LEGENDARY MARKETER REVIEW What Newbies With No Experience Should Know About Legendary Marketer

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If you’re looking for a Legendary Marketer review because you’re thinking about joining the system, than watch this video.

First off, this business system is based around high ticket affiliate marketing.

This is a way to earn big commission online.

Unlike most affiliate marketing, high ticket affiliate marketing can change your life a lot faster, because of how big the commissions are.

So, instead of earning $500 dollars for selling 5 $100 products, you earn amounts like $5,000 for selling 5 $1,000 products.

In this video I go into detail about what Legendary Marketer is all about and what I personally like about it.

I also go over some bonuses I will give you if you sign up here through this video.

I also show you what the products are inside the system and I go over the compensation plan so you understand how much money you can make with the system.


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DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

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62 Thoughts to “LEGENDARY MARKETER REVIEW What Newbies With No Experience Should Know About Legendary Marketer”

  1. Amanda Mcclintic

    If I had the money to buy the high ticket items I would I want to do what ever it takes to be financially secure but I have to come up with it some how if I could make enough money with this website to buy them I would I have kids an I’m going to do whatever it takes

  2. The Noob Gamer

    Whats up with the thumbnail

  3. Rex Lachica

    Just sent you an email. I’m interested.

  4. Priscilla Jaimes

    Do you mentor us if we sign up under you?

  5. Robert Wright III

    Do you have to purchase one of the packages in order to make money outside of getting people to sign up for the affiliate program?

  6. Eliott Tesio

    Seems solit scam, Buy nothing for Resellere al other nothing,.. Buy shit for Sell a other shit,..

  7. Techie Tech

    Well I found free $1246a money making system that is really working:(just go to)

  8. Ebube Dike

    Hello. I just subscribed to this channel. And I have a very important question to ask. I’m thinking of joining the legendary marketers affiliate program which requires $30 to stat. I’m a Nigerian and im wondering if I could still go ahead and pay the equivalent of the $30 which is 10800 naira. Do I go ahead and pay?? Or what do I do??. Will it be accepted in my currency??

    1. Videology Ulagam

      Convert your money and use PayPal

  9. Cosmin Miholca

    I like the way the presenter touches his nose every time he points out how much money one can make. That, according to the body language, is a sign he is uncomfortable with what he is talking about, or… lying about certain aspects. 🙂

    1. Christopher Grafing

      Good catch — it’s a very… uncomfortable product.

  10. Lala Fondeur

    just to confirm; seems like sort of a MLM model, I get paid different commissions depending on the program I sell and the only I already have. So the products that we would have to sell are the programs? right? Say I purchase the 30/monthly plan, that means that the way I make money is by getting other people to join? to get 18 dollars, is there other ways to make money?

  11. Barb Flatt

    I joined!!!

    1. Videology Ulagam

      How much money did you make….

  12. Phil Quinn

    I was to work with Anthony this AM but we missed each other, should I keep calling???

  13. Jalal Isgandarov

    May I join Legendary Marketer and start affiliate marketing while I’m not living in US but in Asia?

  14. Tiago Pereira

    I’ve just signed up, can I have my bonuses please!

  15. Jun Enriquez

    have seen you are also promoting MLSP, are you selecting this over MLSP? also how does this compare to EMP? thank you

  16. Prob_io

    Nice try,I ain’t using your link

  17. Goddess Of OMAD

    Hi Nathan. I joined under you. I would need to focus on the $400 product in order to create a big enough profit to buy my first licensed product. If I sell the licensed products my commission rolls up because I hadn’t purchased it yet. Do you suggest focusing on that? I absolutely love the business. I’ve talked to my coach every other day since signing up.

  18. J.W Gutierrez [GUTZ]

    how much to start? $47 every month?

    1. SportOfView

      $30 a month

  19. Gregory White, Jr.

    How is this different from MOBE and Digital Altitude which both got shut down by the FTC. One of the things that the FTC didn’t like about Digital Altitude was that “coaches” and “sales people” are the same people.

  20. Tuff Bud

    Sounds *JUST LIKE* MOBE. If so then ULTIMATELY, the “balloon” costs are going come and unless you pay, you cannot go further.

  21. Angélica MAIA

    That sounds so much like MOBE and from my experience MOBE is only for experienced marketers with deep pockets

  22. Josibiah Smith

    I know it’s 30 to start and 30 per month what else do you have to purchase?

    1. Paal Espen

      I have the same question

  23. RKF Search Results

    Just submitted my email address

    1. RKF Search Results

      So its the $30 monthly to be in the system. I’m confused about the product licensing? I guess it’s different amounts depending on the product? I am also unclear about commissions on products sold vs licensing? Ads need to be placed, what is the usual cost on that? Can “ads” just be posted vs. doing as ads? Can commissions be earned if I haven’t acquired licensing on any products? How much can one make when recruiting people into the business? Thanks

      Also do they pay via PayPal and how often?

    2. Freedom Influencer

      Awesome Congrats!

  24. Jay Joshi

    Does it work in India

    1. dimetri watt

      Jay Joshi it’s international jay

  25. JRod

    I’m very interested in this business

    Do I have to own a specific product in order to earn commissions from its sell?

    I know Legendary Marketer pays via ewallet. Once I receive my commissions payment, what options do they offer to withdraw the money (especially if the affiliate lives out the US)?

    1. SportOfView

      Did you sign up?

  26. keep up sergio

    Why do they charge that 30$ each month or monthly???

  27. Ane Caroline Diniz

    Hi Nathan! I ended up on your channel because at first I was interested in MCA than after watching a few of your videos I really liked the idea of Legendary Marketer I actually singed up today and I`m pretty sire it was with your link. thanks for the video! I`m very inspired by this.

    1. Austin powers

      How do you like it ana?

    2. Freedom Influencer

      Awesome Ane! Let’s crush it!

  28. aDm

    so for 30 bucks i get 18 for a comission? so just for inviting one person? and what about these there you buy like 5k 12k ? is like 1000comission per person invite too? or you do completely different like just to invite people for 18 bucks seems not that hard but there is no way anyone would pay thousands per person if you invite them i guess only if they but that 5k 12k too but thats rare not a lot of people going to buy it therefore would be the waste of investement

  29. Antony AX

    I would like to take this training – but they don’t accept people from Russia! That’s strange….

  30. Omega

    I am new to the whole digital marketing stuff. I have only done research on Digital Altitude and LM. Do you recommend this over DA? I want whatever seems to be more long-term friendly.

    1. Angela S

      I have to agree with Nathan on this. If you are brand new, I would not recommend DA, I’m speaking from personal experience from over a year ago. Wish you all the best. I would recommend taking a serious look at LM.

    2. Omega

      Thank you so much for the swift reply. I will join LM under you when I receive my next paycheck. I plan to go the paid advertising route as from my understanding it yields results faster than free methods.

      Thanks again Mr. Nathan!

    3. Freedom Influencer

      I will not say anything negative about either because they both are great systems. I have experience with both and Legendary Marketer has been more profitable faster. Understand that both system are laid out for you step by step, however, in my experience I think LM is more profitable for brand new people. At the time of writing this comment, DA is going through some legal stuff, so if you decide to partner with them, you’ll need to wait to see if and when this whole thing gets resolved.

      All the best,


  31. Takoia Goodson

    ? Do you have to have any social media accounts to post on when making money with this company? It’s also money back guaranteed right if I don’t make money within the first 30 days right?

  32. El-Mehdi

    I want to join

    1. Your Mentor Ken

      Marketing Club and the Builder then upgrading from there


      Freedom Influencer what level did you start at

    3. Freedom Influencer


  33. Rob Lugo

    I can’t decide between this and MOBE. Have you checked it our? What made you pick this over MOBE?

    1. annie lin

      Roberto MOBE is out already no longer in business. I think you should google MOBE.

    2. Freedom Influencer

      Roberto Lugo yes, I look into MOBE. I don’t have anything bad to say about the company. The reason I went with this instead is because I think this is better for New people to have success with. LM does not require high monthly payment and allows people to unlock commissions on every level by selling 3 units of the product. To me, this is awesome!

  34. Stephen Merenda

    Hey Nathan really enjoy your content. I’m a little confused on where to start. You watch that many Youtube videos it confuses the crap out of you…paralysis by analysis. I want start being an online entrepreneur. In your opinion where would be the best place to start in terms of earning good money and learning at the same time. Drop Shipping, Shopify, Amazon FBA or Affiliate Marketing?

    1. Freedom Influencer

      Well… I love affiliate marketing

  35. Erin B.

    So what happens if you come in at the 30.00 level, but you have a lead that comes in at a higher level than you? Do you lose that commission? In other words, do you only collect commission on the level you came in on?

    1. maestroearl

      +Freedom Influencer I missed This. Šo you can still end up gaining commisions on those levels you didnt come in on?

    2. Claudia Hughes

      what kind internet security should you get to start and what working system mine is 8.1

    3. Erin B.

      Freedom Influencer
      Okay thank you.

    4. Freedom Influencer

      Erin B. You must make 3 sales for each level you’re not positioned at. Then you will make commissions on that specific level. This goes for all levels 😄

    5. Erin B.

      Freedom Influencer
      Thank you for responding. So just clarify, you will miss the first 3 sales, but after that you will collect commissions regardless what level your lead comes in on? And also, what level eliminates you from missing the first 3 sales? Just curious. Thanks again for responding.

  36. Antonette Oriarte

    First! 🙂

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