The Ultimate top paying Affiliate List 2017

Here are the Ultimate top Paying Affiliate Programs you must join in 2017

So you want to become a Super Wealthy Affiliate huh? Well, You came to the right place 🙂 If you are not sure what a Wealthy Affiliate is and don’t know how to create websites and just don’t know how to get started then you should start Here at Wealthy Affiliates and then come back to this page.


What is an affiliate?

affiliate marketing

An affiliate is someone who sells products and services for companies online for a commission, Whether it before the percentage of a sale or a flat fee. An example is: If you are someone who is a big fan of socks and create a fan website for all kinds of socks, you will put up some blog posts and share pictures, so within that content, you have a link to an online store. When someone clicks on that online store and buys something, You get a percentage of that sale. Sometimes it could be 30% all the way up to 100% depending on the company. It’s as simple as you are getting paid to advertise someone else products. This is great if you don’t have products of your own and don’t have the money to create any. Or you just want to be lazy and advertise and collect, which is the best way to go lol. You will be doing it online so you won’t have to do it face to face.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is Company’s that offer affiliates ways to make commissions from selling their products. I know there are a million and one affiliate programs to join out there but some of them either don’t pay well or just don’t convert well. I have compiled the best paying and converting affiliate programs that you should join that will earn you money over and over again 4 life!

What is the affiliate link?

what are affiliate links

Now don’t think of this as anything technical or too hard because anyone can do this. Just pay attention to this whole page and you will get it.

An affiliate link is a special URL where you should be sending the visitors. You will get the URL’s for different banners in your email from the affiliate websites or in their affiliate panel.

Your referrals must click your unique affiliate links (provided below) for you to earn a commission. You can share your affiliate links:

  • via email messages
  • on website(s)
  • on social media (facebook, twitter etc.)
  • by posting on the blog(s)
  • directly to interested prospects


How do you get started?

It’s simple, Just find programs to join in your niche by searching whatever you want to sell followed by an affiliate. If they are not free to join I would not join them because if you are helping them get a sale then why should you have to pay. It should only take just a few seconds to join verify your email and that’s it. Most online retailers have affiliate programs as well, like Amazon, eBay, and thousands of others. You will usually find a link at the very bottom of any page that says affiliate, that’s how you find companies that have affiliate programs available. You will be surprised at just how many sites actually have an affiliate program.

So, Say if I wanted to become an Amazon affiliate making money promoting their stuff. (personally, i don’t use Amazon because they only pay out up to 10%.) but as an example, you would go to their website go all the way down to the bottom and look for become an affiliate, click on that and fill out the form wait for an approval and you will be ready to advertise and make some coins. You can advertise anywhere you want, search for any product on Amazon, get your affiliate link and promote anywhere you want. So say if you had a massive fan page of followers in a Hunger Games fan page and you wanted to make some coins promoting Hunger Game books to them. You just log into your Amazon account for the Books and get your affiliate links for those products and share that link out to all of your page followers. You can say something like “Hell yeah guys the new Hunger book just came out!” And you get a commission from every book that they buy. They don’t even have to buy the product that you are selling when they go to Amazon, If they buy anything you get a commission. All of your earnings will go straight to your bank account or PayPal it depends on what payment gateway the company offers.

There are 2 types of paid programs either they are recurring wich means if the customer signs up for a monthly subscription then you will get paid every month off of that one person. So imagine if you had 1000 signups under you paying monthly at 40 bucks a month that’s a lot of coins! The other is a one-time payment where you would only get the commission once per customer unless they go back and order more products. If you promote both you will still be bringing in a good amount of commission pay per month. You will find both on this list. I will be adding more of the best-converting Affiliate Programs Periodically so you may want to bookmark this page!


These are the Top Paying Affiliate Sites of 2017 that will make you money over and over again! So go signup and start promoting!


Receive 30% Lifetime Commission for Life with this homepage affiliate link!

This is a lifetime commitment. As long as the client pays, you get 30% of the sales! If the client upgrades, you get 30% commission of the new payment for life. As an affiliate, we respect what you represent for This link is for the homepage. The link is valid for 2 years! And is embedded with a cookie to keep track of it. If your prospect subscribers within a year of the first click, you get the commission. No bullshit 😉




Padlock income

This is more like a Copy and Paste type of business. You sign up and then tell others about it. once get 10 people sign up you pay 10 bucks. After that everyone who pays 10 bucks under you you recieve 7 bucks off of them and 1 dollar off of all of their sign ups 4 life! All you have to do is copy and paste the links that are given to you in each padlock. The pay gets higher the more you go up in padlocks. Want more info on this then visit Padlock Income or just sign up and follow the directions.


My template monster  

How this program works

365 active return days
Up to 50% commission plan
Get up to $1350 for one sale

Choose the tools that fit your needs

Quick and easy integration

Effectiveness guaranteed


Custom design for each template
60k products for each occasion
Personal 24/7 support

Individual approach to each affiliate
Get 24/7 help from our support team
Multiple tutorials on every topic

Use your own brand to sell our templates

Up to $45 per average commission
Supervisor’s (second-tier) 5% cut

Accept all payout avenues



The Theme Shop

How the affiliate program works?

When a new user clicks your referral link, & signs up between next 60 days for an account and purchases a Theme/Plugin or a Membership, you will receive 70% of that person’s first purchase price. If they purchase $69 theme, you get $48.30.

Bonus: If you refer new affiliates, you will get 10% of his/her earning for lifetime!

Easy Sign up Just verify your email.

Payout Method: PayPal Only



Expert or Beginner, We’ve Got Tools That Help You

Did you know you can make money showing small businesses how to use AWeber’s opt-in email marketing campaigns to boost sales?

Join the many AWeber affiliates doing exactly that!

  • Recurring 30% commission
  • No cost to sign up
  • Checks mailed monthly


You earn a recurring commission of 40% of the subscription fee of every referral of yours that upgrades their account to Social Oomph Professional, and you get that commission for the lifetime of your referral’s paid subscription to SocialOomph Professional. That means for as long as your referral pays their subscription fee you get 40% of it, every single month. If they cancel their subscription, and later upgrade again, then you again start receiving your commission from the time onward

2-Tier Commission Overrides

In addition to the already generous commissions you earn on your referrals, you also earn 5% commission override on any of your referrals who also sign up as an affiliate. Note that it is 5% of their commissions that they earn, not 5% of the subscription fees of their referrals.

All payments are made via PayPal. Unfortunately, you cannot be an affiliate if you don’t have a PayPal account

TDWeb Services

hosting service for websites pays up to 80% through PayPal


Dream Host

– $200 for any dedicated server signup

– $120 for a DreamPress annual signup

– $100 for annual shared hosting signup

– $50 for a monthly DreamPress signup

– $30 for monthly VPS and shared hosting signups

Pays through PayPal or direct bank account

Get your friends and colleagues to sign up for hosting at DreamHost and you could earn up to $120 for each referral! Spread the word and earn rewards!


Get Response

When a person you refer buys a GetResponse account, you get paid 33% of this payment — not just once but on a monthly basis for as long as the customer continues to pay for the account. And if the customer upgrades to a plan with a higher payment, your commission increases too.




Wish Pond

Offers 30%

Make over $464 per client!

WishPond is an enabler for marketers of all skill levels. Wishpond makes it possible to execute an entire online marketing campaign in one place.



Teach affiliates how to be affiliates!

You get 50% commission on each membership you refer that buys any of their products.

Internet Marketing Ninja



You get 100% commission for 100 days! and up to 100% after that. Get more infor on the website.



Wealthy Affiliate

Padlock Income


Pay Per Post






There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer. You can do the math to see what a great affiliate opportunity this is.


After signing up, I recommend you save each program to your bookmark list so they will be easy to access whenever you are ready to go and find your links or copy and paste them in a notepad on your computer.



Business email marketing can be a powerful income stream for you. Set up your free affiliate membership and start referring businesses and earning commissions!

Want to learn to build a website? Click Here. 

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