Is Ujamaa/Susu A Scam? The Truth Speaks!

Many people may call ujamaa a scam because they don’t understand it, have not tried it, or looking at it in the wrong way or they just think everything is a scam because it’s just too good to be true without even trying it. I can honestly say it is not a scam! I learned about this through one of my friends and found out later that my younger sister had joined and also a few churches and business owners. Sometimes groups do this to raise money for a business or large purchases Ujamaa is simply building wealth within your community by gifting others and recycling the cash flow to stay in your community. It gives families the chance to be financially free. Anyway I joined two months ago by an invite I was skeptical at first too but after reading up on it I decided to go for it plus my friend had already shown me proof that he got paid. I had to gift 500 bucks to someone I didn’t know which was called my water then I had to find two like-minded people to do the same and I did that in one-day .the next week those two had to find two people so the third week there is now four people and they had to find their 2 by the fourth week there were 8 people ready to give their gift to me the water of 500 bucks a piece equaling 4000 bucks Most people I did not know. A week later I gifted my 500 back to the original water that I gifted the first time and waited four weeks and those same fires gifted me again. I feel like the process is nerve-racking at the beginning trying to find two like-minded people but it wasn’t that bad at all … it’s legal because u can get gifted a certain amount of money per year without having to claim taxes at lease that’s what the IRS site says. So no it’s not a scam guys I can testify to that! The website is below [Ujamaa]( I learned not to explain anything to close-minded people because they will never get it and will stay broke … period . .. my suggestion is if you join and start asking people and they are negative or don’t have any money move on to the next and ask people that are trying to do better for themselves because scared money doesn’t make money! —



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257 Thoughts to “Is Ujamaa/Susu A Scam? The Truth Speaks!”

  1. Nolizwi Cele

    That’s me!!! I’m a millionaire, jus waiting on the cash to confirm it. ???

  2. Patrice Jacques

    I joined my community last week!

  3. Smith Jones

    Imagine a modern-day Black Wall Street, only this time we can shoot back!

  4. Jessica Ashley

    You explained this very well. I am thinking of joining one


    Hello, this is a wonderful opportunity. If you would like to take advantage of this with an invitation, I would be more than happy to assist and get you started. I can be reached at

  6. Don Parish

    Based on IRS gifting laws they are legal. As long as you stay within the limits.

    But we need to pull our resources together and it builds trust if they are done with good intent.

  7. M A

    I’m looking for two individuals who would be interested in a legit group who actually can back there word up

    1. Tay Baby

      Me to ♥️

  8. Ellen Grimes

    How do I find out about the school


    Why would I give my money to other people. As far as I know if you put 400 a month in for 12 months you only get back 4000.00 the dealer gets 800…hmm sounds like people getting taken advantage of. We should learn to take care of ourselves. My Fiancée is Haitian and I told our family will not participate in bull like this

  10. 52 Blocks Network

    The investment is in each other

  11. P Funder

    So proud of you !!!

  12. Kanitha Elam

    The Sou Sou I’m in you contribute 500 in four weeks you get 4K back and of that 4K you reinvest 500 taking home 3500. Each Month Yeap each month!!!!! If anybody wants in message me!!! It’s a real blessing

  13. Tay234

    I still don’t understand how u make money from it if you’re only getting what you put in. If you put in $100 and there’s 10 people and a payout every week, it takes 10 weeks to see any money and by the 9th week you’d be -$900. Week 10 and you’re back to square 1

    1. the susu or ujamaa is 500 in 4 weeks you get 4000 you can get a better explanation on they also give you people if you cant build your flower in time.

  14. Stafan Lumpkin

    Never heard of it

  15. Laurencia Jeremiah

    Most of black people didnt grew up like White people .When our parents die they dont have millions of money for us to inherit to help you buld wealth .Sou sou is our good source to build wealth and break curses.No loan discrimination ,No interest no Control

    1. yep because blacks dont like to share but that curse is about to be broken

  16. LaRica Grant

    Love group economics

  17. Shan Redmond

    I’m in a awesome organize SouSou about Building wealth in the black/brown community. We have a zoom call today 2p central 3p eastern. Comment if you want the zoom link.
    Blessings to you all!

  18. Adaiyah-Zerah Baht Yahudah

    Is there away to check the existing of a said group? A way to see if it’s a valid group before you trust and invest?

    1. Shan Redmond

      Yes you can if you know someone in one to invite you in.

  19. Alana McFarland

    He should have titled this video differently. There’s a double negative and a positive. People naturally gravitate towards the negative.

  20. J Turner

    If you can only have 15-16 people in the flower, how does it ends at that number if that person and the next person have to continue to get two people?

    1. Kristina M

      because its a scam

  21. Easter Haney-JONES


  22. Tea Mac Bee

    Wow, live what you are doing! I feel you!

  23. m sway

    this thing was going on in Atlanta back in like 1995, a lot of people got paid and a lot of people got Burrrrrrned. There were Church, Social, Community, Groups all doing it and each one had an several incidents of the Head just taking the money and just disappearing. About 10 Brothas we would Put $200 each in a account each month and would pick a Black Business to go to and Spend that money every month every dime of it.

  24. Cassiopeia Walker

    I want to do this, but I need two people to lock in with me.

    1. Shan Redmond

      Fred Parker work together!

    2. Shan Redmond

      Fred Parker help them find the people.

    3. Fred Parker

      That’s the hard thing cause I’m in but my two ppl two ppl have not found two ppl

  25. LoveYourself 1st

    Currently involved in three different groups if anyone wants to join. Paying off my new car by the end of the year already claiming it!

    1. Truth_seeker

      I’m interested, hook it up

    2. Alycia Fuller


    3. Dewan M

      Annie Potts I’m also apart of two groups you can contact me also if you like….if not good luck to everyone…

    4. Annie Potts

      PM me intrested in joining.

  26. Ta Nika Sanders

    I recently joined a family and friends gifting circle for $25. My thoughts were $25 is a drop in the bucket to gain $200. So far it’s really moving fast and I have no regrets.

  27. It’s me

    I would love to do this but I can’t get any of my family nor friends to back me up with it. Everyone thinks it’s a scam

    1. It’s me

      SoDumbWhoSane Same thing I’ve been saying to all the naysayers

    2. SoDumbWhoSane

      Its sad black people won’t invest in themselves but spend money on bs.

    3. Adaiyah-Zerah Baht Yahudah

      Yeah, I have the same issue.

  28. Hirin hodges

    You explained this all wrong.

  29. ladyrob4110

    He’s talking a tad bit too fast for me.

    1. Siphiwe Mabuya

      Slow it down.

  30. WenNRome

    Who wants to join mine, let me know ASAP! ?

  31. PoloSXM

    Has anyone done recycling in a sou sou? Does that work? Which means as you get paid you enter in the fire position again to help them.

    1. Shan Redmond

      I’m in one now and I plan to regift again

    2. Kanitha Elam

      I’m in one now

  32. Latricia Ward

    Can I start a sou-sou Community as the water and convince others to become fires under me?

    1. Shan Redmond

      Do it with people you trust, people who trust you not gonna run off and not help the others and repeat so others can have their payout.

  33. EBÉ tv

    This has been going on for thousands of years. I see some people in the comment saying it’s not « legal ». Why do Americans always wanna complicate everything?

    1. EBÉ tv

      Mahoganyv’s Beauty Cosmetics MBCosmeticsstores since I was 10. I didn’t grow up in the States. This is what happens when Americans choose to remain close minded. « Anything outside of this small USA has to be illegal ??? »

    2. Desnes7

      Because they don’t wanna get locked up. Sam don’t play with our asses.

    3. E. Elsworth

      LaRica Grant, I’m surprised that so many of you watch Boyce Watkins and still have zero understanding of the fundamentals of business and economics. A ponzie scheme is a simple concept that the average middle school student can understand. It’s not illegal because random persons on the internet say so…it’s illegal because it’s against the law.

    4. Mahoganyv's Beauty Cosmetics MBCosmeticsstores

      Have you done it

    5. LaRica Grant

      Because they’ve watched one of these millennial kids do video with NO POINT OF REFERENCE talking about it’s a ponzie or pyramid scheme and it’s illegal. Just know who your investing your money with is all.

  34. Vicki

    What I have seen the investment sousou to be is people investing in people. There is no Robinhood, forex, T. Rowe price type of investment that will offer the return this does. Other nationalities(Cuban, Africans, Chinese, Koreans) have been doing it forever because they did not trust American banking systems. They pool their money together to help each other
    grow their business, increase their education and bring their people here. I wish we weren’t trained to mistrust each other so much, we (as a culture) would be so independent?

    1. Shaimynn Brown

      @vicki I was invited to one today

    2. Shan Redmond

      You are so right! Our mindset is just looking at you getting to your payout but you have to be discipline do work to get it. Work together so we all can eat!

  35. Steve Chase

    If I can get into a closed group, it might be great idea.

  36. Stephanie Cameron

    This is an amazing tool for like minded people I have been able to increase my families income each month by 10k. I would not listen to people who have not experienced or been a part of a sou sou. Brain washing is real

    1. Kristina M

      i tried it, was in one had my two people and lost out.. so i feel its a ponzi scheme


      Yeah I’m in one as well 5 in 4G out

    3. BriskNasty

      Empress and Emperor Peterson I am in one . Pay $500 find 2 people and you get $4000

    4. Empress and Emperor Peterson

      Are you actively in one now? Inbox me on FB please.

  37. SIMONE

    It’s big in my Jamaican culture. I’ve been a part of one with members of my family and community for 20 years now.

    1. Timothy Hunt

      please explain

  38. Jireh

    I am having difficulty understanding how the modern sou sou is a scam/pyramid. I always understood a pyramid scheme as in a group/organization people trying to reach the top for big cash out yet only a handful actually do reach the top. Where in the modern sou sou if you don’t bring in two people you get your money back and everyone who are secure in the flower gets to the top or enters the water for their payday. Plus, the flower has now split into its own small group to regifting. If I’m wrong please let me know.
    What’s really sad is that the black race is the only race I know who are so skeptical to come together. If we can get past our slave mindset. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to go there but can someone please educate me to understand the scam or pyramid with the modern sou sou.

  39. David Stephens

    I didn’t want to watch this because I thought he would tear it down. This is great!

  40. Eimpress Mie

    ??Id like to ask everyone *why does it matter what its called?* How did labels become more important than the result?!? Are we not all trying to build wealth? whats the problem with investing $500 to make $3,500 via a lending circle?
    By definition *an investment* is the action or process of investing money for profit or material result. this is an investment.✔

    *The Bottom Line. The IRS allows every taxpayer to gift up to $15,000 to an individual recipient in one year.* There is no limit to the number of recipients you can give a gift to. *So how is this illegal? Ive made $15000 from a sousou so how is it a scam?!!*
    Im not here to convince yall, its been working for me. As they say you can lead a horse to water but….anywho for those that would like to join a group of *7,000* professionals contact me We don’t partake in any of the foolishness youve read on facebook, scams youve heard about nor do we have flakey people in our community.

  41. Terrance Thomas

    I’m currently seeking people for mine and anybody who is willing to pay 500 to receive 4,000 hit me up

  42. Sarah Peebles

    If you have a family sharing group how do you stop with bringing in new members and still have they system work?

    1. Artis Young

      Sarah, I am in the process of trying to figure this out. You will have to recycle your family members, meaning they would have act as new members each week depending on how your su-su is operating. So now I’m playing with the idea of 64 different family members and mapping out how they can continuously be recycled every 4 weeks.

  43. mark Morrison

    It works, it’s legal. I’ve been in one for 4 months.

    1. Pamela Bowden Smith
  44. samone121112

    The new age sou sou that they are talking about is a scam its not the traditional sou sou and does not work the same the one you are describing is traditional the new age one does not work the same and you have to recruit members

  45. George Hunt

    Im doing one right now. I have a zoom call if you want a invite.

    1. Shan Redmond

      Fred Parker you have to wait periodt. It don’t always move quick. You can be proactive t help them so you can get your payout. The community I’m with we work together. Your mindset can’t just be about your big payout be happy for everyone involved in your community.

    2. Fred Parker

      What happens if you reach water but your two ppl two ppl struggle to bring in fires so you can get a payout?

    3. LoveYourself 1st

      IamDjChosen I can invite others as well I am involved in three groups

    4. IamDjChosen

      I wanna be invited

  46. Im Not a Star

    Is this a pyramid scheme like wakeup now??

  47. Im So Focused

    I was just thinking about joining a sou sou. It’s been on my mind for a few weeks and now this pops up.

    1. Shan Redmond

      You are welcome to listen to my community I’m involved in, the zoom call is today 3p eastern time.

  48. SissyBlackWidowSpider

    Sir what about the ones called blessings were you add 2 peoples when U come in? I heard it is not legal

    1. Kristina M

      its not legal

    2. Shan Redmond

      Just Call Me Mister it’s says investment your giving a “gift” in respect you will get a “gift” in return.
      You should get involved in it with like minded people you trust. If you going against the grain it will never work.

    3. E. Elsworth

      Just Call Me Mister, good resources —thanks. Unfortunately we all need to get rich overnight so this probably won’t change too many minds.

    4. Just Call Me Mister

      @twerkingwithdastarz The FTC and Attorney General.

    5. twerkingwithdastarz

      who said it’s not legal?

  49. Antione Pyrtle

    Ok so I have a question? Can i invest $500 on week 1 and become a fire?

    Then i invest $500 more dollars plus find one person(A) with $500. As my two fires coming behind me.

    Then I found 2 people for my second investment of $500 and they have there 2 people.

    The other person(A) found his two people. And etc. Does this work?

    1. Antione Pyrtle

      Mawnee 3000 what flower are you in ?

    2. Mawnee 3000

      Hi There! Have you been invited to a flower? I came in twice on my flower and it’s working quite well ?

  50. Vernes Junk Closet

    Hello OMG that sounds like an awesome idea if the sou sou could help someone out of a jam with the extra money. Love ~ Light

    1. netta nelson

      I’m in one now and as long as “you” can trust the people you are in it with to keep going then it’s definitely a benefit to help you save our reach a particular goal

  51. Daniel Trammell

    My group you put in $100 one time and get two people. Need 15 serious people!

  52. Cristina Hernandez

    Is this school open to latinos?

  53. dejohnny2

    Jamaicans call it a partner (pardener), and it’s used as a compulsory savings mechanism. The individual managing it is usually very strict and expects the others who are participating to be able and willing to deposit their money every week.

  54. Charlene Walker

    yes doing it now

  55. BusinessLawPole

    Accountability is everything!

  56. Noni Naturals

    The rule is you can receive your initial $500 refunded if you cannot get 2 ppl but the water position will help find the 2 ppl so it can continue

    1. Araxie Entertainment

      THAT is what makes it work…

  57. ron whiteleo

    Sou Sou are STUPID!! same as old school investment clubs.. with index funds being ZERO, there is NO need for this type of non-sense..

  58. Jack park

    It would better to invest in bond and dividend stocks rather than wait around for a lump sum payment. You’re just wasting cash every week essentially. The investments in stocks and bonds won’t be flashy or even noticeable until years down the line, but they will get you far more in return than what is essentially pyramid scheme.

  59. Lyndell Moore

    Sou, Sou is a scam-ask yourself who gets the first payment and why?

    If you don’t recruit 15 people (not 2) you lose what you put in.

    Anyone who does the numbers knows it’s a total scam, it’s mathematically impossible to get paid out without recruiting at least 15 people, and Sou Sou is illegal in most states under anti-pyramid laws.

    1. Robert H

      Lyndell Moore Of course, you’re 100% correct but I would like to encourage you to avoid using the terminology of the scammers by calling what they’re doing a SuSu. They’re using that term because they know people aren’t hesitant about SuSu. They are legal. It’s a very clever misleading tactic these professional con artists are employing to suck victims in.

    2. 7caramel14

      You’re confusing the traditional Sou Sou with what the scammers are promoting today. It’s either called a flower bloom or diamond…not a traditional Sou Sou…Sou Sou’s are legit!

    3. Quick Thinking

      You get two then those two get two each…at some point I think 30 people it splits and closes off so the money recycles and pretty much becomes a traditional Susu but don’t let facts get 8n the way of your opinion. It’s funny how folks always talk about “the system” yet when a different way is shown your start speaking the “system’s” language lol but hey you don’t have to join one.

  60. TJC2 Cooper

    Man I told you there would be more police brutality and things like this would happen and you blocked me!?!? That was about a year ago and now here we are! Unblock me!!!!

  61. Robert H

    Thank you for this video! Could you share a little about the difference between the SuSu and blessing looms. So many people are confused, believing they are the same. Thank you.

    1. Christie Carter

      Robert H thanks for stating it’s illegal. I just learned about the “modern susu” last night and have been doing my own research. I was given information from the IRS about gifting and a very well laid out presentation that specifically said it was legal. After reading your statement I Googled “is gifting legal” and found this info from nc

      “The Law on Pyramid Schemes

      Many companies that operate through network or multi-level marketing are in fact pyramid schemes. Promoters often claim that their program is legal because a product or service is offered. However, under North Carolina law, a pyramid scheme is any plan in which a participant (1) pays money (2) for the chance to receive money (3) upon the introduction of new participants into the program, whether or not a product or service is offered as well. In North Carolina it is a felony to establish or operate a pyramid scheme, and someone who promotes or participates in one can be charged with a misdemeanor.”

    2. Robert H

      Christie Carter I’m sorry that I didn’t see your modern day SuSu definition before I commented on the traditional SuSu first. Once again, you did a great job explaining it. However, my concern is that the so called modern day SuSu or more accurately, pyramid scheme, is illegal in all 50 states and under federal law. So, for me, whether it works or not is beside the point. I’m just not going to willfully break the law, leading others into doing so, while jeopardizing the reputation, integrity, and freedom from prosecution of my family and friends. That’s just me. Everyone is free to make their own choices and take their own risks in life. But you laid it out for everyone to see very well and I appreciate you doing it.

    3. Robert H

      Christie Carter Excellent mini dissertation on the traditional SuSu! Thank you for taking the time to define it for everyone. As I understand what you’ve shared, in a traditional SuSu, you get paid out EXACTLY what you deposited into it. That’s a great way to incentivize each other to save.

      But in these variously labeled pyramids (looms, flowers, gifting clubs), you get paid MORE than you deposit. This leads the intellectually honest observer to ask, why are these pyramid schemers to call the pyramids “modern day” SuSu’s? The ONLY logical conclusion is to mislead, confuse, and conceal the illegal nature of the scam. Based on your correct definition of a SuSu, the looms are clearly not the same as a SuSu.

      As long as the victims, participants, and perpetrators of the illegal pyramids continue to use the terminology of SuSu, people are eventually going to lose money. The participants, who by shear chance get the payout in the pyramid looms, will help persuade later participants to join. The later participants are the ones who’ll be victimized.

      Regardless of the amount that I could pocket in a pyramid scheme, my conscience wouldn’t allow me to override my moral obligation to be a good neighbor and my brother’s keeper.

    4. Christie Carter

      Robert H now for the modern day “susu” it’s not technically a susu. These are referred to as Blessing Looms, Ujamaa cooperative groups, Flowers, etc. The concept is similar to a susu because individuals contribute a set amount of money over a specified amount of time. The difference is that in order for these groups to continue to work, they must continually add more people and break off into more groups. As a member of a group you add 2 people and your people add 2 people and so on. When a group “loom, flower, circle, etc” is complete it consist of 15 people. 8 of those individuals give a specified amount of money to one person. Example: I’m new to a “flower” I give $100 to the same person of my group each month along with 7 other people. So instead of the traditional susu “earning” of $1200 one time within a 12 month period, I would receive $800/month ($9,600 over 12 months). It can definitely work to increase income but it has to continue to grow and break off into more groups to be effective. I think it could only be sustained with people you know and trust and everyone involved would need to continue to contribute. It has some qualities of a scheme, but if individuals have honest intentions and are consistently contributing, then I personally don’t see why the concept would be a bad one. The con is that everyone can not be trusted and in order for it to work it has to continue to grow, increasing the risk of adding individuals who are not trustworthy. Hopefully this adds some clarification. If not there are a lot of videos online (I’m more of a visual learner myself).

    5. Christie Carter

      Robert H a traditional susu or sou-sou is a group of individuals who contribute a set amount of money for a specified amount of time. Example a group of 12 people contribute $100/month. The 12 randomly pick the order for who receives the collected amount 1st, 2nd, and so on. When it is your time to collect, you will receive $100 from each individual within the group ($1200). You can do this on your own (put $100 in your savings account and at the end of 12 months receive $1200) but as mentioned in this video the susu helps with accountability. The idea being you may not have the willpower to do it on your own, but if you have others relying on you, you’re more likely to follow through.

  62. Agboka D5K

    Oh LORD, sou, sou came from Ghana and is practised in the Caribbean nations, and it’s all over here too? wow!!

    1. Aqua Star

      Should it not be? Bad enough this country doesn’t want African American blacks to have anything. Im happy to have come across one

  63. Ronnie Mack

    Excellent job on the video. Thank you for presenting real facts.

  64. Lisa Askew-Kilpatrick

    The Modern-Day SouSou: Community Economics and Financial Growth
    | Carl Joseph-Black | TEDx Flatbush
    61,110 views • Oct 9, 2019

    Gifting is 100% Legal up to $14,000 yearly:

    1. About Form 709, United States Gift (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Return | Internal Revenue Service


    3. Pocket Sense

    You Can Ask Your CPA if you have any more question

  65. Jessie Avraham

    You cannot go online to get into the friends and family gifting circles. You must be invited. You cannot lose your initial investment so it is not a “scheme”. Unfortunately, many are not using the correct language. Friends and family gifting is compared to an esusu (sou sou), but it is not the same as a traditional sou sou.

    1. Nneka Hite

      It’s a pyramid scheme. Sorry. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    2. E. Elsworth

      Vicki, I understand what you are saying regarding trust and the reasons sou sou.. or as I know it “partner” saving groups exist. But there are real legitimate reasons why ponzie schemes are unsustainable and are illegal. And there are real reasons why no business or real investment can give those returns on investment. I just wish ppl could take the emotion out of the discussion and look at the logic of it.

      In a month $500 becomes $4000; that is a 700% increase!. So I ask you this why should I bother to start a business to make 20-50% profits and all the hassle that comes with that when I could theoretically turn $100k into $800k in a month. Then “ reinvest “that $800k (into 8 more “fires” ) to get $800k x 8 = $ 6.4 million the next month—following month 52 million. That just 3 months starting with 100k. . All being created out of thin air. No one would bother to work or start a business because apparently money would just materialize without goods or service being exchanged.

    3. Vicki

      @E. Elsworth What I have seen the investment sousou to be is people investing in people. There is no Robinhood, forex, T. Rowe price type of investment that will offer the return this does. Other nationalities(Cuban, Africans, Chinese, Koreans) have been doing it forever because they did not trust American banking systems. They pool their money together to help each other
      grow their business, increase their education and bring their people here. I wish we weren’t trained to mistrust each other so much, we (as a culture) would be so independent?

    4. Just Call Me Mister

      @Araxie Entertainment What’s the “investment?”

    5. Araxie Entertainment

      @Eimpress Mie exactly! People get salty if they don’t do their part and they don’t understand it and they blame other people. When you do this with ethical people this WORKS…No one loses anything in ours. in fact if we see people that don’t bring people in, we help them for about 2 weeks. if they still don’t produce we will pay them back their investment and replace them with someone else that has people to bring in…

  66. Donny forreal

    I hear people talking about they know people that brought there first house by doing this but no one telling there own success story. I’ll pass sounds fishy to me.

    1. Generia Jarrett

      Brittney Clark can you explain more. Thank you

    2. Ronnie Mack

      @Brittney Clark you are not running a sou-sou. You all have taken a cultural name and turned it into a scam. Stop doing that, it’s disrespectful.

    3. Brittney Clark

      Donny forreal nope it’s real. Some people are doing it all wrong and are in the wrong groups my group is based out of ATL with lawyers, doctors, business owners, young entrepreneurs and we are getting paid.

  67. Tracyne Hines

    First off, Experience is a True teacher Second off you spelled it wrong! Also you CANNOT talk down our ppl for documented info, that you’ were brainwashed to believed that doesn’t work, cause them to be totally LOST like you! Ppl are making gifts and so just keep saving your hundred which is fine! Take care

  68. Solemn Solace

    I’m joining one in two weeks!

  69. MSSKJ Jackson

    How do I join this Sou Sou Dr.Watkins.

    1. Annie Potts

      @EveryDay Beauty by Rah fill me in

    2. Sarah Peebles

      @EveryDay Beauty by Rah do you run a sou sou or a family and friends gifting circle? Like a “flower” or what some calls as “fire, Wind, Earth, Water” where you have to continue to bring in two people?

    3. Aqua Star

      @EveryDay Beauty by Rah I’m interested.

    4. EveryDay Beauty by Rah

      Hi I run a sou sou if your interested I can invite you

    5. Keith Grant

      You have to be invited.

  70. SYK Y

    It works for me. Its a Caribbean thing. People use it to their convenience. I know people who used it for a down payment for a home and to pay off large debts and some as their vacation funds. Its works.

  71. SYK Y

    I have used sou sou for years lol… my sister operates one as you speak

    1. Antonio Sanders

      Hey I’m trying to start one myself

    2. ConstanceCox


  72. Patricia Lewis

    Thank you sharing your knowledge, I’m learning a lot, I was not aware of sou sou

    1. Nikki Ransom

      Are you interested in joining one?

  73. Tamika Thomas

    Thanks for answering my question. I am in a Sou Sou with a group of teachers if anyone wants to join.

    1. Saketra Gregory

      @ Tamia Thomas can you give me some more information on this.

    2. Annie Potts

      I would like more information on joining this group.

    3. Annie Potts

      Tell me more

    4. Tamika Thomas

      Send me your info and I will get in touch with you this week.

    5. Cassie Dolce

      Me add me

  74. Djenaba Gregory-Faal

    The explanation of a sou sou requiring bringing on additional people sounds more like a pyramid scheme–the rotation payout is questionable. Traditional sou sous among immigrant populations are much simpler. Example: 12 families committ a set amount of money at an agreed upon schedule. Once a year each family gets to collect the collective amount of a set period. (Example = 12 families deposit $1K per month, each family can rely on a $12K payout once over a 12 month period). Small groups and trusted open accounting seem best.

    1. Nathalie Wilson

      @Eimpress Mie I am NOT doubting that you have received your “gift” to date in your sou sou. And I am not throwing shades at your “group of professionals,” but at the end of the day, you will have “water” that have been paid out their $4K walk away before paying their $500 back in as fire for the upcoming water that is after them….and if your particular “pot” has one to eight of their members [water] leaving, then that particular pot won’t have any “fire” paying in so ONLY one of the two soon to be water in the split that occurs will be getting paid….or they can split it equally down the middle to offset the loss and each person get $2,000. So in essence, they are still above the curve of what they put in…but all it takes is one person walking and this put a crack in the chain and people start to question if it is indeed a scam that is about to belly up and bust….and they want to get out of there before it cave in on them….so they will hang in for their “water” pay out and run for the hills.

      Ponzi scheme is defined by Google is a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.

      Pyramid scheme as defined by Google is a form of investment (illegal in the US and elsewhere) in which each paying participant recruits two further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones.

      The “later investors”/”two further participants” in this sou sou is what your “fires” are.

      A partnering system as I have outlined to Fred Parker is legitimate….what I have put the video link on and that you are inviting other people to is both a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme [in which they are ONE and the same thing] and it will FALL regardless of the color of your professional participants [I am black….I don’t see why putting “black professional was necessary….are they targeting black professionals to rip off?]!

    2. Nathalie Wilson

      ​@Fred Parker Eventually, a “water” will decide they have had enough cycling through “fire,” “air,” “earth,” and “water” and will WALK away. When a “water” walks away and not put back the “fire” amount back in….then that is ONE less fire that is paying into the current “earth” that is about to be “water”.
      In the video example I just watched before coming to this present video…the example is fraught with potential problem.
      I am from Jamaica, and I grew up knowing about the “partnering system” which different members of my family will join up with friends and or coworker for a payout similar to what Dr. Watkins said in this video.
      So, if 10 people come in with $500 per month, then this system would conclude when the tenth and final person get paid their $5,000 (10 person paying in $500 per month) and they get what they paid into it.
      Now the video link that comes up with ALL types of fancy name such as fire, air, earth, and water to deflect for an overwhelming scheme that will eventually topple and leave many out of $500, then that is the gamble you are willing to take. Here is why:
      1. As mentioned above, if the water that gets paid out $4,000 after 4 weeks after ONLY putting in $500 and bringing in two people that paid $500 each per week after you started at the “fire” position, and so and and so forth, and you decide to walk after getting a net profit of $3,500. You are now in essence walking away with $3,500 of seven other “fires” and your $500 that you are supposed to be paying the following week as a newly recycled “fire” to pay out to the upcoming “water” behind you would now be short $500 from what they are expecting from you. So something is extremely WRONG here if you put in ONLY $500 and get a net amount $3,500. And if you have signed some type of agreement that it is mandatory after getting your money, you have to put $500 the following week, then you will still have only put in $1,000 and be netting $3,000. You will always be netting $3,000 and there is no type of investing that is multiplying your money….so WHERE is this extra $3,000 coming from and who will draw the short end of that $3,000 stick?
      2. If you have more than one “water” leaving after
      collecting their $4,000 the effect becomes even more devastating….who
      will step in and make up to the ones that are awaiting their turn to
      become water? Someone could have a “final” walk away [Death] and cannot
      control that they are leaving….if this person had already paid in at
      the “fire” level and die at the “earth” level, will their beneficiary
      get their money?
      3. If someone decides they have been participating in this for 6 months and have netted $3,500 x 6 ($21,000) and want to walk away, are they then held hostage for life in this system? What is the set up for an exit game for this?
      The numbers does NOT add up in the video link that I add….$500 does not equates to $4,000 but $500! Now if you put $500 in 8 times and get $4,000 then, yes…you will have gotten what you put….anything else is a scheme and will eventually topple. Put your head in the sand and hope that it doesn’t topple when you first joined and put your money in or one of your two fires decided not to join….or one of any of the two subsequent fires future fires does not join. That is a lot of links that adds up to the potential for a broken chain link that leaves you out of whatever initial investment you put in (whether $500 or otherwise).

    3. Fred Parker

      What happens if you reach water but others under you do not bring enough ppl?

    4. Eimpress Mie

      A Pyramid scheme is your job . A ponzi scheme at its finest is your government .
      There are no set rules for a sou sou.
      For instance my sou sou family of *7,000 members* have several different “pots ” going in one that you gift $500 and in 4 weeks you receive $4k. To date i have always received my gift.
      True Its not for everyone because it does require trust worthy people as well the right mindset.
      Luckily ive found myself a great group of professionals who are serious about building wealth..
      Day: WEDNESDAY
      Date: JUNE 24, 2020
      Time: 8:00PM EST

      –or– if you cant make it

      I stress again…My sou sou family has over *7,000* black professionals all on their wealth building journey. I invite you to join us !

    5. Jack park

      Also, how would you even sign up for this? You would have to search the entire city just to find a group doing this, and then hope they accept you into the rotation.

  75. Abe Hassan-Froman

    I am currently involved in a Sou Sou and i gotta tell you, it a great accountability tool to help you save money. Its also a great way to kick-start your mindset into saving and eventually investing. This sou sou has also forced me to start budgeting and paying myself first. These moves are foundational for building wealth. FYI if you’ve never heard this please reach out to your African or Caribbean friends or coworkers. Good Luck and Build Wealth!

    1. Eimpress Mie

      Thhaaannnkk you!! Finally somone speaking from experience and not BS they read in Facebook.

      Im also in a sou sou and have added $15000 to my bank account in a few months. I encourage people to let our experience be guidance for them. For more information *[]* id like to invite you to join my sou sou family of 7k members on our wealth building journey

  76. Lisa KottonCandy

    Sou Sou is VERY real and is NOT and INVESTMENT Boyce. It’s the POOLING OF FUNDS. I know a TON of people that brought their FIRST home and BUSINESS via SOU SOU savings clubs….how can you give your OPINION on something YOU NEVER PARTICIPATED IN…..STOP it and TALK about something you experienced for YOURSELF….

    1. 12ewokify

      Did he say anything negative about it? He’s sharing what he learned to people who possibly know nothing about it. If it’s a vehicle for people to possibly purchase a house or a business then what’s the issue with him using his platform to let his viewers know ways they can save money. I’m so confused right now.

  77. LaShawn D Cave

    We used to do that at work a lot of us dropped out before the end because a mom and daughter seemed to have more slots so overall they both paid into it less an got paid out more. When it was my turn I found out that ppl were allowed to stay in the group without paying and the only recourse was that that person will get less based on there overall input instead of being kicked out of the group.

  78. LaShawn D Cave

    Checking in from the DMV

    1. BigBrother InLife

      @Ikea Mititelu interested

    2. Ikea Mititelu

      Would you like to join a sou sou? I am located in the DMV area. We have trusted people in my community. If you’re interested, let me know.

  79. bluegray509

    Sou sou, in my opinion, would be beneficial if the money is used to purchase something that generates income for the whole group.

    1. SoDumbWhoSane

      500 a month brings 4000 a month in my group. Thats amazing

    2. SoDumbWhoSane

      Its beneficial period

    3. Marcie Uzomah

      So if you put money in your savings account who would it benefit? Who should it benefit? Come on

    4. Eimpress Mie

      Thats great feedback. However consider we are all on separate journeys and while they teach us equality..its actually about equity. Meaning provide each ones needs so we are all on a level playing field vs giving everyone the same thing. What you need may not benefit me. However we can pull together and still help each other with our own individual goals.❤ if youd like to join my sou sou family of 7k professionals contact me *[]*

  80. bluegray509

    Sou sou really benefits those who get the first hand. Someone who picks last could have saved the same amount doing it himself over that same period of time.

    1. 7caramel14

      I always opt for the last hand, unless I need the funds sooner. It can be an effective way of saving. Some ppl (like myself) don’t have the discipline needed to put money in a savings account for a period of time and not touch it….participating in a Sou Sou (and getting the last hand) is an effective way.

    2. Lisa KottonCandy

      All Sou Sou’s don’t work that way. TERMS and CONDITIONS for different economic grouping of funds may VARY…..

  81. DisappointedDemocrat

    The sou sou account is worth the effort.

  82. Lionel Vital

    @ Dr. Watkins, the Sou-Sou or Sòl like we call it in Haiti removes/ eliminates “The The time value of money“ aspects, the wedge (interests) between borrowers and lenders. If well planned with a maximum of 30 honest people putting at least a $1000 per month into the pool, it can be a very helpful tool to investors who need big chunk of money to invest right away. Because you don’t have to wait to save the amount needed to invest or buy a car or a house like you mentioned in the video.

    1. 7caramel14

      Thank you for clarifying! Also, I don’t like how this scam is being associated with Sou Sou…supporters calling it the Modern Sou Sou!

    2. princessadekunbi1

      @lionel vital this is the one I know but going out and bringing 2 people in is what I don’t understand. For example people at my former job especially doctors contributes $2000 and there were 10 people in the pool. Each week one person gets $20,000 based on the number picked between 1st and 10 and people can even swap numbers if someone needs it earlier.

  83. J Mcb

    The key to a successful sou sou is to have a tight circle who trusts one another. Period!

    1. Kristopher Leslie

      @Kanitha Elam same for me and I just got my pot. VERY glad and able to give back $500.00. Only thing that sucks is those that wanna pump and dump in 1-3 months. Maybe there should be a su-su for just those types of people.

    2. Kanitha Elam

      The one I’m you pay 500 and get 4K back . Of that 4K you reinvest 500 taking home 3500 each month!!! Yes each month!!! That part

    3. Kanitha Elam


    4. Positive Pieces

      Yes you have to trust your circle.

  84. Danielle Mapson

    I’m in a sou-sou and I love it. I was skeptical at first too but it works. B If interested email me at

  85. creatif13

    @Dr Boyce Please analyze what people are doing now, calling a sou-sou, and speak on it.. It is NOT what you’re talking about and does not have the same benefit for the community.

    1. Ronnie Mack

      @Halima Freeman oh, it’s bad. It preys on family and friends to keep the recruiting of new money contributors going. Eventually, it grows beyond the scope of family and friends to keep money feeding the system.

    2. Halima Freeman

      Yes I agree. I am not saying its bad, I’m just saying it’s not a Susu. Also, the problem comes in with getting two other people part. I am not a network marking person. I feel like if I’m going to talk to someone about anything it’s going to be about my own business. Not putting money into a pot.

  86. creatif13

    The Sou-sou’s that are going around today are not sou-sou’s in the traditional sense. They are schemes that take advantage of people that just come into the cycle. If you have to get other people to join, that’s not a sou-sou. If you get back more than what you put in, that’s not a sou-sou. In a traditional sou-sou, everyone is set from the beginning to end, no need to convince anyone else to join. Everyone pays the same amount at the same interval period and different person gets the ‘pot’ each time. Ex. You have 4 people that put in $100 every week and throughout the course of 4 weeks a different person gets the $400 ‘pot’. A sou-sou is about leverage. You’re leveraging with the others in your group to have access to a lump sum of money.. In the ones that I have been approached about, You put in $500 and get 2 people to join that give $500 ea, who in turn get 2 people who in turn get 2 people and you get $3500/$4000 at the end of 6 weeks or so. You make a one time $500 payment and do not contribute again at all!!! This is a SCAM!!! Where does the extra $3000 come from? The other 7-8 that entered and gave $500 and if they don’t get 2 people and their 2 people don’t get 2 people then they are not going to receive their ‘gift’. This is NOT a sou-sou!!! Beware people… Be smart and don’t fall for it..

    1. Sarah Peebles

      @Alesia Renee Robinson this is good, but how do you stop the constant search for 8 new people? The goal is to have a strong committed community, but once the board splits you now need 16 people then once it splits again, you need another 16 people and so on. Help please if you have the answer to this.

    2. Kenya Williams

      Nakia Dillard How long have you been in it and have you received your gift consistently since joining?

    3. Brittney Clark

      Hotep Kennels I don’t see what people are missing? Lol

    4. Nakia Dillard

      Its not a scam if you know the people. Im apart of one and its fine.

    5. Ronnie Mack

      @Alesia Renee Robinson there’s a problem with the model you all are using. It doesn’t benefit all participants. There will always be more unpaid participants than paid participants.

  87. Max Mitchell

    Not sure ALL your info is correct…….. YOU DON’T put in EVERY WEEK, you only put in once and then you add 2 people under you and that helps keep the community going.

    1. Baeyoncaa Ye

      J Mcb what sou sou are you in ?

    2. Truth_seeker

      @Quincy Spears how do I join

    3. Truth_seeker

      How do I join?

    4. Adaiyah-Zerah Baht Yahudah

      @Pamela Bowden Smith I checked out the link. I loved how he broke it down. I am very interested, I have the money but, I’ve got to find 2 people. Well see who I can get Thank You.

    5. Kristina M

      absolutely not… i didnt get paid and paid mine and brought in two people who paid theirs… what they WONT say is you have to keep bringing in people or you do not get paid. save your money

  88. E Evans

    I think sou sous are for people who aren’t disciplined

    1. 2 SMART 2 BE BROKE

      The family share/Sou Sous being promoted today allow for a $500 gift a month to circulate $3500 a month into everyone’s monthly cycle. Bring in 2 people when you first join and keep repeating the process. . . How many places can you get that type of return? We have to develop a system of trust within our communities. The banks take everyone’s ones money, give a .01% return and loans our money without our permission. … Using a traditional bank and not willing to circulate money with trusted loved ones doesn’t make sense to me. :

      Our people came up with this method, and the wealthy have been circulating wealth for years. Let’s wake up people.

    2. 7caramel14

      You’re somewhat correct. I’m not the most disciplined when it comes to saving so Sou Sou’s work for me BUT I still have to be disciplined to follow through with the commitment that I made so the necessary funds are available to the other members….Also, there are very disciplined ppl who may be denied a bank loan so getting a sizable pot first round can be helpful in purchasing a home, car, tuition, etc….please know that Black folks did this out of necessity at one time bc banks weren’t treating us fairly.

    3. Prep's Casket

      E Evans you are ill informed about sou sous

    4. E Evans

      What you do in a sou sou you can do for yourself. The $50 or $100 you give someone to hold for you until it’s your turn, why can’t you simply do for yourself? It’s not like you’re getting anything extra. The amount you put in is the same amount you get out and hopefully so cause some people aren’t disciplined or honest.

    5. Lisa KottonCandy

      Sou Sou’s are LEGITIMATE and a much NEEDED resource in our communities. Do not let this man who has NO experience with one CONVINCE you otherwise….do your OWN research

  89. Yvonne

    In my business as a commercial real estate broker I have worked with several persons, from West African and several Caribbean countries, who used their sou sou money to open a business. No small change. It works, if the participants are honest and responsible.

    1. Chinco Zergbo

      @caramelktx32 rjrrrr![

    2. It’s me

      Kristina M what happened, if you don’t mind me asking

    3. Kristina M

      i had a bad experience .

    4. Geraldine Parker

      I agree bottom line is honesty, integrity and accountability.
      This has to be like a marriage.

    5. caramelktx32

      I agree, if they’re honest, it works

  90. Quincy Spears

    This is not how a sou sou works. This is a type of money wheel. This recycles the money through anyone. I’m in a real sou sou and there is a big difference. You make a one time investment and your money triples

    1. Imstressless

      @creatif13 if you’re only getting back what you put in then just go put your money in a savings account. What’s the point?

    2. Imstressless

      @Connie Roy if you’re only getting back exactly what you put in then its pointless… why do something like that?

    3. Connie Roy

      Quincy Spears Quincy spears I’m in that type of sou sou with the flower and your money doesn’t triple…you get what you put in, it’s just that you keep investments your money every 4 weeks when you’re in the “water” but it’s a great process. I’ve been in both versions..,the one this video is elaborating on and the one regarding the flower and I must say say the latter is by far much better because you get your payout every 4 weeks.

    4. Lisa KottonCandy

      Agreed….I’m in a REAL SOU SOU as well and it’s HELPING me, my friends and family throughout this PANDEMIC

    5. Halima Freeman

      @creatif13 I agree. They dont know a real Susu.

  91. David Farad

    Interesting that you brought this up. The first ever cryptocurrency SuSu just went live on Saturday and it is Black owned. Go here for details

  92. Dog blues

    Peace family

  93. Patsy Warren-Cook

    It wasn’t a good experience for me.
    A loss. We put in a one time payment.

    1. tabithamorris90

      What happened?

    2. Angela Owens

      How many people did you bring in? The person who brought you in, did they get paid?

    3. creatif13

      Did you get your two people to join?

  94. PatC1

    How do you calculate the risk? What do you do when someone runs off with your hand?

    1. Kristina M

      what they dont say is you have to keep recruiting .

    2. caramelktx32

      @Lisa KottonCandy what keeps the participants from receiving their payout then leaving the group? And when/how does it end?

    3. caramelktx32

      @Lisa KottonCandy I wish you luck ?

    4. Lisa KottonCandy

      @caramelktx32 yes, NO BANKER, no one runs off with your money! It’s ingenius which is why I endorse it wholeheartedly

    5. caramelktx32

      @Lisa KottonCandy hi Lisa, please clarify your question. Are you saying there’s no banker and no one runs off with the money?

  95. PatC1

    Watch more Shark Tank and pay closer attention to the questions that the Sharks ask Budding Entrepreneurs. ??????

  96. PatC1

    I’d rather buy fractional shares via CashApp????

  97. PudgeBeats16

    Hello Dr. Boyce Watkins, did you ever talk abour the Forex market. And have you ever tried it or do you have any pros and cons about Forex?

    1. Deezycain

      Mike Grant exacly

    2. Mike Grant

      Forex is a vehicle that if used correctly can help you achieve financial freedom. There is risk involved but people worry about the risk before they ever do any research. I would say that people in general are sore losers and their arrogance doesnt allow them to be wrong and yep you guessed it… that leads to people quitting. So pros people are making money from their phones in the comfort of their homes and everyday forex helps some achieve financial freedom in some way… debt free, new car, or quitting their job. You can start in most cases with 10-50 dollars and before you ever risk any money you can paper trade with fake money on a demo account. So if you are asking about forex and dont even have a demo account this probably isnt for you. People make time for what they want why wait for someone to tell you to go try it trying is free???
      Cons forex isnt for the get rich quick people or the quitters. Or even people that arent trying to do the work and learn a new skill if done right and if taken seriously forex is something you can share with your kids.

  98. dedeaux2

    There are similar saving vehicles in Latin America and the Caribbean

    1. J Mcb

      It’s called a sou sou lol duh

  99. glovelace

    Did one 25 years ago with people from work.

    1. Im Not a Star


    2. ConstanceCox


  100. Dr. Banks

    I wish you could call me.


    This is my first time hearing about it.

    1. Sean Earle

      This shows that I was meant to be up on this YouTube Channel at this time, Dwayne! Life just got a bit more exciting!

    2. Sean Earle

      OMG! Dwayne! Hey Fam! I guess us Stoughton Boys have more to talk about than just Patriots, family, and the good ole days. We get to talk about Black wealth too? Let’s go! I appreciate you man! -Sean (508)837-****. You know the rest.

    3. Ivy Johnson

      I currently run an sou sou if interested let me know

  102. Elia Adiel

    Thank u 4 ur service #UKB1

  103. Regina Davis

    Where do you get a sou sou from

    1. Lakeshia Hall

      contact me I am currently in one.

    2. J Mcb

      I’m in one and have seen it work 4k payout after only putting in 500 1 time AND bringing 2 ppl into it

    3. shante morgan

      @Nancy Ellis I am very interested, but I don’t know which one is you

    4. shante morgan

      @Ivy Johnson I was invited but it turned out to be a scam

    5. shante morgan

      @lisa session I am very interested in participating in one. I was in one, how do I DM you

  104. SocialBounty Make Money App

    Hey lets be youtube buddies w9bK

  105. penny vick


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