Templates VS Themes

What is the difference between a wordpress theme and wp template


When i first started creating websites I was trying to find free themes for my website on google because i wanted a new look for my site and it kept showing me free templates. I downloaded the template but wordpress gave me an error message that its unable to upload. So now i am back at square one looking for themes. I did not know it was sooo hard to find free themes. All the while I was really thinking themes and templates were the same thing. Silly Me lol. So now that i have gotten the knowledge i am happy to share.


What is a Template?

Templates are what creates the look and feel of your site.


The content management system gives us the ability to seperate our content our design and the technical design of programming from each other so that parts of the system can be updated pretty easily. When an update comes out you can easily update your site without affecting your content or your design. If you want to change the look and feel of your site you can create a new design, upload it to your site and apply it, all without changing the content or the design that you want. And similar for content you can write your html and you can write your articles without worrying about how its going to look on your site or how it’s going to be presented on your site because the template will take care of that for you.


Content Management System is split up into 3 basic parts 

Template = Paint Job                                                                                           

Componet= engine.  like the engine of a car it Does the heavy work

Module = dashboard. like the dashboard it Displays information

Plugins = sparkplug. like the spark plug it Helps with small tasks like the load position command and other plugins 

Why use Templates?

Most website builders have templates which means you have a starting point when you want to create a website so you dont have to start with a black page, think about the layout images and everything else that goes into making a website. You choose the template that you like, the closest to your requirements. You then customize it to fit whatever needs you have for the website. Obviously you dont HAVE to create a template but it’s easiest to use one that someone has created for you first and just simply customize it to your needs. 

Find Amazing Templates Here

What is a Theme

A Theme is backed by the Content Management System you don’t have this with the template. Here is a short video to show you the difference between theme and templates that i think explains it very well. 

You can’t just install a single template. WordPress doesn’t work that way. To change templates, you install a new theme.

Find Cool Themes Here

I hope this was helpful for you and if you have anymore questions just leave a comment below.

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