hit that subscribe button and takethe bell icon next to it so you don'tmiss anything and also for my number oneway for making money online be sure tocheck the link down in the descriptionand be sure to claim your free bonusesin recent weeks you may have noticedthat I have begun promoting a newprogram that will help you build yourown business online and that program iscalled legendary marketer but if you areanything like me you no doubt wentonline and typed in the words legendarymarketer review and you may have seensome pretty negative reviews regardingthat particular program now one thingthat I have really personally noticedabout a lot of these reviews aboutlegendary marketer and you may have evennoticed it as well is a lot of thesereviews people have a lot to say aboutthe program but very few of them haveactually purchased the program to seewhat it's like on the insideso I want to give you a nice inside viewof how legendary marketer works well asyou know when it comes to this channelwe like to make sure that we purchaseproducts that can give a good honestsynopsis as to whether or not it couldactually help you make some money andthat's exactly what we did withlegendary marketer so what I have foundis the best way to kind of express toyou how legendary marketer works isreally to convey it to you in a storywhen I was in Florida this past weekendI was in an unfamiliar area I was therefor business trying to get some stuffdone and you know it's it's not likehome you know you feel kind of out ofplace you know when you get a rental carthen you got to pull up the GPS and yougot to figure out where you are and andwhere you're heading get the address andeverything but I have my very firstexperience with ubersomeone said that you know I give Boobera try don't worry about renting a carwhile you're there just see what it'slike okay well you know I'll give it atry just to see what it's like so youknow I pulled up the app on my phone andpunched in where I was trying to go andit immediately gave me a price and saidthat somebody would be there in like twominutes and literally like two minuteslater there was a nice car right infront of me you know the person got outthey opened a trunk for me they say heymr. miles how you're doing it's good tosee you go ahead and put your stuff inthe trunk so I put my stuff in the trunkand they opened the door for me i satright in they closed it they jumped inthe front seat and all of a sudden weare on our way to our destination youknow and like I said I kind of was alittle skeptical of uber I know a lot ofyou probably have already used uber amillion times if you've used uber let meknow down in the comments but you'veprobably used it a hundred times beforeand know exactly how it works but thiswas actually my first experience with itI was always thinking that you knowsomebody might take you or somebodymight take you somewhere where you don'twant to go or that it's a weirdexperience in an old car or those kindof things but I had no idea that uberhad so many things that are put in placelike the car had to be a certain age inorder to be used with uber then peoplehave nice rating so you can read aboutthem and see how good of an uber driverthat they have in fact my uber driverhad over 5,000 rides I mean 5,000 I waskind of blown away when I heard thatnumber he knew exactly what he was doingyou know exactly where where I needed togo where to drop me off and I reallyfelt kind of the opposite of what Iexpected to feel I felt really good youknow I felt safe I felt secure in thecar I felt as though I wasn't wastingany time I basically walked right offthe plane into a car you know I didn'twaste any time I was brought straight tomy destination I got there safely and Igave him a good rating and even a tipand that was my first experience withuber and to be honest I am a total Oberfan right now but I had to give it a tryto know that I actually liked it and Ireally very similar to how legendarymarketer is okay now see what legendarymarketer you initially sign up for $30that's how much it cost to get startedwith the program now that $30 includes awhole heck of a lot of stuff we'retalking about training for how to expandyour presence on Facebook on Instagramon YouTube I was really kind of blownaway with the amount of value that youget for only $30 and that wasn't it aswell you also get your own personalcoach and when I say coach I don't meansomeone who's gonna you know text you orsomeone who's going to send you messagesthrough you know facebook Messengerthese people will track you down whoactually get your phone number and talkto you on the phone so if you are abeginner and you have no idea what youare doing when it comes to affiliatemarketing or trying to drive trafficwe're trying to make commissions orwhatever these people will get on thephone and actually tell you everythingthat you need to knowthey will help you there were actuallyquestions about where it is you want tobe with your particular business andthen they will help you get to thatpoint and I was kind of really takenback because I couldn't believe howsmooth the process was and how nice itwas to have someone actually trying tohelp when it comes to affiliatemarketing there's like a thousand thingsthat you need to learn I mean everythingfrom traffic generation to buildinglanding pages perhaps doing videowriting copy coming up with emailautoresponder sequences connecting yourweb page with your autoresponder youknow there is just a ton of things thatyou have to learn that really you knowif you try to learn it all at once it'sgoing to overwhelm you you know you'regoing to want to quit because you feelas though every time you get over onehurdle it's time to learn another hurdleyou know and that's kind of really howyou know really running your ownbusiness especially we have noexperience can really be to the point towhere a lot of people do give up whenthey try to build their own onlinebusinesses however legendary marketerwas just like my first experiencewith uber okay so I went ahead and gaveit a try just like I gave over a try andI signed up for $30 just to see what Iwould get it was risk-free if you didn'tstay with it or you didn't like it youcan easily cancel get your money rightback no questions asked so the firstthing I did is I went ahead andimmediately scheduled with my coachthat's really the first thing you'regonna want to do when you get inside theprogram and start looking over a lot ofthe training there and you'll see thatthe training is there to help you buildyour own online presence and startmaking sales with affiliate marketing sothen I had my first call with my coachand her name was Jackie Jack is a reallygreat person by the way she reallyhelped step me through the process youknow of how legendary marketer works howaffiliate marketing works and exactlywhat I needed to do to start makingcommissions immediately really so a lotof those things that we were talkingabout earlier like the sales funnel andthe email autoresponder and and comingup with the email sequence all of thosethings are done for you with legendarymarketer they have sales funnels theyhave sales videos they have ad copy theyeven have their own email autoresponderthat you can use even if you don't feellike going to buy your own and they willfollow up with the people that you sendto the program so all you have to do isreally send traffic to those provenfunnels that that turn people fromvisitors to actual buyers and you getthe commission for it and the cool partis you own your customer and what I meanby owning your customer is as long asthey are a member with legendarymarketer if they ever were to buyanything that has to do with legendarymarketer you are going to get acommission for itwhich is totally different than if youwere to create like an Amazon website orsomething because once people buy fromAmazon and they're goneyou really don't have a way to contactthem ever againbut in this program you get to own yourcustomer the whole time that they'rethere and I was really kind of justfloored with the amount of value thatthey got with especially with that $30introductory offerI felt as though that the people thatlegendary marketer especially after thatfirst training call they drove up rightin front of me they opened up the trunkand said hey mr. miles how are you goahead and put your stuff down we aregoing to take care of you and really Imean that's coming from me I'm anexperienced marketer I've been doingthis for a few years now and I can spota scam you know a mile away but I reallywas kind of just amazed and awed withthe amount of value that you get justfor the $30.00 I mean the coachingsessions that really as many as you wantyou can get as many coaching sessions asyou want and that just is included inthat $30.00 you know you can't get thatanywhere elseI you want to talk to me personally overthe phone that's going to cost you apretty decent amount of money in fact Imean and I do that purposely becauseit's not cost-effective when I canexpress the same thing through an emailor just express the same thing throughFacebook or something like that butsometimes people want to get thatone-on-one face-to-face Skype type ofmeeting and you know when they want todo thatI can oblige to them but definitely I'mnot doing it for $30 but for $30 you getthat with legendary marketer you getaccess to all of the sales funnels allof the email sequences all of the adcopy all of the videos all of thesethings that are proven to convert soreally what they're doing is they'regiving you an earn while you learn typeexperience so while you are trying tofigure out how to set up thatautoresponder on your website or you'retrying to set up that landing page thatreally you can use your personal brandwith they already have it all set up andyou can use it literally the day thatyou sign up and go through the stepswith your personal training coach and tome no other program out there does thatI have gone through literally hundredsof other programs only a handful ofwhich I even promote and say hey goahead and give them a try and a lot ofthose programs you have to start fromscratch not knowing a single thing andyou have to go a long timebefore you actually start to earn anykind of money with it but with legendarymarketer they pull up the car they openthe trunk and say hey here are theseproven funnels use my stuff you can earnwhile you are learning the process whilethey teach you the process so that wasreally my experience with legendarymarketer I really couldn't believe theamount of value the amount of thingsthat you were getting just by spendingyou know thirty dollars to start offthere are other things that you caninvest in later if you feel like butreally is not required to start learningearly on so I challenge you guys youknow don't just read a review online andjust assume that that's the way that itis you knowre carefully see if the person who'sgiving you that review actuallypurchased the program and this reallygoes even outside of legendary marketerreviews we're talking about reviews forany type of program that you might beinterested in it is up to you to do yourown due diligence do your own researchand you don't want some negative reviewfrom a product from someone who nevereven bought it determine you know orstand in the way of you getting a chanceof making really good Commission's witha reputable and good program that'sreally teaching anyone who wants to howto be an affiliate marketer how to andnot just be an affiliate marketer makingyou know a few cents per sale we'retalking about being an affiliatemarketer making hundreds or eventhousands of dollars per sale so this isnothing to joke with the money that canbe made with legendary marketer islife-changing money right we're nottalking about making a twenty dollarCommission here or making a seventeendollar Commission here or even a fivedollar Commission you know we're talkingabout making a few hundred or even athousand dollars per commission allright so as a bonus if you decide to gowith legendary marketer and you use mylink down in the description I'm goingto give you a whole list of bonusesalright and these bonuses they're worthover five hundred dollars I believe sogo ahead and take advantage of themone thing you're going to get if you usemy link is access to my private Facebookgroup I have a Facebook group where youcan literally ask me any question thatyou need to make sure that you getstarted on the right foot with legendarymarketer this is definitely notsomething that you don't want to missout on because I want to give you thebest chance possible to be successfulwith this particular business venturethe second bonus you will get is myBenji's blog blueprint it is literallylike a 10,000 word article that I havewritten that's not available on theinternet but I will make it available toyou it's a step-by-step guide that willshow you how to bit start building yourown online presence getting your ownwebsite out there and it's going to endup becoming a way for you to build yourbrand online so if you don't have anyexperience don't know how to start awebsite or anything like that I'm goingto give you my blueprint the sameblueprint that I use on almost everywebsite that I create and you'll be ableto get your online presence going andthen as a third bonus when you sign up Iwill personally send you a text messageor an email or a contact you on Facebookor somethingliterally welcoming you to the legendarymarket or family because really thisthis isn't going to be like a disconnectkind of thing I don't want people tojust be signing up and and I never hearfrom them again I really want to seeeach and every one of you succeed withyour online business and if you were totake the first step and sign up withlegendary marketer I'm going topersonally send you a text message andsay hey my name is Chris I'm glad tohave you here if you have any questionslet me know so go ahead and takeadvantage of these bonuses this isliterally hundreds of dollars that I'mjust going to be giving away if you usemy link down in the description if yousomeone else's link you're not going toget those same bonuses so I challengeyou all to give legendary marketer achance for only thirty bucks you cangive it a try it's risk free if youdon't like you immediately cancel andthey do give you your money backimmediately by clicking the link down inthe description Benjidot-com / bonus that's been geez daddot-com/ bonus I was sure to put a link down inthe description trust me as soon as Isigned up with legendary marketer justlike when I was in that uber I feltsecureI felt safe knowing that I was headingright to my destination of wanting tobuild my own business online you know itactually worked out and I reallychallenge you guys to do the same thinggive it a try to be honest just like theuber you know I had low expectations forhow how good the uber was going to be Ihonestly I had low expectations for whatI thought legendary marketer was goingto be but you know I went ahead and madethat initial $30 investment just to kindof see what it was like and I'm tellingyou mind was blown so if you have anyfurther questions about how legendarymarketer works or the program itself besure to let me know down in the commentsI read and respond to every single oneof them and again I really want to seeyou guys succeed with the program and ifyou want to build the life that you wantthrough the use of online business besure to hit that subscribe button theyshould pop up about right here check outthe latest video on a channel we shouldbe about right there and I will catchyou all laterwe're talking about legendary legend andlegendary Abba Dabba Dabba da I need toget a haircutscrap it is a shot straight and to seewhat it's like on the axe on the end

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So in this video, I review how Legendary Marketer works. Is Legendary Marketer a scam or is it legitimate? I Love to tell stories and I show you how my first experience with Uber showed me everything i needed to know about Legendary marketer and it’s CEO Dave Sharpe.

If you want to make life changing money with Affiliate Marketing, watch this video on how this program can help you.

Let me know what you thought in the comments! Get Paid!

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108 Thoughts to “Legendary Marketer – How It Works! (quick review)”

  1. Jon and Debbie Lake

    Hi Chris, Love your videos by the way. As a previous member of MOBE, you can imagine my skepticism especially as I believe the owner of LM was involved in EN! Without giving amounts (cause that wouldn’t be cool to ask!) have you made any commissions with LM yet and how long have you been in?

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Hi Brian, Legendary all the way. 25Dollar1Up is not a scam. And you can make decent money with it. But the training doesn’t go any farther than teaching you to promote 25Dollar1Up. So it will limit you as a marketer. Legendary is a little pricier, but will teach you a life long skill of running an affiliate marketing business online.

    2. briant97

      What are your thoughts of 251up program? I am being approached for both LM and 251up by member of both. He promotes both systems.

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Yes. I know people that make full time incomes based solely on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It all depends on where you go looking for people.

      I actually read one guy that took the information from the training and started going to local businesses to advertise. He’s making reportedly $1400 a week with that.

      So it all depends on where you go with the training. What works for you.

    4. Ohh Luren

      Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach but is it possible to be successful without my own website? Or YouTube channel?

    5. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Good go for it. Be sure to join my mailing list over at I give pointers on how you can drive traffic to any affiliate offer with your own blog

  2. badasscop44

    Hey Chris, can people in holland use legendary marketer? I speak dutch among other languages.

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Of course. It works anywhere in the world. A friend of mine is in Finland and just started with them.

  3. Gin Starwin

    Why didn’t you say it’s $30 a month? Also do we get up sold? Do we have to buy more products to be able to make more money? Do you have any results of your own to show us? These are the real questions. I feel like you’re just doing this video to get us to the website because theirs a lot you left out.

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      I did mention that it does take an investment.

  4. Mukhtar Aw-Hassan

    Hey Christ thank you for the review and as you advised I did quite number of activities to further research about legendary marketer while some are negative. I am now convinced to give it a try but my issue is that Its only day 4 and no other days are active for e to access. what can i do please?

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      cool, alred is a good guy

    2. Mukhtar Aw-Hassan

      +Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach I just did.. I droped an email to Rod and waiting from his reply. thanks Chris… will update you on the progress

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Hi Mukhtar.. You have to schedule with your business advisor. have you done that yet?

  5. DEPATT 42

    How much money do I have to invest to start

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      There’s no pressure bro. Upgrade whenever you want, if you want. I wouldn’t want you to buy anything you couldn’t afford either. Do what’s smart for your situation. But it wouldn’t hurt to at least get the business plan from the challenge. That comes with your membership.

    2. DEPATT 42

      +Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach 2500 lol no way it needs me 4 months to colect 30$ .I will use your link. can I start wiht 30$, and if I earn some money I will buy that 2500$ blueprint

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Hey there! You really don’t have to invest anything to get started. But I recommend getting their affiliate blueprints that is a one time $2,500. That will give you all the training u need to build a huge business. Plus if you use my link, you’ll get my help also.

  6. Raju Boooy

    Hey Chris it’s me Raju again how this work bro.and I don’t have any Experience with it!😁

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Click the link in the description and watch the video! It explains everything. Let me know how you make out.

    2. Raju Boooy

      How to Earn money 💴

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Do you have a specific question?

  7. Lineta Iavorschi

    Hello! I’m new here, I’ve subscribed to your youtube channel and I find you the perfect coach for a newbie as me! I know nothing about affiliate marketing, but I think about to buy the Legendary Marketer…. Tell me, please, is this a proper product/ software to help me to make money on affiliate marketing even if I know nothing about it?…How much time do I really need to learn and to make my first commission? Thanks a lot!

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      yeah, there is a TON of training htat will help you make the first commission. In fact, as soon as you are accepted, you will be able to follow a simple plan that will get you your first customer within a few days! It’s powerful!

  8. Easy Tips

    Did you make money is the question

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Yes. Quite a bit, too. It’s the only reason I promote it. I don’t just promote anything. I promote stuff I use and know works.

  9. Jose Valdivia

    Hi Chris, My name is JOSE, I really like the work you do, I almost agree but I am very scared, insecure and I do not speak 100% English. You can make a video saying the difference of WA vs LEGENDARY MARKETER which is better and if you can join the 2 companies

  10. Roger Nevez

    sponsored video?

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Not at all. Just a helpful video. I wish legendary would sponsor me. Lol!

  11. Kayleen Bush

    dont forget to call me to

  12. Kayleen Bush



  13. Terry Hatfield Millionaire Maker Channel

    I don’t use Legendary Marketer myself, but I have heard a lot of really great things about it. It is a solid plan for beginners to start making money online.

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Oh yeah. The new 3.0 update has been a game changer.

  14. Bryce Johnson

    I didn’t get started with them through you, but I did do my research on them. I’ve been with them a little over four months now. I haven’t quite fully set it up yet. I’m still trying to understand how to make money out of it. Maybe I don’t understand how to monetize the system, so could you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  15. Jerry banks

    Social media marketing is everything nowadays, let us market your brand if you need help visit our website.

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Awesome. Thanks Jerry

  16. Jerry banks

    Social media marketing is everything nowadays, let us market your brand if you need help visit our website.

  17. Antje Kunze

    hola 😉

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Hi. How’s it going?

  18. C King United

    Hi Chris. Thank you for this video. I will be making the leap to pay the $2500 soon. I have a question if you have the time to answer.

    – What is the product I’m selling to others? I ask because this is about learning how to market yourself online so you can sell your own products/service and/or sell LMs licensed product. So is the actual product the Learning Material on how to market online?


    How exactly is this not a pyramid scheme?
    – recruiting others
    – buying in
    – commission structures
    These are all examples of why a pyramid scheme is a pyramid scheme. Aren’t we doing these same things?

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      No problem

    2. C King United

      Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach I appreciate your reply.

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      That’s is correct. You are learning to brand and sell yourself.

      That’s a great question about pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes typically only work by building up itself and has not real “product”. Money is earned based on how many people you recruit and the you earn based on how they perform in sales.

      legendary follows a strict affiliate marketing model. You sign up and become part of the Affiliate program. If you decide promote legendary (which is not required like pyramids) you can earn commissions on those whom you refer. That’s it. You don’t get more money simply based on what your referrrers sale.

      So I hope that makes sense. The training is really and truly hownto build a affiliate marketing business profitably so you can quit your day job and do this full time.

  19. RonG Marketing

    Great video Chris! Your YT game is next level! Good stuff!

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Thanks Ron

  20. Akshay Saxena

    Great information. Can I pay annually, instead of paying $30 p.m? And, is licensing comes with lifetime validity?

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      To be honest. Not sure about the yearly pricing but it is cheaper than laying the $30/month. There is a link in the description. Check it out.

    2. Akshay Saxena

      Wow, sounds really great. Where is the link to pay annually? And how much is it annually, btw?

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Hi! Yes you can pay annually. And it’s cheaper that way. All licensing is one time payments. So you also get any updates on the course and grandfathered in to new courses.

  21. Roope Kiuttu - Affiliate Marketing Coach

    Empower Network, MOBE, Digital Altitude, and many other companies used the same business model like Legendary Marketer. All of them were shut down eventually. Aren’t you afraid that the same would happen to Legendary Marketer? I’m thinking about testing Legendary Marketer but I wouldn’t want to promote if it’s gonna blow down like all those other companies.

    Would appreciate to hear your thoughts Chris! 🙂

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Haha. Yeah. You won’t get that here. The information and additional offers are for you to take or not.

      Ill tell you the same thing, Only invest where you see the value. No one will force you or get upset if you say no.

      With your audience, you should be able hit the ground running.

      Consider it Robert and let me be your referral if you decide to join.

      It’s my brand on the line, so if anything weird happens, I’ll be able to connect with the “powers that be” at legendary and make sure you are taken care of.

      Reach out anytime man.

    2. Roope Kiuttu - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      +Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach Thanks Chris for your thorough answer, I appreciate it.

      I may start with Legendary Marketer soon. I really hope it’s not similar like Digital Altitude.

      DA”s coach (read: salesperson) was friendly and tried to push me to the next level until I said I don’t want to pay more. He became literally mad and sent a couple of nasty emails saying things like, “You’re never gonna be successful, LOSER!” etc.

      I just would like to know how his face looked like when DA collapsed, lol.

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Whats up CryptRobert! Great question! So each company you named were all Network Marketing companies or MLMs. I hate MLMs, always have and always will. Legendary Marketer is a straight Affiliate Marketing company. Only 1 level.

      But regardless of that, I did have a similar thought to you… what if it went away tomorrow or next month or next year or worse be shut down by the FTC? After joining, I inquired within and found that everything that Legendary is doing is in 100% compliance with the FTC. In fact, recently the FTC conducted a review of the company and gave them the “go-ahead” to continue conducting business. To me, a company that willingly discloses to it’s members that the FTC just reviewed the business, even with all of the news of DA and MOBE being shut down by the FTC in the last year, Legendary Marketer must be TRANSPARENT and worth diving in a little deeper. So I did.

      Most of the reviews I read of Legendary Marketer rarely came from anyone that actually invested into the company. So I had a hard time forming an opinion from the outside. So I gave it a shot. I really joined with the idea to EXPOSE them. But then something weird happened. I took the trainings, saw the value, saw how much Dave Sharpe and other members cared and completely blown away.

      However, that being said, the best way to insulate your business from dying is to build a BRAND. Building a brand lasts when affiliate programs come and go or change. Wealthy Affiliate or Legendary Marketer can both disappear tomorrow, but BenjisDad will live on. My brand is everything to me… it is my business. Because of that, I can pivot at any moment if need be. My brand is the most important thing, not the companies of whom I am associated.

      Appropriately enough, Legendary Marketer has high-level training within the platform that shows you how to build a brand. Not just one that promotes Legendary, but YOUR brand, YOUR business. Regardless of if you decide to promote Legendary or not, which is not a requirement.

      So I hope that cleared it up a bit and showed you my thinking process before I joined. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

  22. Kierane Alexander

    My only question is… Would I have to still pay the monthly subscription even if I purchased one of the one time packages?

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Yeah. Anytime. I’ve been with them for a few months now and thoroughly enjoy it. Worth every penny.

    2. Kierane Alexander

      +Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach Got it. Thank you so much for replying. That was my only concern

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Great question. Yes. It’s basically your monthly dues. But most people like myself just pay it yearly. You get a big discount doing it that way.

  23. James Chan

    Hi there, thx for a very good effort in making yr videos.

    I need to know if Legendary Marketer is limited to US residents only as I’m in Australia.

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Available worldwide James!

  24. jerry whittley

    Hey I have been a member of LM for a month. I went thru most of the training and just started sending paid traffic to the sales funnel it’s been 3 days no sales yet. I want to join your training group. But what perked my interest was this great review… and your bonus 10,000 word training step by step for LM. I would have joined your group I have watched all your videos and I trust your judgement. What people haven’t realized is that when they buy the $30 program besides all the training … when some one comes into LM under their own sales number then they make $18.00 but what is great about it if that new customer stays with LM then you make that $18.00 again every month as long as they renew! I know it’s not much but if your customers sign up you can make after 10 sales $180 each month you can build it maybe 50 sales that’s $900 or 100 sales that’s $1800. That’s car payments or credit card payments! I’m shooting for 300 customers that’s $5400 a month and that’s life changing! All off of the basic $30 plan. Any way I would sure like a copy of your 10,000 word LM step by step plan. I’d buy it from you. You are taking the confusion out for those that are seeking a clear path. I’m a firm believer in education and there are ton’s still to learn.

  25. Tonya Spell

    I just ordered late last week! Yes I’m blown away at the amount of tools/help Legendary Marketer gives you! The information & help given is definitely worth way more! I spoke with my coach for 1st time yesterday & it was great! I’ve tried a lot if other online businesses with no success but this one I think is gonna be different & even exciting! I can’t wait to get this going!!

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      That’s great Tonya. I wish I could mentor you.

  26. Maggie Rose

    Can I do this with no online expirence?

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      What do you like to do? You have to create content. Blog, YouTube or paid traffic

    2. Maggie Rose

      +Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach no maybe you could do a video on different types of traffic and what types their are and i have no clue how to get traffic

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Gotcha. No worries! Get going! Have you decided on a traffic source?

    4. Maggie Rose

      I did I didnt notice you til after jay brown

    5. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      oh ok, yuo must have signed up under someone else. I don’t see you on my list.

  27. Shana Campbell

    Which one is better if your not into social media but writing ? And also I’m unemployed I don’t have thousands of $ I can do the $30 a month can you help me decide which company is good for me that’s similar to legendary marketing!! Thanks

    1. Shana Campbell

      How do you get paid direct deposit or PayPal

  28. Success Grace

    Do i need to buy all the packages before i earn commission from each of them or my #30 membership is enough for me to earn all the way through all the packages?

    1. briant97

      +Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach k I see your point as well. However, Amazon is quite a large market place so that would never happen. Not only that but some experienced marketers can use paid marketing to target interested parties. They dont necessarily have to know the full details of a product just a target market.

    2. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      I see your point. But honestly, that is what’s wrong with affiliate marketing to begin with. You probably shouldn’t be able to sell or write reviews on products you don’t own. Where is the authenticity? How do you really know the positives and negatives of something and truly help people if you don’t even own it?

      I argue that Legendary Marketer is one of the few companies that is doing it right. Thanks for your comment, but I don’t agree.

    3. briant97

      +Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach Well in a true affiliate system you don’t have to own the products to promote it. So not sure this is fully valid. For example on Amazon I dont have to own a TV to promote it in their Affiliate system. Same with Clickbank products. I understand why they do it. It kinda forces you to upgrade early. However they may be shooting themselves in the foot. If you were a $30 paid memeber and got a full commission for the higher packages. You could in turn by those packages yourself with your earnings faster.

    4. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      You do have to have to own the product to earn the maximum commission. But it’s only right, you should’nt be able to sell something if you do not own it or know what’s inside. But it’s worth it… I got in on the builder and leader masterclass which open up getting $1,000 per sale. So if you’d like to make $1,000 per sale, then go check it out in the link in the description.

    5. Success Grace

      +Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach In other words i have to buy all the packages or upgrade to all the packages to earn good from all the packaged when my sponsors buy them? Is that correct sir? Thanks for your response!

  29. Amanda Mcclintic

    I wish i could buy the program i just dont have the money its almost. 3000 dollars i wish i did

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      The program is $30 to start. The upgrades are optional. You can still earn and use the high converting funnels for the monthly $30 until you can upgrade. You can upgrade at any time!

  30. Amir Ali Tavajoh

    Hello would you please tell me how I can get traffic in order to earn money on Legendary marketer?

  31. Amir Ali Tavajoh

    Hello, would you please tell me how I can find and bring traffic to funnels? I don’t have subscriber on YouTube

    1. Amir Ali Tavajoh

      Also would you please tell me how can you build this landing page for all of the videos you upload on YouTube? I think it increases the amount of viewers

    2. Amir Ali Tavajoh

      Yes could you tell me?

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Blogging is my favorite and gives you the most return. YouTube is a marketers dream. But you have Facebook Pinterest Instagram. Thistle stress your best bets. Do you want very cheap training on blogging?

    4. Amir Ali Tavajoh

      I’m looking for free traffic

    5. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Are you looking for free or paid traffic ?

  32. Mhmood Arnab133475

    thanks that was a good video

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Awesome. You should sign up at Legendary.

    2. Mhmood Arnab133475

      +Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach i have done that already broo you deserve that i have done like just right now your videos very good

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      thanks. apprecate it, please subscribe!

  33. Theron Dajuste

    Thanks for your honest review Chris.

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Go to input your email and click the link on the next page if you want to join!

    2. Theron Dajuste

      Send me your link✊🏿✊🏿

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      No problem bro. Did you ever start with them?

  34. Arjun M

    Great Video, But you could have Posted this Video 3 months back, Now I am already joined in Wealthy Affiliate, I would try Legendary Marketer If this video was Posted 3 months back. Anyway I will try Legendary Marketer Later in My Life

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Yeah. Np

    2. Arjun M

      Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach OK, Thanks

    3. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Not just social. Anywhere where people are. Training there teaches you how to market anywhere. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, basically wherever people are.

    4. Arjun M

      Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach So, this is basically Social Media Marketing Right?

    5. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      No. Writing is just one way of generating traffic to your offers. Plus they teach you how to be a good writer in the training.

  35. Elevated Business 101

    Yes. I love Legendary! 😀

    1. Elevated Business 101

      +Benji’s Dad – Affiliate Marketing Coach I love the thoroughness of the content, the coaching, the daily wake-up calls members can tune in to and the awesome, lucrative commission structure. I attended a mastermind in June and the Legendary family really is a family–normal, everyday people. And for many of the products, we are grandfathered into the new upgrades at no extra charge.

    2. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Nice!! What have you enjoyed about it?

  36. Pure Gravity

    Videos are looking crisp! Keep it up!

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      Thanks Kristen. I been seeing you too. Keep posting and be sure you start building a list.

  37. Web Hosting Warrior

    Gonna look into Chris, thanks!

    1. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

      No problem. Anytime

  38. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

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