WARNING: Education is a Weapon of Death—Brain Tumors, loss of masculinity and more…….

I'm glad you joined me today today I'mgonna be talking about something that'sgonna be a little shocking for somepeople and but it's gonna be somethingthat I feel God really wants you tounderstand okay one of the greatestweapons that Satan and the forces ofdarkness has brought on mankind andspecifically the Hebrew people of God isthe educational system now severalmonths ago God and Yahshua came togetherin a dream and in this dream they hadtears in their eyes and I was wonderingas I looked at them why do they havetears in their eyes and God spoke andsaid we are so sad and disappointedthat at this time after so long a timeof being with our people they still donot trust us they still do not depend onus they still doubt us and our power andhe explained that we all trust in manmore than we trust in them we trust inthe educational system we trust indoctors we trust in lawyers man hasbecome our God we might call ourselvesChristians but if we trust more in manand obey men rather than obey God andthat is your God so as time went on heexplained and showed me revealed this tobe true that education has become a Godto be worshipped and it is killingpeople it is making people sick therewas a study just done back in 2016 whereit showed that anyone you know having atleast 3 years of college run a risk ofhaving almost 20% more likely chance tohave a brain tumor and for those whohave mastered master's degrees and PhDsin management positions it runs into 50%higher chances of having a brain tumorsalso children are being affected peoplewho have degrees master's degrees PhDshave more incidents of children withDown syndrome and a spursyndrome these are reports that youdon't hear about in the news becauseeducation has become a god to beworshipped and God wants to show you andreveal and expose this so that you willnot put your children into the hands ofthis dark cauldron this abyss of evilcalled education where our children aretaught to war against God and God putthis in my spirit this a few days ago hesaid who taught my people how to waragainst me who taught you how to waragainst God and you say well how do wework in Scott you are against God whenyou are trained up in an educationalsystem that tells you you cannot pray toyou sure Jesus Messiah that you are notto speak his name in that building oryou're not supposed to have a Bible theWord of God in your possession in thatbuilding that is none other than thebeast the dark forces the Antichristspirit already working in our societyand yet we're so foolish that we allowit to go all we allow we allow ourchildren to be indoctrinated into havinga divided mind and divided Allegianceyou cannot serve God and serve them andat the same time and people haveinterpreted as saying Mammon oh thatmeans money well the reason the mainreason that the European educationalsystem was invented and indoctrinatedinto our lives and culture is for moneymoney is the driving force behind mostpeople that go to college they're goingto college why because they feel likethey will make money and they will get ahigher paying job the higher that degreeis God revealed to me that those degreesare none other than a degree and adegree of the mind of Satan in otherwords degrees first I associate with theBeast and his mind then I become abachelor's you know I get more in tunewith his mind then I become a master atknowing and understanding and perceivinghis thoughts and his carnal knowledgeand then I have a doctorate that nowcan teach others to have that mind ofthe beast so we must understand this isa weapon that has been craftedengineered to not only dumb us down andcontrol us and our children it's alsobringing about sickness and disease letme explain something to you you cannotbe double-minded the word says a mancannot be double-minded either you'regonna have faith and trust in God oreither you're gonna trust in man and hispower and authority and if you trust inman which is carnal it says you waragainst Godthe carnal minded man is in oppositionto God and that's why when you take inthis dark knowledge taught by demons itcauses a split a chasm in your mind andovertime sickness and disease can creepin don't you notice today how manypriests and ministers and so-calledChristian people are having so manycancers and tumors and diseases it'sbecause many of them has bought intothis pastors go to seminary school whatwhere much of what they are taught istheories and when we go to thesecolleges and high even high school we'retaught what that God did not create theearth that he came by Big Bang we'retaught that we did not come about thecreation of the great power of God inthe father of heaven that it came aboutthrough you know some kind of amoebathat crawled up out of the oceans andall of this stuff and then Darwin'stheory that will create it from apes allof these things are warring against Godis telling him to his face I do notbelieve in you I do not trust you manhas everything I need if I take on hismind I will become some body and I wantto say something you people that havenot finished high school that has nothad any college you have missed a bulletyou have been blessed you still have apure mind pure intellect your inwardconscience is clear these teachers thatwe are you know are teaching ourchildren that if they don't have adegree or if they don't go on to collegethey won't become anyone that's all asystem to dumb us down preparing us tobe soldiers in the army of theAntichrist you have to understand thisis all a plan and a process and as thisprocess unfoldseverybody's gonna realize it buteventually it's going to be too lateeven God revealed to me that it alsocorrupts our bodyand our systems making us moresusceptible to mental depression becausewhen you're in school anxiety is a bigpart of your learning process look atall the young people who are filled withanxiety in schools getting on drugssome of them committing suicide it's allbecause of this educational system whichis based on dark knowledge it is notbased on the knowledge of God in theWord of God it tells you that wisdomgoes along hand-in-hand with knowledgethe ultimate knowledge now wisdomhowever in the Word of God says istaught by what the fear of God says thebeginning of wisdom is the fear of Godand when you have that fear of God whichis wisdom then you are given the abilityto receive knowledge and use itcorrectly when you go and seek knowledgealone and especially the fallen man andthe European Gentiles version ofknowledge you open your mind up to thedark forces which can inundate your mindcausing sickness and disease which cancarry over to your children becauseremember knowledge is like um seeds onceit goes into your thoughts in your mindit starts to come forth and a blossomjust like a plant and so if it's biaseduntruth theories lies all of thesethings war against our inner consciencewhich knows only truth when we're bornwe know only truth then we'reindoctrinated and taught deception andso what happens to our body it causes aupit causes a interruption of the processof good health remember it says Godbrings light and that light there's nodarkness in other words it brings healthit brings peace of mind it bringseverything that man's need man needs I'mgonna bring more of this to you and givemore of these lessons that God hasrevealed to me about education so staytuned there's more coming

The European based/American Education is a poison pill. It holds death, and is the most powerful weapon in Satan’s arsenal against man. He has used it with great success to dumb down, suppress, control and separate God from his people with lies, baseless theories, and rejecting of God’s divine power and authority. The DARK formula is simple, 1. Education 2. Assimilation 3. Degeneration of mind and body. Because these seeds of darkness are planted in human minds by demons, they then germinate and also bring forth sickness and disease. Anything apart from God is Chaos, which is darkness. Sending our children to these schools is literately Waring against God and setting them up to to join the masses of the sick, and the mentally ill. The word says to live carnal is death, and that the carnal minded man wars against God. We have been brainwashed into thinking that taking on the mind of the Beast (Europeans) would make us somebody. However, when we take his mind we loose the very thing that makes us somebody through the Wisdom and Knowledge of God. So if you didn’t finish high school, jump and shout, do a dance and be thankful, or if you are planning on going to college you may want to think again. If you have young children teach them at home, but make sure it is God’s divine Knowledge. Do not allow them to go into the caldron of evil called public schools only to be tormented in mind and spirit, and have their souls gored by demonic bullies. Stop and think…… In 2016 studies showed that for people who had at least 3 years of college were 18-20 percent more likely to have a brain tumor and for people with higher degrees who work as managers, it was 50% higher risk of having a brain tumor. Parents in the Tech fields have seen an explosion of Autism and Asperger syndrome in their children while people in the so called “hood” with less than a high school education barley know what the word is. God Yahweh also revealed to me that it is also affecting male masculinity and female reproduction.

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47 Thoughts to “WARNING: Education is a Weapon of Death—Brain Tumors, loss of masculinity and more…….”

  1. Eric Felder

    Wake up God’s People

  2. Eric Felder

    I always thought that what’s going on in the world and society and churches have been dummy down,

  3. Dawn Waddell

    Praise HIM,Sister The Lord has sent u straight to me,He loves me❤️❤️❤️

    1. Delena Spinelli

      Dawn Waddell – Yes, God Yahweh does love you more than you know. He knows where to lead us to get confirmation of Truth! May God YAHWEH continue to Be Richly Blessed my sister!

  4. Mona

    Sis I know you said in one of your videos that you had been married to a white gentile I was just wondering if you still are if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. Delena Spinelli

      Mona— No we divorced several years ago.

  5. Eric Bay

    Thank you so much! I am happy that my eyes were open to see how damaging the school is. I also agree with your explanation of our beliefs. I explained to an atheist that all people on this world are believers. Because human can’t live without believing. Believing is a synonym of the word trust. Trust means “I validate certain information as truth, independent if it’s really the truth”. It is the source of our being and what we become. Through believing/trust, we begin to love someone/something. Because without trust, we can’t love. And through love we have the hope. Hope means that we are convinced about a vision, without having any evidence of how realistic it is. Hope is the motivation of our behavior. From that you can tell, that the most radical believers on this earth, the most radical religion is atheism. They attack daily other believers and show pure intolerance, with the privilege of not being classisd as a religion/believers.

    The tree of knowledge at garden was so important, because it was the only evidence for god, the the manifestation and reciprocal of love by the human. God knows, human don’t have to love what they know. Like I don’t have to love my boss to get the paycheck. But through his commandment to don’t eat the forbidden fruit, he could see the trust of Adam and Eve. And firstly, they believed/ trusted in his words, validated it that it was the truth and right to not eat it. Their trust showed their love for the most high, because they behaved after what they trusted. Until the snake came with another information to bring a new desire to them. And it also came with his words that they believed/trusted the word, validating the information that it was the truths, independent of the real truth. Through the trust, the love came for the new desire. And the love makes them to behave according to their trust.

    In this event we can see strategy of the devil. He wants all to trust in his word. That’s why education is so important. The battle is still the same as in the beginning of the history. That’s what the Bible really means about the spiritual battle. You fight with your trust, love and hope. The devil knows if you validate his word as the truth, he will get your love and your love will chase the false desire. I always ask people for everything they do where their beliefs comes from, from which it is inspired. Even to those who say to belief in Yah. A spiritual grown person, does everything inspired by the word of god. He solely trust in gods words in all areas of his life. Even in cultural things, only doing what is comforming with the word. His complete behavior is based from gods word that he trust/beliefs, which he sees as the truths, because he knows that he can only love what he trust! Unfortunately, most people are blind, and they trust so much in the way of the world, which are always in conflict with god words, like the word of the snake in the garden of Eden. The school is the strong weapon against the children in young age to trust the wicked.

    That’s how the world is built up. An atheist wasn’t born as an atheist. He heard the word from somebody, he believed/trusted it, he began to love this ideology, then he behaved after it. The same with all other human with all different beliefs. At the beginning there always came the word, and their trust to the word. That is why the Bible says, faith cometh by hearing and hearing from the word of god. Once you understand the beginning of a history, all other chapters will be easier to understand.

    Thank you my sister! I am blessed to be able to hear your wisdom and I thank the most high for this!

  6. IlluminatedTV

    I knew at a early age school wasn’t for me so I dropped out I haven’t regretted it because God’s always provides for me

  7. wilbert mcbride

    WE weren’t being EDUCATED, we were being INDOCTRINATED!!!!!!

  8. Rosee Negri

    Another excellent video!!!

  9. Holiness is Required

    Yes, I was told to pull my child from the public school system. Yahshua Jesus said so!!

    1. Delena Spinelli

      You may email me at, Yahispower@gmail.com.

    2. Holiness is Required

      Delena Spinelli Will you please email me? I would like to have a private conversation about the next move of GOD (Yah).

    3. Delena Spinelli

      Spirit of Prophecy and Revelation Womens Outreach — Yes, Obedience is Key. God is looking for a People who will serve him in Truth and Spirit, and to do that the old way of error must be abandoned. May God Bless you and your Child!


    you are lying God rolls solo,for that reson i cant listen to this video at all even if it has truth in it

    1. Tammy Slade

      THE TRUTH bye😂

  11. Crissy Yah

    Praise Yahuah Halleluyah sister!

  12. bittertruth G

    If being educated is a weapon of death, then the slave master was right in not teaching his slaves how to read or write. Frist of all, you failed in one aspect of that statement about education. It’s the Mis-education of our people that was and has now been our biggest handicap. Our people were taught everything that was white is good everything black was bad. That ideology has been BEATEN(literally) into our minds since we were kidnapped from Africa and enslaved in this land. I will admit, many of our people are bible illiterate or worst yet have totally rejected the Word of the Most High. But if they can read or write it would not matter anyway. In many ways, I can’t blame them but I know better because I know who our true enemy is. It will always be Satan who has used the most effective weapon against us and that will also be the White Man.
    Sister, you can talk about your visions all day long. Until you can give our people some real tangibles on how to change their conditions. You might as well speak about magic.

    1. Sharron Haimour

      +Tammy Slade im sorry, but i respectfully disagree with you and the author of this video. The only select people i am aware of in the Bible were the Isrealites. And thr is in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, Jesus came to redeem all Jews and Gentile. So, im not sure which Jesus you are serving. With regards to education, you do as you feel led, however, az the previous commentor stated, it is the miseducation of black people that has placed us where we are. Education in itself, will nof harm you. However, one shoild use wisdom in what one takes into the mind. How can Math, for example, lead to a person’s downfall? Be reasonable people. In this life, people get educated to afford not just the luxuries, but the basics. If you want to avoid government assistance, i suggest stop selling people on the odea of dropping out of school. Unless you want to pay more taxes to support the indigent.

    2. Tammy Slade

      bittertruth G those who have an ear hear what the truth of what their father speaks…you can
      leave now…he’s not speaking to anyone except for his own…hint hint… We who are his get it no others can or will it’s a family affair darling❤

    3. Delena Spinelli

      If miseducation was the greatest crime, what pipeline do you think that came through and who owns it? You looked for an error in what I said, then you turned around and proved what I said was right. As the WORD says you can’t get both bitter water and clean water out of the same pipe. So in other words we knew that the European Gentiles spewed forth, lies, deception, baseless theorys and a poisonous delusion, and yet we still send our children to them for “Miseducation”. So Tangible starts with disconnecting from all that is evil and reconnecting to God YAH an His Laws.

  13. Faith Full

    This is true, now that the enemy has seen our wisdom from Yahushua now he is teaching our kids in first grade homosexuality, transgender, lesbianism witchcraft the occult all is part of the early education curriculum, it’s part of the education system here in Florida, I don’t know about other states but I’m sure they will soon follow, but what gets me is that those who call themselves followers of Christ that are teachers are not standing up against this saying we will not teach this filthy satanic garbage to our kids, but they will stand up for a pay rai$e

    1. Tammy Slade

      Faith Full thats because they mask themsel in Christianity….they transform themselves as angels of light yet inward they are raging wolves…have you not known this by experience or will you cover the truth when it is revealed over and over again because it makes you uncomfortable…we must all accept truth….❤

    2. Delena Spinelli

      Faith Full — So true! thanks.

  14. saudia spratt

    excellent video worked in the public education system for years was very wicked!

  15. Anthony Jackson

    Thats amazing because scholars are the ones that hated Christ the most. Judas was a scholar.

    1. Delena Spinelli

      Anthony Jackson — Thank you for your comment! Yes, your observation is true. It was the educated scholars then and today, that have led the God’s people astray. It is a direct cause of not only sickness and disease but also the breakdown of the African American’s (Burnt Bronze Hebrews) confidence, their communities and morality. Many consider it to be, “the School to prison pipeline.” I agree. It is because people of African descent are born with a very high level of wisdom and divine intuition. Therefore, when children are placed in these spiritually sanitized classrooms, their divine knowledge is smother or completely destroyed. It’s like dousing water on a flame. But, because we have been deceived or tricked into rebelling against our own conscious and God, we accept the gentile education as a blessing and yet it is a CURSE. We are told it is a means to enrich ourselves therefore, many have sadly traded their Glory for a CHEAP imitation.

  16. Ken Locke,@

    Amen!! Well said!!

    1. Delena Spinelli

      Ken Locke,@ — Yes, I believe just as you said there will be few to fallow the path that God has set before them however, I have found that many watching my videos are preparing themselves and seeking God’s direction. God, knew long ago who will listen and who will not. So try not to worry, It’s in His Hands. Yes, I also feel this rare eclipse/Blood Moon is a great sign. Your ear is open to God’s voice. What you said was prophetic.

    2. Ken Locke,@

      Delena Spinelli nothing is ever a mistake! I would have never found your page.. I have know who the Hebrews were for years, but I have more of knowing but never found it in the bible. A couple of weeks ago I came across a video that pointed it out in the bible, but the guy I heard it from was thinking 2019?? But for something so big for the elect we know the Hebrews need signs!! And well the sign this morning after investigation I realized it was the sign!! And tried to share with people I thought would listen!!
      I’ve understand what time it is and think I have how America will fall, we are now seeing a plague they’ll be more, more earth changes then people will see judgement. Then the Sunday law!! Aka the mark..after that the destruction.. At the sound of the last Trump.
      Funny how the bible says the more you know the more sorrow you’ll have. How true! Its tough when no-one believes a word you say. I once had a dream I was on a narrow path and no one would follow!! Proving to be true.

    3. Delena Spinelli

      I was trying to find out a bit more about your page and mistakenly hit the subscribe button. Your comment about the Eclipse was so on point. What made you speak that?Also, I checked out the video you shared. It was good and I agree with what he said, except the part about the Iron and Clay in the feet of the statue. In my Book, The Stone Rejected, God explained that, when that verse in Daniel says, “They will mix in the seed of men but will not remain together, it is clearly talking about America being that last Iron super power and within it the Whites and Blacks will mix, intermarry and have children yet will not remain together or get along. We see that today. Then Because these Hebrew Clay people (descendants of Adam) were enslaved in this last superpower, God will bring it down and with it will fall all the previous European Gentile Superpower before it.

    4. Ken Locke,@

      Delena Spinelli hello, I was wondering why you subscribed to my channel? Not that I don’t love you for it, but I have no video’s?
      Also I’ve been watching and loving your video’s and they are very insightful. While I believe most of what you speak, I do believe the anti Christ is here now and most so called Christians have taken the mark.. While fasting and praying years back I ask and he was reviewed to me, recently I’ve found a great video that describes it nicely what I was shown..
      God bless you and I’ve subscribed to your channel and will watch what you have to say!!!

    5. Delena Spinelli

      Ken Locke,@ —- Thank you for your comments. I pray God Yahweh will continue to Bless You with His Favor, Wisdom and Prophetic Gifts.

  17. KingJames 1611 Galatians 4:16

    So glad someone else seeing the truth.

  18. Restoration Eden Ministries

    I’m so glad I by seeming serendipity found your channel ! I’ve listened to several of your videos and it’s been a wonderful discovery of likeminded sister. I love when I meet other balanced sons/daughters of Yah. Thank you for your obedience in sharing such necessary truth!

    1. Delena Spinelli

      My Sister, thank you for your eloquent comment. You are so right, it is only in humble obedience to my Father YAH that, I through His power, stand to speak what He commands. May you be blessed richly!

  19. Happy Ted

    this is so TRUE ! thank u sis

  20. Lady Reid- Mc Cartey

    Sistah you are telling the truth I went to College/University late in life at age 30 to study law and I literally found it taxing it was indoctrination and not education and I had to leave as in my sophomore year I felt my brain split, I even went onto write about this experience in a poem, shortly after I left I was bedridden and sick for about 3 years. I was using pharmaceuticals to cure myself but they nearly killed me, I felt my heart slow down and get irregular so I quit medicines for good and now use herbs. Around the same time I went to my GP and specialists and they ran tests and found nothing wrong with me. As a direct result of this I home educate my own twodaughters around King Jesus the black Messiah and they are thriving, my eldest daughter does not want to engage in academia and is training to be a Chef as she caught the blunt end of the stick from her Jesuit school which was cruel archaic and demonic.

    1. Just a Young Prince

      Lady Reid- Mc Cartey sister could we talk one on one… Your story matches mine so accurately. Thank you sister God bless

  21. Lady Reid- Mc Cartey

    Sistah you are telling the truth I went to College/University late in life at age 30 to study law and I literally found it taxing it was indoctrination and not education and I had to leave as in my sophomore year I felt my brain split, I even went onto write about this experience in a poem, shortly after I left I was bedridden and sick for about 3 years. I was using pharmaceuticals to cure myself but they nearly killed me, I felt my heart slow down and get irregular so I quit medicines for good and now use herbs. Around the same time I went to my GP and specialists and they ran tests and found nothing wrong with me. As a direct result of this I home educate my own twodaughters around King Jesus the black Messiah and they are thriving, my eldest daughter does not want to engage in academia and is training to be a Chef as she caught the blunt end of the stick from her Jesuit school which was cruel archaic and demonic.

    1. Delena Spinelli

      Lady Reid—- Wow! Thanks for your comment. What a terrible experience! I give thanks to God for restoring your health and blessing you with the Wisdom to protect your children. Your testimony will help a lot of people. The cry and command for the European/American based education has become so loud that God’s people can hear nothing else. They have been swept up in a delusion and brainwashed with dirty water. I have known people, who had outgoing friendly personalities, and yet after college their personality and health changed for the worse. Keep spreading the Word. I would love to read your poem. May God continue to use you as a Blessing to his people!

  22. Machella 123

    Sis, how can I reach you.

    1. Delena Spinelli

      Hi Sis. You may email me: Yahispower@gmail.com

  23. Machella 123

    Thanks Sis.

  24. Machella 123

    No child left behind was the other nations children.
    We were already educated.

  25. lannak21

    Excellent. I totally agree.When I was younger I was led to believe that to be successful in life you HAD to go to college. No exception .. But now I consider it to have been a waste of three years of my life.Many people find it hard to pay off college debts even decades after college. Real success in life is to follow God and our Lord Jesus Christ.Ask them for guidance and they will never forsake you.

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