LEGENDARY MARKETER REVIEW What Newbies With No Experience Should Know About Legendary Marketer

Oh what's up you guys this is Nathanwith freedom influencer and you're onthis video right now because you maywant to be an expert marketer right thatwould be great but maybe you want totake a step further okayand you want to become a legendarymarketer alright and if that's the casethis video is for you and I'm gonna begiving you my legendary marketer reviewalright I'm gonna go into detail aboutthis program called legendary marketeralright and so I'm gonna take you guysinside the back office I'm gonna showyou the ins and outs in what you canexpect from this program and I'm gonnatalk about who it's for who it's not forand all the details and I have somethingvery special for you guys if you staytill the end of this videotowards the end of this I'm gonna offeryou guys something amazing if you decideto get involved with legendary marketerand at any time I will leave my linkdown below if you do want to join thisprogram so first of all what islegendary marketer and who is this forand who is it not for so I alreadytalked a little bit about who this isfor and that is for people who want tobuild a six-figure business online okayif you want to become a marketer andbecome you know legendary status that iswho this is for this is not for peoplewho want to try it out and I'll say thatagain this is not for people who justsimply want to try it because thisprogram you guys I'm telling you rightnow I've been involved with onlinemarketing for a couple of years now I'vejoined many different programs I've seena lot of different things but thisprogram right here has the potential toabsolutely change someone's life andtake them from beginner marketer to alegendary marketer and typically I wouldsay expert marketer but because we'retalking about legendary marketer that'show I'm gonna reference this okay sothis program is not for people who wantto try things out and want to make justa little side income all right now ifyou take this program serious and youfollow the steps you follow the trainingthen you absolutely can make a sideincome with very little effort all rightbut that's not the point of this programthis program is built for you to changeyour lifeall right and I wholeheartedly believethat and you know I've been involvedwith this program for a very shortperiod of time and I can tell you myexperience in this program in comparisonto many other opportunities I havepersonally been a part of is Bar Nonethe best program I have ever been a partof one because of the way it's laid outand I'm gonna show you guys here andshow you proof of people winningcreating income for the first time andthen other people who are just crushingit with legendary marketer but it's theway that it's laid out and it's thepeople in the coaches all right I'vealready spoken to multiple coaches andI've seen all of their faces on awebinar I've heard them I've heard theirhearts and they truly want to helppeople succeed all right now like I saidI've joined other programs but this isthe only program where I've actuallyseen the core heart and foundation ofwhere I see people wanting to help otherpeople when in learn this whole thingabout online marketing okay and so let'stalk about exactly what this is and I'mgonna share my screen with you guys hereso we can go through this together allright right now I'm in the back officeokay and the way that this is all set upis you're gonna go through these stepshere now they're going to be lockedright and you're gonna be connectingwith your coach now there's going to bea button right here if I click on thisit opens up and you can schedule a timeto connect with your coach all right nowlike I said this program in the coachesall right best experience I have everhad now what one thing that you have tounderstand about these coaches is theyare massively successful in onlinemarketing okay they've alreadyexperienced the success and they arehere toohelp you now one question that peoplewill have about the coaches okay isthey're gonna ask well are they justhere to sell you are they just here tosell you on products in this program andthe answer is no and that is one of thethe main reasons that I love thisprogram okay having talked with a coupleof coaches already I've spoken with themthey are not pushy they are not here tojust sell people products they are hereto make an impact in the lives of otherpeople and help them understand thisprocess and that is why I'm partneredwith this program and that is why Ibelieve that anybody who comes insidehere can win all right and by the waywe're not even getting to the good stuffabout this and why I love this programso much all right so the way this worksis these are gonna be locked you'regonna come here through here and davesharpeis going to explain everything he'sgoing to go through the program with youit is amazing the way he has it laid outbut I want to go into further detail onwhat you can expect from this so let'sjump over to this page this is anotherthing that I love about this is not onlydo they have the capture pages salespages everything's laid out for you butalso there there's banner ads right thisis pretty typical to have banner ads butthis is where this program is differentfrom anything that I've ever seen okayif I click on here there's video adsright he has ads ready to go for you youliterally can take these videos andstart running ads with them so if yousuck on camera if you suck oncopywriting which I'll get to in aminute everything as far as marketinggoes is inside this program that's whatI love about this because if you trulywant to change your life you want tobecome a marketer and make a six-figurebusiness online this program I believeis the best program to get partneredwith that can help you do it because ofthe little things like this now somepeople may say oh that's just littlehe's talking about video ads and I'mgonna talk about ad copy email swipefiles like to some people that may soundlike something smallbut for me I have experience as amarketer okay and I know how importantthese little things are to help people10x or income so he has videos that youcan swipe he has ad copy here that youcan swipe for running ads okay and thenhe has email copy so he has 45 he has a45 day email sequence that you canliterally download right and then youcan upload it into your ownautoresponder or they have one that'sintegrated automatically and it'samazing because now you can follow upwith leads automatically it's done foryou I love that about the swipe copy inthe ads and all of this I love that partabout this company okay so I hope thatyou see the value in that I know that alot of people won't but for people whoknow marketing that's huge for beginnersokay so let's get to some of the themeat and potatoes of this all right andbasically this is the marketers Club allright and another thing that I know setsthis apart from any other program outthere all right and that's why I thinkthis program is absolutely appropriatebeing called legendary marketer becausethat's what this program is set out todo is to help people become not justmarketers but legendary marketers andtake their business and their life tothe next level so in the marketers Clubright this is what you get when you joinyour pay 30 bucks for a marketers Cluband inside here you be access to all ofthisokay you got Facebook ABS training okayyou got a couple courses on it yet leadgeneration and tracking how to trackyour traffic leads and sales you've gotsome YouTube advertising FacebookFanpage formula Instagram and thenbig-money blueprint so all of thistraining you're going to get right offthe bat to help you start to learnmarketing okay and after all that's whatthis is all about it's it's marketing somany people will get different productsand programs but they lack one thing theone thing that's gonna make them moneyand that is to learn how to market andthat's what this program is all aboutandhonestly that's what I love about it nowas far as the the actual products gookay so if I click on builder alrightthis is the back end of the Builderproduct and now go over the pricing andall of that for these products here in aminute but this is some amazing stuffI've only scratched the surface of theproducts they have back here and it'samazing so again you know I I have yetto dive in and go deep with all of thisstuff but I'm telling you I went throughthis course right here and took I peakedat this which is let me see if I canzoom in profitable presentation okay I'mtelling you right now I've paid for acourse separate from this program fromanother individual who's in leadgeneration in growing a business onlinewhich by the way I'm not gonna give youhis name but he's an amazing marketerbut the price that I paid for that alonewas it was incredible alright Thiam asin the price I paid was it was expensivebut I'm willing to invest in myself butwhen you invest into the products herenot only are you licensing them andwe're gonna get into that you have toremember this is a licensing businessmodel which means you get to make moneyon each one of these products which isabsolutely amazing because they're highticket you're gonna make thousands ofdollars a lot faster but not only thatthis is what I love about this thisisn't just fluff products these productscan change your life and can make you anamazing marketer so what I'm telling younow is I went through that and itliterally has scripts and it goes intodetail on how to actually have apresentation that you can sell onalright so if you were to take thetraining from this program and apply itto other businesses that's really what Ibelieve Dave wants in this program isfirst of all you can leverage thisprogram in and become super successfuland make a six-figure income withjustice program but the skill setsyou'll walk away from if you actuallytake it and apply it it's priceless it'spricelessbecause you can sell anything and that'sthe beauty of this all right and thenthere's another one called leader okayand that isn't another one of theproducts but now let me jump in and Iwant to go over the compensation planokay basically how are you gonna getpaid with this all right and so righthere it's a breakdown of all of thedifferent things that are being soldinside of here okay so let's just gostraight to the breakdown on you knowthe money that you can make here and Ithink I can zoom this in for you guys ifI just do this bad boy all right allright so we should be able to see thishere now here's a compensation plan andbreak out so first of all you have thelegendary marketers Club all right it's30 bucks a month okay you're gonna getpaid $18 residual income for that allright so that's chump change that'snothingthere's the traffic rolodex where hegives you specific traffic that you candrive to grow your business you're gonnaget commissions of twenty eight dollarsits one-time invisible influencer Ihaven't gone through this yet but if yousell this right you're making $400 onetime now you guys this is where thisgets exciting this is where thisbusiness really you know amps up yourpotential for income okay and that isthe legendary builder master class okayand that's what I was showing you alittle bit ago that one portion of itwas the presentation in that productokay that's $2,500 one-time it's $2,500but you have to understand for everytime that you let you license it you getthe product you get the amazing trainingin there but now you are able to make$1,000 Commission's off of that productalone and so as we're going throughthese prices a lot of people will lookat this and they'll get nervous andbecause take a look at this the nextproduct legendary leader master classokay its leader it's five grand okay andthen you get paid two thousand dollarsall right and then the next one themarketer mastermind eight thousanddollars for a mastermind this is whereyou actually will go to an event it's amastermind eventand then 12,000 for the entrepreneurmastermind and then 30 grand one timefor that one but this is where peoplestart to freak out and they startlooking at these numbers and they say ohmy god that's so much money I can'tafford that all right I don't know whatI would do like how can I afford thatyou guys the whole point of this thewhole point of a top-tier program thewhole point of this type of system isfor you to make money and I hope youunderstand that and by the way I've beenin other programs in the way that youcan license these products and startearning with these this this pay planthis compensation plan you guys is BarNone the best it is amazing so this isthe earnings that you guys can make allright for the 5,000 you can make $2,000in earnings every time that gets sold$8,000 mastermind you get $3,200 andthen you can see $4,800 and then $12,000all right but one thing you have tounderstand is that you I want you tothink about creating your own productright let's just say that you had a$12,000 product mastermind you werehosting an event and you were selling itfor $12,000 for you to be able to get onthe phone and close that type of salebecause I'm telling you right now peopledon't make these buying decisions atfive thousand eight thousand twelvethousand dollars twenty-five hundreddollars people really don't even do thatquite often they don't do it withouttalking to a human being and unless youhave training and you have the skillsets to sell people it's not gonnahappen for you all right now you candevelop those skill sets you can getbetter at that but what this system isin place for you to do is to beautomatedyou run the traffic the system does therest for you all rightand so you guys that is the breakdownyou can see if you are to sell forinstance going up to legendary masterclass here if you were to sell two ofthese okay and then that means that youdidat least one of these let's just say theBuilder k1 leader one or two litre onebuilder now you're making five grand amonth that fastwith three sales and so I hope yourwheels are turned and seeing how thisworks and how lucrative this can be soall you have to worry about is what istaught in the program and that ismarketing and driving the right trafficand follow up and the system does therest okay so I want to jump over toFacebook and I told you I have somethingspecial for you guys for staying in thisvideo so check this out first of all wehave we have a Facebook group that youguys are gonna get plugged into when youdecide to join me and I have bonuses foryou if you join through my link so ifyou join on my team below I'm gonnaleave my personal link and I will knowif you signed up through this video okayand then all you have to do is email meokay email me at Nathan right it'sNathan at freedom influence or calmafter you get signed up and you gothrough all the stepsthat's my only requirement is you gothrough all the steps alright it's noextra charge to go through all the stepsyou guys you're gonna pay the 30 bucksto get in go through all the stepsconnect with your coach and I'm gonnagive you my bonuses alright but I'll getto that in a minute you can see allthese people man they're winning $1,000right thousand dollars and let me justshow you guys some proof I took somescreenshots here to make it easier butlook at this we have an individual herecheck this out can i zoom in here yeahall right in 30 days fifty nine thousandthree hundred and eighteen dollarsalright this is one of our members youguys right here I want you to thinkabout that I want you to imagine thattype of income and it is possible withthis program and here's proof right hereI took this screenshot so you guys itjust this is what I love about havingcoaches closing sales for you to in highticket all right sixty-eight hundreddollars in commissions for this personAnthony two thousand dollars incommissions actually that's 4j eightthousand dollars commissions for lisgerald a thousand dollars Eric athousand dollars Kevin a thousanddollars J forin Jay again 39 Ryan a thousand and thenyou guys it just keeps going all rightNick mm so I think that's enough ofproof you I mean it does work people aremaking money you guys it's called highticket it works it's awesome it is themost leveraged way to build a businessonline all right so like I said I havemy link below I have some bonuses at thetime of this video I have some bonusesthat equate to hundreds of dollars Ithink I priced it at $700 so I'm gonnashow you real quick what these are theseare my bonuses for you right now if yougo through that link and you go throughthe steps if you decide to join me inthis and you decide to start your ownbusiness and learn how to become alegendary marketer I'm gonna give youguys these free bonuses all you have todo is email me Nathan at freedominfluence or calm when you go throughyour steps okay so what are my bonusesthat I have for you guys in like I saidI'm gonna send you these bonuses butthis doesn't mean that's all okaydepending on when you see this I mighthave more free training bonuses in hereand which is more free you know it'sworth more money I'm gonna add bonusesthese are my bonuses and if I keepadding more you don't have to doanything different okay all you you'rejust gonna get more bonuses for freeafter you join me and go through socheck it out you guys Facebook mobilelead generation ads how to get twentyfive cents per lead on Facebook allright so that's gonna help you grow yourbusiness all rightthe ultimate guide to Instagrammarketing you guys Instagram is hot it'sstill growing it's one of the fastestgrowing social media sites out there andpeople are killing it growing theirbusinesses on Instagram and thistraining is going to teach you guysfurther how to do that all rightkeyword research how to get free leadsfrom Google I think it goes withoutsaying that Google still to this day isthe number one way to drive traffic ifyou can manage to do it and I'm gonnagive you a training here and by the wayall of these trainings are in-depthtrainingsthat will teach that's why these are allvalued at hundreds if not thousands ofdollars as I'm adding more you guys andyou're getting it for free all right andthen video marketing YouTube leadgeneration all right this goes intodetail about how YouTube works and letme just talk about YouTube real quickyou guys YouTube I'm telling you rightnow you're probably watching this videoon YouTube right now YouTube's one ofthe most powerful things ever alrightand to get a free training I mean takeadvantage of it because I'm telling youright now I have grown my businesstremendously with YouTube and it worksit's something that I absolutelyrecommend that you guys get in in andstart rockin with so these are mybonuses for you guys when you go downand click the link in the descriptionlike I said I will know that you clickthat link there and once you go throughthe steps you simply contact me you canmaybe even actually don't message me onFacebook you can it may not work I get alot of messages and a lot of peopleadding me as a friend if you do add meas a friend on Facebook just shoot me amessage tell me who you are where youcame from and that way I'll know becauseI get a lot of friend requests you guysevery day because I'm so popular no I'mjust kidding it's because because I'm amarketer so I have people friendrequesting me all the time so if youreally do want to connect with me onFacebook shoot me a message shoot me amessage saying hey I saw you on thisvideo or I'm connected on your team Iwas looking for the bonuses or whateverit may be you guys and I will connectwith you there but with that being saidI hope you make this decision first ofall this is not a job this is not a jobthat you're gonna be starting alrightthis is a business opportunity as anentrepreneur that's what this is andeven beginners if you're looking at thisand you're on the fence and you're abeginner I'm telling you like I saidI've joined so many differentopportunities out there and this is oneof the most lucrative take you by thehand type of programs out there not onlywhere you get the best training I'mtelling you right now I've onlyscratched a surfaceof checking out the training that's inhere and it is the best quality trainingto grow a business in marketing outthere and on the backside it's evenbetter because it's a businessopportunity that can change your lifeand I believe that wholeheartedly so youguys that is my review for this I mean Ihave nothing bad to say about thisprogram because I see the opportunity init all rightand I know the potential to to make alot of money with this but not only makea lot of money but impact many people'slives and I think that's what this isall about is making an income and makingan impact alright so you guys I hope tosee you on my team go ahead click thelink below and I will see you guys onthe inside bye for now

Join Legendary Marketer Here: www.viewthiscrazyvideo.org

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If you’re looking for a Legendary Marketer review because you’re thinking about joining the system, than watch this video.

First off, this business system is based around high ticket affiliate marketing.

This is a way to earn big commission online.

Unlike most affiliate marketing, high ticket affiliate marketing can change your life a lot faster, because of how big the commissions are.

So, instead of earning $500 dollars for selling 5 $100 products, you earn amounts like $5,000 for selling 5 $1,000 products.

In this video I go into detail about what Legendary Marketer is all about and what I personally like about it.

I also go over some bonuses I will give you if you sign up here through this video.

I also show you what the products are inside the system and I go over the compensation plan so you understand how much money you can make with the system.


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      All the best,


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