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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 | My 1 Year Experience

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 – Free Trial With Email

My one year experience: before I signed up to WA, I had been searching for different ways to make money online.

As I did my research, I came across multiple programs which promoted a luxurious lifestyle with mansions, yachts, exotic cars, and so on.

I noticed that a lot of them were following the same theme as I dug deeper and deeper claiming this process would be fast, easy, and profitable.

It was very unsettling when I found out the truth about these programs, and I was wondering if wealthy affiliate would fall into the same category. I kept searching for any negative reviews on the program, but I couldn’t find anything.

This made me really skeptical, and I kept thinking that either this is an elaborate scheme or people are actually making money with this program.

Something that influenced my decision to try out the program was the fact that they offered a free 7 day trial with just my email. Since that was the case, I decided to give them a shot.

I liked how genuine and helpful the community was and I found it kind of funny how they were promoting the opposite of what the other programs were promoting.

They’d say that this process would take time, effort, and you could expect to see gradual results over time.

And sure enough, that was the truth. I put in about five months of work, then I stopped working on my site when I didn’t see the results I wanted.

Once I stopped, as time went on, I started to see more and more of my articles reaching the first page of Google, and before I knew it, I started making sales.

The reason why I’m an advocate of WA is because they tell you the truth, and if you’re willing to accept the truth, then you can start seeing results as well, if you put the work in.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 | My 1 Year Experience


Affiliate disclosure: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, then I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

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85 Thoughts to “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 | My 1 Year Experience”

  1. Divine Healing

    I am in the trail period and will be joining. You explained this very well and in layman terms so that anyone can understand. Best explaination l’ve heard so far👍🙏💓 l subbed to your channel!!

    1. Divine Healing

      @James Ebomoyi you are more than welcome😊

    2. James Ebomoyi

      Hi there, thank you so much 🙂 Even though my wealthy affiliate review is 6 minutes long, it took me 3 and a half weeks to finish it and edit it. But reaching people like yourself makes it all worth it. I really appreciate your support, it means a lot to me 🙂

  2. Kalyan Kalyan

    How do I get paid on wealthy affliate ? There Is an option for direct bank transfer ?

    1. James Ebomoyi

      @Kalyan Kalyan Sure no problem

    2. Kalyan Kalyan

      @James Ebomoyi ok…thank you for the reply

    3. James Ebomoyi

      You get paid through Paypal if you’re going to promote Wealthy Affiliate but if you’re going to promote items from Clickbank, Share-a-sale, Amazon or other affiliate programs, then they’ll have different payment options available.

  3. Mom Van Up

    Thank you! It’s so valuable to see this stuff from believers!

    1. James Ebomoyi

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  4. jan cjs

    Thank you for honest review

    1. James Ebomoyi

      You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it

  5. Mahaman Oumar

    Can l get commission for referring someone to wealthy affiliate??

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Hi there, yes you can.

  6. Centinelle 0987

    So i can only make money the first 7 days with the free membership?

    1. James Ebomoyi

      No, you can remain a free member after the 7 days and then try to make money after that. However, the 7 day trial is more so meant to help you determine whether you feel the program is for you.

  7. E.O.A

    Does WA have a cookie organiser? whereby if your cookie (Affiliate link) is about to expire they’ll inform you.

    1. James Ebomoyi

      @E.O.A You’re welcome

    2. E.O.A

      @James Ebomoyi Okay thanks… ‘go to the company I want to promote and then apply their affiliate programme’ what do you mean by that?

    3. James Ebomoyi

      @E.O.A I understand. Wealthy affiliate doesn’t have an affiliate link for any niche, you have to go to the company you want to promote (like Amazon) and then apply to their affiliate program.

      Once they approve you, you can link to any product on Amazon and put your links on your WA website.

    4. E.O.A

      @James Ebomoyi Okay….I get it …so WA have A.L for any niche you can get a link out of to earn commission from?

      But again WA is an affiliate programme (even create a website) website Amazon sells things and you an be an affiliate so that’s why I mentioned that.

    5. James Ebomoyi

      @E.O.A No, I was just giving an example. Amazon and Wealthy Affiliate are separate companies. When you promote a product that’s on Amazon, the Amazon cookie will expire in 24 hours When you promote Wealthy Affiliate, the cookie will stay for a lifetime unless someone clears their browser.

  8. Ezeogwu Frankliin

    how much do I get for referring people each

    1. James Ebomoyi

      The first month you get $8 if they go for the $19 trial, then every month after that you get $23.50. If someone goes for the annual membership, then you get $234.

  9. Wealthy Affiliate & Affiliate Marketing

    Top video, love it.. You have covered this really well. Thanks for uploading this video

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it

  10. Flaminia

    Very good video!

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Thanks, I appreciate it!

  11. Planetgreenzen

    Thanks for making this video brother.

    1. James Ebomoyi

      No problem, I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for leaving a comment

  12. Djehuty Nzamba

    hello james I hope you are doing well can I have your email address please?

    1. James Ebomoyi

      @Djehuty Nzamba You’re welcome

    2. Djehuty Nzamba

      James Ebomoyi thanks

  13. Dwayne

    James what caught my attention immediately is that you started with the Word..Prov:13:11 and as a believer the confirmation was there, but to slow down some. May you receive 100 fold return because it is the law of reciprocity!

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Hi Dwayne, I’m glad what I said resonated with you. I enjoy sharing thought provoking proverbs and quotes just to highlight the importance of spiritual principles. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

  14. Lifeisbeautiful2

    I get you, James!lol. I was once a fool following those scams…..but not anymore! Nothing worth value will happen overnight😊

    1. James Ebomoyi

      You’re absolutely right, nothing worth value will happen overnight and that’s why I opened up with that proverb. I’ve fallen for a couple of ridiculous programs myself and it’s a shame the industry is flooded with them.

  15. Zeemaya 247

    Hi there, great introduction. I have one question when you pay for the membership is there any hidden cost for example when promoting your site or any other cost?

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Hi there, that’s a great question. No, there aren’t any hidden costs, the only thing is that they have a free keyword tool called Jaaxy installed into their program and there’s an option to upgrade to Jaaxy Pro so you can track your articles in the search engines. But most members don’t go for Jaaxy Pro because it’s not necessary.

  16. Agie King

    I need your help regarding this business plz,

    1. James Ebomoyi

      No problem, I just sent you an email.

  17. Billy Wymarra

    great straighforward honest review James,thanks heaps!!

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Thank you sir, that means a lot to me. Wish you all the best!

  18. Kasanda Doux Mpoyi

    Hi James can i a person out of the united state staying in africa south africa also able to join the program?

    1. James Ebomoyi

      @Kasanda Doux Mpoyi Sure no problem

    2. Kasanda Doux Mpoyi

      @James Ebomoyi thank you very much

    3. James Ebomoyi

      Hi there, this is the full list of countries Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t support with the free membership:

      1. Bangladesh
      2. Egypt
      3. Ghana
      4. India
      5. Kenya
      6. Morocco
      7. Pakistan
      8. Philippines
      9. Vietnam
      10. Nigeria

  19. UssProperties Nigeria

    Does WA run its own affiliate program? So that when I get people to join, I can also be earning from my WA affiliate link?

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Hi there, wealthy affiliate does run its own affiliate program so you can earn from your WA affiliate link. However, if you’re from a certain country, they won’t allow you to join. For example, if you’re from Nigeria, you can’t join for the free or the premium membership. Sorry, I have no control over this because I’m just a member.

  20. JoAnne Adrian - Legitimate Online Income

    Thank you for your clear explanation, so well laid out and explained. If I wasn’t already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you would have me checking it out right now. Great video!

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Hi JoAnne, I appreciate that. It took me awhile to make this wealthy affiliate review and I’m happy people are getting the basic gist of what the program is about with such a short video. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  21. Jason Kang

    Hi, James.

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I love your introduction of WA.

    Your description of WA is brief and to the point.

    Great intro. Thank you.

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Hi Jason, good to hear you’re a member as well! Yeah I wanted to make sure my wealthy affiliate review was short and concise. Thanks for leaving some positive feedback!

  22. Angry Muffin

    Hi James, I started WA a couple months ago and this video has been very encouraging to watch. Its awesome to see that with in a year you have so much progress. Congrats! Hope you continue to grow your online business/businesses..

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Thanks a lot, I appreciate your comment. Wealthy Affiliate really is one of a kind! I wish you much success in your online endeavors as well.

  23. Jark Mann

    Outstanding video! I appreciate that you were upfront and your honesty in your review.

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it

  24. Live Wealthy Retirement

    Great introduction of Wealthy Affiliate, James. Thank you. Your achievements are impressive. I love the fact that Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership option because while other people’s reviews are helpful, I trust my own experience better. Joining for free and checking it out myself is the best way to decide whether to stay and upgrade, or to leave.
    ~ Julia

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Thanks a lot Julia! And yeah I couldn’t agree more, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few programs that lets you try before you buy. And yeah I was honestly a little skeptical about whether I’d get any results in the beginning but when I saw so many other members getting sales like it was nothing, I decided to take it more seriously. WA has been a real blessing.

  25. Schalk Zeeman

    James, what an amazing video! I liked every moment of it. What really impressed me is how you are able to be so concise . Wealthy Affiliate is certainly an amazing community indeed. You have earned yourself a subscriber and I clicked the bell to receive all of your updates. Wishing you the very best of success!

    1. James Ebomoyi

      ​@Schalk Zeeman That’s exactly what I was thinking, shorter videos appear to work better for most people.

    2. Schalk Zeeman

      @James Ebomoyi Yes, I think this is great for engagement. I think when someone sees a video that is e.g. 17 minutes plus long, no matter how interesting, then they probs have to be incredibly interested to press play in the first instance lol. So I think short and sweet is certainly the way to go.

    3. James Ebomoyi

      Hi Schalk, thanks for your comment! Yeah I wanted my wealthy affiliate review to be short simple and sweet so I spent a lot of time editing this video. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  26. What You Need For Beauty

    James, this is one of the best simple explanations of what affiliate marketing is and how Wealthy Affiliate works. You have done an amazing job with this video!

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Thanks a lot for your feedback! This video was very hard to put together but comments like yours make it worth it!

  27. Adam Hauze

    Hey an thanks for this video. Very insightful and I appreciate your honesty.

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Hi Adam, thanks for your comment. I hope this gave you a good overview of the program.

  28. Dream Imagine Create

    I’m in wealthy affiliate and it’s the best!!! I just subbed!!

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Yeah it’s a great program, and thanks for supporting my channel 🙂

  29. Rolly Howell

    Best explanation I’ve found yet! Great Job James. You’ve earn a sub & I clicked the bell to receive all of your updates.

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Hi Rolly, thanks a lot for your feedback, it means a lot.

  30. Celine Celestine

    should you outsource when writing blog posts?

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Hi Celine, you don’t have to but you can. Some people write their own posts, some people outsource, and some do both. Outsourcing makes things easier on you if you can afford it. This is a video I made which discussed affordable people you can use:

  31. Nate Kidd

    Hey James your video really resignated with me. I found you on a discussion post with little mama.

    Are you still having success with your site. I am thinking to to join WA under you and I like the saving money niche: stocks, budgeting, coupons, etc. Your thoughts.

    I really don’t like doing videos so I’m hoping I can be successful without and just blogging. Your thoughts.

    1. James Ebomoyi

      @Nate Kidd That means a lot to me Nate, and of course, no pressure. Thanks for your encouragement, I know how this internet marketing stuff can be in the beginning so I try to provide just the right amount of info to help people. If you have any other questions, I’m here for you.

    2. Nate Kidd

      James Ebomoyi thank you. It’s the personal finance niche. Yes I’m doing research now to make sure it’s monetizeable. You seem like the type of person that will help where you can and your vids are very powerful. I will stay in touch but I do plan to join WA next weekend.

    3. James Ebomoyi

      Hi Nate, thank you for considering me. You don’t have to do videos, blogging alone is just fine. As far as your niche goes, it sounds good, I’m just not that familiar with it to be honest.

      I would just say though that whatever niche you choose, try to make sure it allows you to have diverse income opportunities, like Amazon, Clickbank, and maybe Groupon in your case.

      And yes I’m still having success with my site, for November and December my sales really picked up, probably because of the holidays.

  32. The work at home graduate

    My man you are inspiring. I love your work and may God bless you. I actually love that you started off with a verse at the beginning and also for documenting your experiences with the program. Great work. Keep it up

    1. James Ebomoyi

      I really appreciate your comment bro, it means a lot. And yeah I felt like that verse set the tone for my video so I’m glad you enjoyed it. Wish you all the best!

  33. Zena The Insurance Princess

    How long did it take build your website?

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Hi there, setting up your site takes a few minutes, but I put out 27 posts which took about 4 months.

  34. Eric R

    I agree James great video. I am about 4 months into WA and have learned a lot. Thank you for advising me over the last few months. God bless

    1. James Ebomoyi

      You’re very welcome Eric. I appreciate you stopping by to leave a comment, it means a lot. And I’m happy you enjoyed the video. Stay blessed brother

  35. Jon McNeil

    Very proud of you bro! Your best video to date. Keep up the good work😊

    1. James Ebomoyi

      Thanks buddy, took me 2 weeks to put all this together, I appreciate your support!

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