Legendary Marketer Review | Why I’m Using Legendary Marketer In 2018

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In this video I share my Legendary Marketer Review. It’s not about income claims or proof but rather HOW you can use this system to truly teach you how to build an online business the right way from start to finish.

Whether you are a total newbie or a more experienced online marketer, The Legendary Marketer System can help you build your online business massively.

David Sharpe has really put together an all around great online business education system with a built in digital franchise so anyone can get started and earn as they learn, much like with a traditional style franchise but without the millions of dollars it takes to start a traditional franchise.

As a busy wife and mom I’ve learned how to build an online that has kept me boss free for almost 8 years now. I love to guide others who want to accomplish the same thing.

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48 Thoughts to “Legendary Marketer Review | Why I’m Using Legendary Marketer In 2018”

  1. Jeff Gnagy

    Great video Steph! Spot on….

  2. aina segun

    Hello…thanks for the information. I live in United Kingdom pls how can I register?

  3. Mona Lisa Mendiola

    Steph, You are truly amazing and authentic on this video. I love listening to you

  4. Leah Riley

    So true… LOL need a different mindset to win!!! Great job

  5. Jahkeem Hazel

    Hey can I contact you for more information about this business please

  6. Elevated Business 101

    Thanks for sharing! I ❤ Legendary! 😊😉

  7. MelJay77

    What does Legendary marketer actually market? for example if i was a customer of their marketing what would i be able to buy?

    1. dimetri watt

      MelJay77 it’s a digital online courses geared towards teaching you how to market.

  8. Anthony Harrison

    Hello Steph, great video. I’m just starting Legendary Marketer and I am enjoying the journey. My main objective is to get to the point to help others. By mastering the training I obtain from Legendary Marketer I feel I will succeed. I’ll be following you and may be asking questions. Thanks.

  9. TheWhadafuk

    What do you actually sell

  10. B Sims

    Steph, Great Video! Can you please tell me what microphone & camera system you are using, your sound system & video is so clear and Awesome. Thanks

  11. Shantavia Wadsworth

    I’m a single mom of 4 I can use the extra money

    1. dimetri watt

      Claudia Miranda i did and trust me it does work

    2. Claudia Miranda

      Shantavia Wadsworth did you start this? Does it work?

  12. Brian Roberts

    Great video thank you for sharing this information with us Queen!!! I appreciate you for taking the time to enlighten us on some of the behind the scenes of what takes place in the LM platform.

  13. Shantavia Wadsworth

    Can u help me get started please I’m a single mom of 4

    1. Steph Perez

      How can I help you? Doesn’t matter whether you are single, married, with or without kids. I can help anyone who is ready.

  14. Dennis Elie

    Listen to that bitch & her bullshit. She gets paid if you join!~!!!

    1. Steph Perez

      Dennis Elie Question? Isn’t that what affiliate marketing is about? Getting paid when you refer someone to something? What makes me a bitch? I sincerely want to know because I am always looking to get better. Thanks for any feedback you can offer as I am sure you are a top producer yourself.

  15. Diontae Daughtry

    Thank you this was very helpful and informative 👍👍

  16. Differ Ability

    What are you actually doing for legendary marketer, just selling their merchandise or selling and learning their technique to market your own business

  17. feliciamk10

    I’m interested, but would I have to do You Tube videos, or is it harder to do marketing without doing the videos?

  18. Shay Koen

    heyy how do i get in contact with you

  19. Carine Jou Zanfack

    do you still work as a nurse?

    1. Steph Perez

      No…I was able to walk away over 7 years ago thanks to internet marketing 😉

  20. Sonya

    I love how you emphasized on working on mind set as I have been trying to change my mindset and try online soon. Definitely want to improve mentally, and financially welcoming for an introvert.

  21. Heavenly Miah

    Oh wow, I’m a nurse as well and just signed up for LM.

  22. Darien Fowler

    It’s so true that the mindset of a worker is different than the mindset of a business owner.

  23. Ocean Breeze

    Thank you for explaining it so well

    1. jonathan terman

      Its a review, at least that is what the title says. She was very vague about explaining what it was. Yes, I am slow…… while fucking your mother.

    2. dimetri watt

      You’re slow that’s why you don’t get it.

    3. jonathan terman

      She did not explain crap, what are you talking about.

  24. Mario Kinnon

    Hey how you doing I just started yesterday I doing my training on level 2

    1. Amanda

      Excellent! I’ve just gotten started on this one last week and I’m still on training. I’m waiting on my coach to call me so that I am willing to launch off to get started on my business.

    2. Leon Mozie

      What type of product do you sell for Legendary Marketer?

    3. Steph Perez

      Doing great! Congrats on getting started! It’s what you decide to make it!

  25. Ameena Lowery

    Hey Steph, thanks for your video, you got my attention, when you said ‘ as a nurse’, which is who i am at the moment, was wondering if you could connect w me pls,…

    1. Rosie Mclaurin

      R you willing to train me?

    2. Rosie Mclaurin

      Are you really serious….. wow!!! If I can make 100 dollar a week will be marvelous!!!! But it is hard to believe, I guess I got to hav proof

    3. Steph Perez

      Ameena Lowery you can send me a fb message or an email and let me know how I can help.

  26. Lakitty Williams

    I just joined legendary marketer

    1. dimetri watt

      +Lakitty Williams Take some blame! Stop making excuses, it’s okay to stop but stop talking nonsense. There is always Organic traffic, didn’t you see those courses in the marketers club? Or you were just lazy.

    2. Lakitty Williams

      Its better to have your own products made and promote your own products and sell your products yourself with these programs you will make money by getting other people to join.

    3. Lakitty Williams

      Venessa Gantt. Honestly i dropped because they dont tell you that you will have to put a lot of money into the ads and to me thats not making money you will be spending way more.

    4. Venessa Gantt

      Urgent!!!!!!!! Honestly have you made any money yet?????

    5. Lakitty Williams

      goingstrong23 hey it’s going great you will get your own one on one caoch that will guide you I’m still going through training.

  27. Quinny QuinnTV

    Nice Video, Steph!!!

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