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My Honest Legendary Marketer Review – First 3 Weeks

Join Legendary Marketer

My Honest Legendary Marketer Review. Listen to my first 3 weeks and see PROOF with the platform. Is it a scam? Watch this video to find out if this system is worth your time.

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This video is for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas mentioned in this video. This is not financial advice. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in this video will require hard-work, experience, and knowledge. We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this video is accurate, but we cannot represent that the website(s) mentioned in this video are free from errors. You expressly agree not to rely upon any information contained in this video.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I won’t put anything here that I haven’t verified and/or personally used myself.

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96 Thoughts to “My Honest Legendary Marketer Review – First 3 Weeks”

  1. Moses Sb Zinazie

    I paid $30 for the training but have gotten the training yet

  2. Scott Rudy

    I have gone through all 15 days of the course. Now I’m not saying that it’s a bad course but, it’s not a complete course for beginners. They leave out a lot, they tell you how to do things but they don’t show you how to do them. I struggled all day yesterday trying to setup a Facebook business page. I had to go through 5 different YouTube tutorials before I found one that actually helped me get it setup. Then I tried to setup a Instagram business page and had the same problem. I got one setup but couldn’t link it to my Facebook page.

  3. Cameron Cook

    Were you aware, that Legendary Marketer is simply an Empower Network rebrand run by the same co-founder David Sharpe, well it is. Simply search for Empower Network on YouTube and you will quickly discover that Legendary Marketer is an Empower Network relaunched under a different trade name. Now the reason why they have relaunched under a different banner is because of the bad press Empower Network obtained through ripping people off. You see, this so-called business is not selling a product as such, but more about a set of highly priced tools on how to find others to repeat the same BS process on. In short, you sign up and pay $2,500 dollars to learn his process on how to get people to jump in a buy his very expensive marketing toolbox. Your see David Sharpe will then waffle on about how he was skint, working all hours, and thus decided to start Legendary Marketer, the same as he did with Empower Network ( No Difference There ) What I am trying to say here people, is that once Legendary Marketer has run it course and ripped enough people off, he will dispose of the name in a local dumpster and start afresh under a different trade name once again, leaving those who are involved in a dingy to fend for themselves. However, if your lucky and your marketing platform is doing well enough when this flog it and leg it happens, you may get the opportunity to jump on board with his new venture. Remember, you’re not selling a physical product here, but more of a set of highly prices training tools on how to find people on which you can repeat the same BS process – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

  4. Mhm Abed

    Is it for us citizens only ?


      No. It’s worldwide..Anyone can do it

  5. Syed Haseeb

    Thank you so very much sir for those advices and reviews

  6. Manuel Lozano

    Well Im gonna sign in with this, I will appreciate if we can talk before I pay the membership!

  7. Cody SwiftCaster

    I really want to start legendary marketer but i dont know how long it will take for me to even make that. im completely a noob. so will i have to buy trafficing to get money????

  8. Scott Rudy

    I just joined Legendary Marketer and I’m very excited.

    1. Syed Haseeb

      Will it be okay? And the second question of mine is that How much you have earned in how much days?


      +Syed Haseeb To sign up Legendary Marketer, use details of your mother/brother/father etc. 👍

    3. Syed Haseeb

      Beacause I am under 18.what can I do?


      +Syed Haseeb why??☺️

    5. Syed Haseeb

      Thats cool! But I am bit scared about it!

  9. Art Maknev

    Reminds me of Bitconnect youtube frenzy

  10. Dani

    Be more transparent and break down the cost what you invested with Facebook Ad as well and on top of that allready you had a ton of 2 main free traffic from your YouTube subscribers and imail list wich is big advantage.

  11. Sabj Oeis

    They are scammer.

    1. Lady D

      where did you hear that?

  12. Phillip Andrews

    Big Mark,

    I have no branding, no design, no page, no funnel, I am a novice. If I were to spend $2500 to join the Legendary Marketer in your experience how much over and beyond would I have to spend? Are the coachers gonna try to upsell me or instruct me how to be successful?

    Please advise.



  13. Rauf Abasquliyev

    What do they actually sell?

    1. InfluencerTV

      Rauf, They are selling courses and masterminds. They have great content inside 🙂

  14. Prince Lucky Baisa

    Thanks Mark for the info of this site im willing to join for my family and for my future thank man really help build up my confidence

    1. InfluencerTV

      You should join at least to try what is inside 🙂 i checked the 15 days challenge, it is great value inside 🙂

  15. Revanth R

    How can we earn commission? Is that only way to make other people signing by our link or some other ways is there to get commission please explain??

  16. J. L

    30$ to invest in a business setup training program. I guess it worth it even if i didn’t earn anything.

  17. JIJAKS 2017

    Sir gud day i just signed up on LM.
    why is it the LAST 30 DAYS INCOME
    is the same on the LAST 365 DAYS? . thank you and more power.

  18. AnaMaria Morosanu

    bollocks !!!!!!!!!!

  19. Michelle Sutton

    Thanks for your review. In order to direct people to the funnel do you have to have a you tube channel? and market it the way you have?

    1. Rusty Shackleford

      That is EXACTLY what they told me – even as I was spending $1,000 on their useless Co-op advertising!!

    2. Thomas.B

      I have the exact same question.

  20. 74Rockhard

    how much do you have to invest to get started and actually make money? Seen’s how you are trying do be honest with us. could you make money starting with a hundred bucks or do you have to pay $2500 USD to make money? They are asking $30 USD per month, But I have to pay in CAD witch is around $39 to $40 per month for Canadians. I tried to facebook people who are promoting this company and no one responds to their facebook e-mails To answer questions. Hope you can help me.


      ask me what you wanna know

  21. johnb382s

    So this is pretty much a pyramid scheme by selling signups for Legendary.. no thanks ✌️

  22. Jim Duval

    What are the future up charges beyond 30$. Most companies will not cover future charges such as coaching. The hit you with that with a strong fear lost conversation. Not that I wont do it, I just like total transparency. What else you are not telling me up front?

    1. I Am Rich I Am Love

      I tried it, he made $2,000 in one day because it will cost you $2,500 when you finish the 15 steps and want to continue with them. You get 50% commission so 2 people paid $2,500 under him so he got $2,000 in one day.

  23. M.A.S

    Do you really have to make a bunch of YouTube videos in order to attract traffic?

  24. Katherine Policy

    Which program did you buy to be getting results like that?

  25. Angela Tan

    Whats the other option? cos i dont have credit card. i really want to join.


      no option..only debit/credit card allowed

  26. Wanjiku Shon

    Legendary Marketer has so much good reviews. Thank you Mark for building even more confidence in me. I have it in my mind.

  27. chris quanta

    Unfortunately affiliate marketing training program is not free!!!! you need to invest money first!

    1. Ryan Douglas

      @chris quanta you have invest Money in any business to give it life, so what makes this product any different? Buying a software for your business is the same thing!

    2. chris quanta

      interesting! so why people reviewed this website so many times and mentioned that full training program on the website cost real money???

  28. Bridget Zoe

    wait did you pay the 2500 dollars ??

  29. Kingzoo Ant

    Can you do this on your phone and is it worth it to do it on your phone, cuz I want to join badly. How much the training lastly

  30. Maggie Rose

    I have no expirence with AM I tried but never got anything out of it and have no clue how to get traffic is this good for beginners? And do I have to upgrade to the 2,500 I cant afford that and thats why Im afraid to join

    1. Hick765

      Hey man just listen to me i want to make this very clearly that you don’t need 2,500$ to start with you just need 30$ plan to kick started after making some commission with 30$ plan you can then jump to higher level ..
      and about traffic ,Man they teaches you every thing you need to know about traffic FREE or PAID.. Thanks

    2. Josephine Jacobs

      Maggie Rose exact same questions here

  31. Angie Villarreal

    So I saw a video about this business and I just want to know do I have to pay a one time fee of $30 Or is it monthly?


      +Tamil Nanba would you recommend ?

    2. Tamil Nanba

      It’s only for monthly subscription

  32. Mosque 2.0

    How u get those results.. how did u get traffic.. did u used udimi?

  33. Mark Biggin

    Thanks for getting back to me – Back to square one . Happy Thanksgiving to & yours ( we had ours a month ago ) PS – Capon or Duck is also nice . Enjoy !

  34. Omar Valero González

    Would you recommend this program for a beginner? Do you know if is worldwide or just US?

    1. BIG MARK

      The education that you receive inside the platform is perfect for a beginner, yes. Yes, it’s worldwide.

  35. Jason Walter

    Great video Mark! Just an FYI: your Capture Page Builder link doesn’t work. Are the opt-in and landing pages (the sales funnel) not included in the basic LM subscription?

    1. Jason Walter

      BIG MARK you bet!

    2. BIG MARK

      Thanks Jason, the Page builder company is having a tech issue with ClickBank so I removed it temporarily.

  36. Julian Zacharias

    Mark just wondering why you did not show the date section of your earnings break down

    1. BIG MARK

      the blurred area? This was to hide customer information.

  37. Wozabi

    so we’ll have to wait for our coach to call first or can we call our coach anytime we want?

    1. BIG MARK

      You can make an appointment anytime 👍

  38. Susan Ray

    How big is your email list that you used? Did you opt in to their traffic source also?

    1. BIG MARK

      My list is 10k and I have not used their sources, but they guarantee signups if you do use them.

  39. Roxum Games

    Think I will give this a look

  40. Stylishshoppy Stylishshoppy

    Hi big bro… How much time you took to complete total 15 steps training

    1. BIG MARK

      About a week.

  41. Kirima Hudson

    thanks mark

  42. StephenKCulver

    Signed up last night and waiting for my first coaching call later this week.

    1. Nykeria walker

      Did it work

    2. johnb382s

      StephenKCulver So did it work?

  43. Gepaul Foster

    I heard that the subscription fees increases very significantly overtime

    1. Julian Zacharias

      +BIG MARK what about upsells?

    2. BIG MARK

      That’s incorrect. They stay the same overtime.


    hello mark have u actually done withdrawal please explain and show it to get more trust I know this product but was skeptical until now after watching your video I might try but anly after i know from u regarding withdrawal

    1. BIG MARK

      ok thanks for the suggestion 👍


    how r u getting money in your accout ?? can u get withdrawal to Paypal?? or to tour bank account??

    1. BIG MARK

      Yes, PayPal, bank account, check etc.

  46. Brittany Choyce

    Can you do this from a phone or tablet or pc only? Thank you

    1. Gepaul Foster

      You can also set your mobile browser to desktop view

    2. BIG MARK

      You can do some work your phone but I would recommend having a PC or laptop to run your business.

  47. Mark Biggin

    Heavy Duty Mark ! Another Hat Trick Indeed ! I have been trying to join for awhile now , but THEY WON’T ACCEPT ( AM ) my Canadian Credit Card . So until they take PayPal as a payment option , I don’t know what to do ? I’ve mentioned this to you as well , maybe U can have a words with them ? I would already be a member , if it were not for this very Big oversight . PS – Free what I understand , about the program – I think it would be an Awesome fit !

    1. BIG MARK

      Hi Mark. Yes, you’ll want a major credit card to get started 👍

  48. Laura Gomez

    Hi Mark! After you sign up do you need to add more money on top?

    1. Thomas.B

      +Cody SwiftCaster I wonder the exact same thing.

    2. Cody SwiftCaster

      +BIG MARK did you upgrade or did you stay with the basic to prove to us how much you can make?? most testers just buy the full version then flex about it…… Question is in this video is this the result of 30 dollars per month plan or did yu upgrade to the 250 plan?

    3. Laura Gomez

      +BIG MARK oh yeah! That is good Mark! Is $30 a monthly fee or 1 time?

    4. BIG MARK

      +Laura Gomez It would depend on your efforts. I can easily make $100 to $200 per day with the basic level… but those are my results.

    5. Laura Gomez

      +BIG MARK That is great news!! How much can you make on average at básic Level?

  49. Rikin P

    Hey Mark, is this free?

    1. BIG MARK

      There’s a small fee to join.

  50. Ezra Slayton

    I was in a few months back, but my coach was difficult to stay in contact with, likely because I live in China. So I grew impatient and cancelled the monthly subscription. You really have me reconsidering it. Cheers.

    1. inpire lives

      Hi Ezra,, you are my sponsor in EEC, I want to understand why you are looking for other opportunity. Mark you also were doing EEC what happened???

    2. BIG MARK

      Hey Ezra, ya that’s quite odd. Everyone I talked to has had a really good experience. Such a lucrative platform. Hope you reconsider 👍

  51. nasiru Adebare

    boss i think am gonna try this

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