Legendary Marketer Review & PROOF (Is it A Scam?)

hey how's going my friends it's J hereguys I want to make this real quickvideo to show you some proof of how muchmoney I've been making inside oflegendary marketer now I know some ofyou guys probably seen me promoting thisprogram for the last 30 days or so andyou've probably been wondering what isthis you know is this MCA no guys thisis not MCA I'm still with MCI just I'mpromoting this now because I want morepeople to succeed and I also want tosign people up and give people anopportunity that's in other countrieswith MCA you're only open to US andCanada you see what I'm saying so withlegendary marketer anyone can join it'sworldwide but you can also make moremoney with this program and I explainedit in my other video if you haven't seenit but guys you can make biggerCommission's with this program and I'mabout to show you here as you can see inthe last 30 days excuse me guys I got abit of a cold here but as you can see inthe last 30 days I've made over $21,000with this program guys in just 30 daysand like I said I do other stuff Ihaven't even been real focused on thisprogram yet I'm gonna make way biggerCommission's in this but how would thischange your life you know how would$21,000 change your life in 30 days inthe last 7 days I've made over $5,000and I'm going to show you you know it'senough about me I'm fitting to show youother people winning with this programand most people not gonna show you thisbut I am this is inside our group thisis our Facebook group here guys and youget access to this group once you joinand become a member and oh yeah it's 30dollars to get involved with thisprogram you know you spent 30 dollars inthe day most of you guys spent 30dollars in a day on nothing you canspend thirty dollars getting start getstarted with this programand I'm going to show you what kind ofresults you can get I'm not gonna readall of this right here but if at anytime guys you want to pause this videoand read these success stories here youdefinitely can but I'm just gonna callout the numbers here guys as you can seethis guy made thirty two hundred dollarsand these are big Commission guys $4,800here here we go four hundred dollars onethousand dollars four hundred dollarsguys one thousand dollars I can keepgoing one thousand dollars and these asyou can see these are different facesand the guy who's congratulating them isnamed dave sharpe he's the owner of thisprogram guys he he has made millions ofdollars he has built successfulcompanies in the past and I just wantyou to know that because most of theseprograms out here are being ran by scamartists people you never see people thatkeep their their image you know behind acomputer and never really exposedyourself but with this guy right herehe's always out here just like we areand as you can see right here guysanother thousand dollars $1,000 $1,500guys thousand dollars once that person Ican keep going and on and on guys here'sme right here check it out two thousanddollars one thousand dollars so you cansee that there's a real I just wanted totake you a bit behind the scenes to showyou that this program is paying and withMCA yeah you can make good money withMCA but guys you can make even moreprogram money with this program andanother thing I like about it once youpay that thirty dollars to get involvedwith this program you would get your ownsuccess coach look when you get your owncoach guys you're able to call them onthe phone and they will show you how toget started with this program and showyou how to get any most of the peoplehave never made money in their entirelife and look what kind of money they'remaking likesaid you can see this got multiple timesand I can keep going on and on and onguys check it out I mean you see theproof guys you see the proof if you wantto get started I'll just click thatbutton below this video and get startedtodaydon't hesitate because like I said Idon't know when I made email this youknow this company out to you guys againso just get in while you can and and andthis fairly new is fairly new you kindof want to be at the beginning you knowwhat I'm saying so we want to see you wewant to see him congratulating youinside this group so get started with usand I look forward to working with youclick that button below peace


Join Legendary Marketer Here: www.viewthiscrazyvideo.org

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Hey thanks for coming by to check out my legendary marketer review. And this video you will see undeniable proof that this program can work for absolutely anyone don’t matter who you are background education or race.

legendary marketer scam?

No, absolutely not this program is far from being a scam, just watch the video above and you will see real people like you and I having success.

Most people who called things a scam do so because they don’t take time to go research, most of the time they go by what they hear, or they just simply are being bitter because of their own failure.

Dave Sharpe has put together a great program and if you’re interested in joining click the link below or above. Thanks for stopping by much success!

To find out more about the legendary marketer products and legendary marketer comp plan or compensation plan go here:

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69 Thoughts to “Legendary Marketer Review & PROOF (Is it A Scam?)”


      Jay Brown don’t you have to make like a $2500 investment to start selling

  1. Cindy LGN

    Wow if I get crazy income like yours I would invest I think in a lot of business. Wish me luck ! I am going to start the journey too !!! ❤

    Thank you for your Amazing videos !

  2. Christopher Ezeh

    Hi Jay i am really new to the back office of legendary and your i just thought i could reach you with this challenge of mine ….please i’m having isues setting up my ad on facebook and i dont have a website of my own how do i promote my link without my own website and how will i use the face book pixel in this case …i will be happy if you have this info….thank you sir

  3. Joshua Mills

    Can I honest make good money with this it I sign up????

  4. Internet Marketing

    Hello Jay, I would like to join to your program, but I have only 2 question to ask you. Can we chat on Facebook? I tried to find you on FB but I didn’t find. Thanks

  5. Christopher Ruppel

    Tired of bosses harrassing me at my job for 9,600 a year. I’m in

  6. Anky Gaming Pub

    i have heard that we should invest 30 thousand dollor to multiply that money is that true i dont have such amount !After we sign up we should give 30 thousnd dollor and we get it multiplied is that true?

  7. Puafitu Hopa

    Plan on joining now Jay Brown..

  8. Rory Singh

    Hi Jay. I joined Legendary through your link a little while back after I got into your sales funnel somehow. It converts very well and I can’t even keep track of how many people already joined through me. Great system!

  9. HyperMedia

    How much does it costs?

    1. Jay Brown

      Hi, follow the link below the video for more info

  10. Charles Sims

    Hows it going. I am very interested in legendary marketer. Can gou please explain how and where to sign up and whats the full price of the whole process please?

  11. iParty

    Makes crazy amount of money and still drives a 04 Mustang, yeah okay…

    1. Itsjasminestyle

      What he drives has nothing to do with his income. If you ask me, his guy is smart for saving his money instead of wasting it

    2. GetFree

      what you drive and wear means nothing iparty, he clearly like the model year of the mustang. Plus its not that smart to get every new thing that comes out.

  12. Reji

    I need to reply as soon as possible. I’m 18 and I really want to get into this Affiliate Marketing Business and all the information on YouTube about it is incredibly vague. I need to know how to sign up for this program and which one of these courses will teach me how to promote and optimize sales. If you could reply that would be a big help. I want to help my grandmother out , show my family things they’ve never seen before (like not being on a clock to make money) everybody around me seems to think generating money outside of a job is impossible and I want to show them otherwise. If you could get back to me it would mean the world. Thanks.

  13. Eva James

    Jay because of you I joined it! I am beginner but willing to learn and accomplish!

  14. Eu Comprei

    how i could work with leg mark here from brazil?? its really possible?

    1. Eu Comprei

      how it could work? i will sell in USA?

  15. aDm

    You pay 30 bucks a month?

  16. aDm

    Legendary marketer vs amazon?

  17. Dean Walcott

    hi jay i want to join but i need to know if this can work for me am from jamaica

  18. Vampire Loli

    Is there some sort of way too join with a debit card?

  19. Rahkee

    @jay brown bro already I’m in legendary market also i had appointment.
    when i will start this process of the legendary market program ?!

  20. Wayne Harris

    Hey Jay what’s up bro. I been watching you for about 3 months now. I went from MCA to this. THIS IS AWSOME! One question, do you provide personal training???, I see your results.

  21. Empreneur

    Hi Jay I am a subscriber of you on Youtube, the day I watched the video I clicked the link and get the access, after that I received messages, and I tried to reply because I wanna ask something before joining in…but my messages remained un sent, all I wanna know is, Is it working here in Japan too? and even though I tried to join in it doesn’t working please let me know why Thank You in advance.

  22. Max Arc

    Also , you need a computer

    1. Max Arc

      Can teens do this

    2. Jay Brown

      No, although I recommend getting a computer once you make enough money using your phone. many members use their phone or tablet when they first start.

  23. Max Arc

    Can teens do this too

  24. Hunter Niece

    I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life I’m a senior in high school and don’t plan to go to collage is this somewhere I should start a career at ?

  25. anil solomon

    hey is this true..can you link me up please

    1. Jay Brown

      Yes it’s true, link below video

  26. Trajce Naskovski

    Can i get your email address ? I have a few more questions.

    1. Jay Brown

      Hi, follow the link below the video for info

  27. N. BODY

    im 15 really bad at english and a newbie but i serious so i dont kno what happens if i join?

  28. Moorthi Ramu

    I am living in china is that a problem?

  29. jonathan kelly

    I just started it i cant wait to get through with training.

    1. Lorenzo P. Adams

      Jonathan Kelly How is it going? Was it worth it?

    2. m. afras

      how did it went brother?? i aso wanna join

    3. Jay Brown

      Awesome! Welcome to the team!

  30. João Neves

    Portugal. Can I Join? Thank you

  31. Nouliecia DeCambre

    what are you doing really? I just wanna know before I sign up. I’m interested

    1. Jay Brown

      Visit the link below the video for more info on what I’m doing


    i am a nigerian can i join?

  33. Tejean Blair

    Is it limited to only America and canada?

    1. Wally Tallman


    2. Jay Brown

      No not this one is worldwide

  34. Roger The CEO

    Once I get my computer back I’m going to get this ASAP ! But keep grinding brotha

  35. sandeep kushwaha


    1. Jay Brown

      Link below the video

  36. Jevon Putnam

    Good Shit Bro! EPIC! Message me on Facebook When Your Free!

  37. Philip Larsen

    can you help me I’m from Denmark, and i want to do like you

    1. Jay Brown

      Great follow the link below the video

  38. Wes Simmons

    Coaches closes sales for us

  39. Izatatus

    Now ur talking Jay, Worldwide-International, something that can’t happen on MCA.

  40. Drake mynuts

    nice job jay

  41. suko Tripple k

    hie Jay Brown i was the first one to watch and like cool man i like the vedio

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