Why I Left Legendary Marketer Review (The TRUTH)

this video I'm gonna go ahead andexplain exactly why I chose to leavelegendary marketer and I no longerpromote them as a company what's goingon wolves Eric Ellis did you hearchecking in for another video but thisis a little bit different this timesomething's gonna go ahead and cover whyI decided to actually stop promotinglegendary marketer as a company andwhich rod I'm deciding to go movingforward and just to give you guys someinsights on those of you who may belooking at the legendary marketer thosewho are looking for views or or justlooking for insight right now myobjective is not to make your decisionfor you in this video it's somethingjust to share my truths and you guys cantake that and run with it and basicallyyou make your better judgment right nowfirst and foremost the first thing thatI want to go ahead and cover with inthis video is that with legendarymarketer I actually have the number onevideo right now under the keywordlegendary marketer mr. ranked number oneso that's the whole reason why I'mactually making this video because a lotof people messaged me on the daily basisabout on legendary my career and they'relike oh do you promote that anymoreand the truth is no I don't promote itor they say oh I'm thinking aboutjoining like what do you think I shoulddo now um you may be able to answer thatquestion out there's questions I'm notgonna go ahead and answer the questionwhat I think you should do I'm justgonna go ahead and tell you about mystory with the company and companieslike it in the past right so first andforemost first thing that I want to sayis with legendary market I've actuallymade over twenty thousand dollars withthem at a point I promoted them for ashort period of time I was making onaverage about five thousand dollars amonth that's just one income streams asmany but um the thing is that they wereactually really good to me when I firststarted and um first and foremostjust to talk about like the leadershiptheir CEO Dave Sharpe I give% I'll go ahead and say what I've foundthus far is that he's a great CEO he'sactually trying to help people who'screating great content out there andonce you guys actually invest in thelegendary marker there's really goodcontent in there right it's not like alot of these BS scams out there ifyou're asking the question as alegendary marketer scam absolutely notright so if that's what you wereexpecting in this video that's not thecase but here's here's my story with thecompany of why I decided to leave rightnow they have great content it is alittle bit overpriced what I mean bythat it's high-tech no fillion marketinghowever that's all of us all aboutperception right it's overpriced but sois college degrees right if you pay theaverage u.s. college graduates about$33,000 and in student loans right nowyou pay much less than this at the lowerlevel or lower ticket items that youguys decide to invest into withlegendary marketer and by far theeducation that you get with legendarymarketer will be way more valuable thanyou would get at a at a college or auniversity that's my personal opinionright so are they a little bitoverpriced absolutely but is it a muchbetter option than a college degree yesas a college of a price yes so peopleovercharged things all the time rightnow the thing is that you guys canprobably find the information a littlebit a little bit cheaper elsewhere rightthere's other courses out there that youcan learn about Facebook Adsstorytelling copywriting and marketingdigital marketing most most coursesaround like that cost around $1,000 thisis hot ticket affiliate marketing so theinvestments go anywhere from 2,500 5,000to and and so on right now the thing isis that um what's hard to get affiliatemarketing how it works is coaches closesells for you right so those people comein on the low end like they invest adollar like a lot of these companies door if they invest thirty seven dollarsor whatever the low ticket offer isright the objective is to take themalong he is called the value ladderright so what the value ladder there'sdifferent levels that people can investinto depending on how much they want tolearn in digital marketingthe cool thing is that what you learnedyou can apply towards digital marketingor you don't have to promote the companyto apply the knowledge you gain but thesole purpose that I actually joinedlegendary marketers not to actuallylearn I join I joined to earn for theearning potential because I had alucrative commission structure rightthey paid 40 percent commissionsunlike companies in the past where theypaid 25 percent commissions so they paidreally good commissions and um theythere's all around there's great companyright now basically um Mike's mypersonal experience I can't speak foranybody else but my the reason why Ileft is because the reason that I joinedus for the income earning potential andthen once my income started to go downand go down and go down but the trafficthat I was sending wasn't um that was aproblem to me and basically what happensis and I've seen this happen time andtime again with a lot of these companiesis that they have they're growing sofucking fast and it's not their faultrightit's not legendary marketer spot thatthey had a great product that they're agreat company they provide greateducation and they have great mentorshipright but some of the problems that yourun into when you are that good is thatyou grow through fucking fast right andwhen you grow that fast there'ssomething called supply and demand it'san example if I was to go ahead andcreate a coffee brand right and I wasselling coffee and basically everybodywanted this coffee right to where peopledecided man this is great coffee andthen the words mouth just went freakingout of control because it was such agreat coffee brand and I didn't haveenough product to actually fulfill thoseorders what's gonna happen these peoplearen't gonna wait for me long termthey're gonna say you know what I'mgonna go elsewhere and I'm gonna goahead and get my coffee somewhere elseright whenever you guys figure that outI'll buy coffee from you guys and that'skind of what happened to me withlegendary marketer basically all myincome went down because the company'sgrowing so damn fast that it's hard forand this is my personal opinion this isin fact this is what I believe is umwhen somebody grows so damn fast becausethey're such a good company it's hard toactually deal with all the people comingin and for somebody like myselfof all those people who are investinginto the company for the learning rightyeah that's good for them I I joined toactually earn an income and additionalincome stream right and with people notbeing able to upsell as fast as possibleright that's that's that's not good forme the affiliate who's solely lookingturned money right so my income wentless because my income went less I meanat the end of the day yeah I could lovea company all I want but if the billsaren't getting paid I gotta go and seekelsewhere rightthat's basically what I came down to nowwho's to say that they might not bringmore people on board to where they areable to handle that supply and demandgreat cool oh is that something that youwant to go ahead and risk that'scompletely up to youdo they have great education yes nowanother thing is is that if they're notclosing people fast enough or you're notable to get people on the phones toactually get access to that educationeven if you want even if people want toget into the education that might behard for some people because they can'teven access to coaches right so it's avery simple simple fix easier said thandone I'm not the CEO right so with thatbeing said once they get it together Ifeel they may get it together um whoknows only time will tell but withinthat timeframe I'm not willing to waitso that's why I decided to leave andwhat route am I going um I'm personallystill doing affiliate marketing but I'mdoing instead of the high ticket modelwhich I've seen time and time again I'veseen this this happened so many timesand um one thing about me is that I cancontinue to bring people on board but ifI don't think they're gonna if I'm notmaking this up money that I want to makeI'm not gonna go and bring people onboard to an opportunity like this whereI have more marketing capability andmore Skills than them or more knowledgeif I'm not getting the results that Iwant why would I bring in somebody onboard who's a beginner there's a lot ofpeople at the top of this industry whodon't give a fuck right they're notwilling to take the the financial losswhich is what I did I took a financialloss because I could still be promotingAniston making money but I want I don'twant to go and hurt other people rightso it to me building trust with peopleand keeping a relationshipmaintaining a positive relationship ismore important than money to me rightsome people may call me crazy somepeople may call me Stu that's good forthem right so with that being said whichroute am I going now to be honest withyou um I'm doing a Clickbank right soI'm doing paid advertisement forClickbank and I have clickfunnels as thename come stream I have a couple ofother income streams but in the meantimeI'm trying to figure out what's gonna bemy main income stream at the time and inthe meantime I'm just gonna continue toa create content that's gonna helppeople have their financialbreakthroughs and get to the next leveland market right I create free contentto help people so that's my story itmight not be as exciting as you werehoping to I make good money while itlasted a lot of people within thisindustry they do something called pumpand dump and I'm not about that lifelike I'm sick of this fucking industrypump and dump means they pump up as muchmoney as they can basically and once thecompany goes down they dump it they moveon to the next opportunity they theypump up there and come again they dumpand they just rinse and repeat and a lotof people are burnt and they hate thisindustry because of that because a lotof people who are beginners they join anopportunity they decide they're gonna goout and invest into it when they investinto it the company goes down or theydon't have that leadership of thatmentorship or whatever they don'tsucceed they blame it all in theindustry when you can actually succeedwithin this industry but they were justburnt in the process right I'm not aboutthat life now if you guys have investedin legendary marketers through me rightand I'm talking I'm not talking aboutthe people who paid thirty seven dollarslike guys I've I've lost ten thousanddollars and I've lost other type ofincome right if you're complaining aboutthirty seven dollars this is not for youentrepreneurship it's for you aboutpeople who've actually who come acrossthis video and who have invested intolegendary marketer right and they don'tsee the results that they're getting butthey didn't invest a high amount reachout to me personally show me proof thatyou actually made the purchaseand Percy and row you into my course forfree and then I'll also help steer youinto the direction that I'm goingthat'll basically help you kind of pivotthe next row now if you want to continueto promote engineer market great if notit's completely up to you just reach outto me and I'll do my soul of expertiseis help educate inspire entrepreneurs onthe daily basis right so that being saidthank you guys for tuning in maybe thatmight give you some insight on whichdrops ago basically um just likebusiness does this is up and down so ifyou go ahead and promote a company butyou got to understand that thesecompanies there's ups and down so yougot a rider from the highs and they mayhave the load in this incidence is thata low point that's my personal opinionthat's just what I saw my income and I'mnot willing to wait for the bounce-backright some people might some peoplemight make a lot of money doing so I'mcoming for the next thing and your moneyso with that being said[Music]


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Why I Left Legendary Marketer Review (The TRUTH)



In this Video, I’ll Be Showing you the reason Why I Left Legendary Marketer Review (The TRUTH)


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  2. Derek Hoenen

    just started looking into affiliate marketing. there is so much information and products. From Funnel R x, Wealthy affiliate, legendary marketer, to yourself. Each has some good points i just don’t know which one to go with. you seem very honest on your video so any quick direction would be helpful. I know your time is valuable so thank you in advance. Cheers

  3. Anata

    Really appreciate the raw honesty. Thank you!


      No problem my friend 🙂

  4. JelizaRose H

    Did you have to pay 2500$ in order to see large profit with legendary marketers? And I would like to join your online entrepreneurship how can i?

    1. Gene Robert Wilson

      +JelizaRose H Try Wealthy Affiliate. $47/mth and that’s it. Trust me, they’re good.

    2. JelizaRose H

      ERIC ELLIS JR thank you for your response! I don’t have that kind of money right now 😒 do you know any other way on making online profit without investing on high amount of money. Pardon I know you mention how you invested a lot of money, I did also towards the wrong companies that scammed me. ThAts why I ask is there other ways where I don’t have to spend so much of my hard earn money. Overall I’ll check in your other videos just in case you have one that describes low investment to start profiting. ❤️


      Yes, I invested $2500. I made it back too. But I no Longer Promote them.

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  10. Herbert Carter

    Noy trying to get all up in your business, but how low did your commissions get that it was no longer worth it for you. I would still find it worth $2000 a week. Hell, even a $1000 lol, and that would’ve been like a $4000 cut for you.


      My main problem is I’m an experienced marketer. I’m not going to bring inexperienced marketers into a shit show when they were most likely to fail. That’s a dickhead move. Me capitalizing and profiting off of other failures.

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  13. Sherry Moreno

    Thanks for your honesty! I have just begun with Legendary Marketer but I have a better perspective of what I’m going into, if I decide to stay.



  14. Raymond Paenga

    Anyone still making good money these days or is your story similar to his

    1. Bill Stenzel

      I make good money? I’m a high school business teacher and created “MY OWN” course that “I” stand behind and it actually works


      Great question

  15. angela parsons

    hi please help me i haven’t invested thousands but i am investing alot of my time into affiliate marketing with no results so far i do believe that this will happen but not for a while. l liked what you you were saying that you got in online work for the income yes so true me as well and if your not seeing it well then hey its not for me. How ever i do get that it takes time to get ranked etc so i will be patient. Eric please consider me for your free course as a so i can have an actual stream of income. Thanks so much for your honesty as i have been researching hard out and i never chose anything without a good review or bad haha. hope to hear from you man!!



  16. Clint Whitney

    Great review man. I love the honesty. I felt the crunch in manning for sure. However, I still promote Legendary Marketer not because of the money, but because it’s changed my life. It took me from not knowing what to do with my life, what direction to take, how to use my skills and knowledge that I already use and turn it into my new brand. I just started YouTube brother so way to go on your channel. Big props! #learningdaily
    Thanks for sharing man.


      respect homie

  17. TjamVideoMan

    I paid and upgraded, $3K I believe, did $1K in co-op ads, didn’t make snot. How do I “reach out to you” about this free course enrollment you mention?


      That offer was people who invested directly through my link homie.

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    Hello. Can you help me with suggestions of what to do? I need money for my education as well and I don’t know what to do. I al thinking of starting to learn digital marketing and earn from it but I don’t know from where to start. I’ll be so glad if you answer me. Here is my email: essihi.khaola@gmail.com

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    Oh no, I wish I knew about this before paying $2,500 in late August. Been promoting, but no commissions yet. I also wish I had joined thru you so I could get the free training. 🤦‍♀️

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      ERIC ELLIS JR , Well, I didn’t joing through you so…

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  20. Axxess Mundi

    Thank you for your honesty. Interested on more of your insights.

  21. Benji's Dad - Affiliate Marketing Coach

    Good stuff. shows the importance of building a brand for yourself and not dependent on one company. Only promote what you feel at the time. Companies change. As affiliates we need to be able to change at the drop of a hat when things do not look right.

    1. TjamVideoMan

      STILL, it sucks to pay into something and then it’s “companies change”!!


      Companies come and go, brands last forever.

  22. Scott Walker

    No – you’re not crazy or stupid. You have your chumps correctly oriented and I appreciate you.


      lol thanks

  23. Vanessa C

    What was the process like leaving the company? Did you have to also buy your way out as you did in or you was able to walk away freely ?


      lol you do what ever you want. they don’t own you 🙂

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    Legendary Marketer up sell: $17,777 “Whew” If you have that kind of money laying around in your bank account to spend randomly at the blink of an eye you don’t need supplemental income.


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    Dang I just joined them


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    Great video…I like how you voiced your opinion and experience..I haven’t invested thousands like you or other people but after I finish the core steps your experience is something I will definitely take into consideration


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    Thank you for being honesty!

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    Integrity in this game is massive. Respect for moving on if it no longer fits you.


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  35. Angelique Paytience A Mom's Business

    Thanks for keeping is so real. I am glad that I got to watch this video. I love how you gave a great review but also let us know the content they provide is good.



  36. Bluechecker

    Thanks for being honest. You said you’re earning $5k a month and you left because you’re income from them was going down. I do not understand why you left them since income is passive, they close the deal for you. You don’t need to do any work and people will just sign up to your affiliate link.


      They were growing so fast that coaches couldn’t close

  37. Yasas Kumara

    Hey bro I’m going to buy legendary builder master class tomorrow.they say they’re giving a 5000$ bonus.do you think buying that product is a good idea?

    1. Brandon Durham

      I bought the upgrade 2 weeks ago after watching Eric’s videos and the information in the courses is good and yes overpriced but use it and then promote other affiliate products once you learn the basics. Thanks Eric Ellis!


      If you want to buy it to promote it no. If you want to buy it to learn go for it.

  38. Skyler Watkins

    Sorry I forgot the “you”

  39. Skyler Watkins

    This is one of the reasons that I do follow you sir. I am not always in a position to invest, but when I am researching anything I always come and see if you have information on the subject. I will continue to follow you and I hope to be able to work with some day soon. Good luck on your venture I wish nothing but success.


      Thanks homie

  40. Neil PM

    Respect bro. This is why people follow you instead of other affiliate marketers, you’re always honest


      I care more about my brand and helping the people that follow me than making a quick buck

  41. Pamela B.

    I like the way you went out of this company. It was a very honorable exit. You did not down the company, you simply spoke of your personal experience and the reason for your exit. You did not bash them at all. I am not a part of that company and never heard of them but I do follow you in my affiliate marketing journey. Good luck to you in all your future endeavors and I will continue to follow you.


      Thanks homie!

  42. Joyce spoon

    Are they enough couches to handle the scruples question from these newbies…. Or do the couches get exhausted with the nagging complain of these dowl lines & take time to respond to there emails? Just wondering

    1. TjamVideoMan

      Joyce spoon – I never heard from my coach, except when he wanted to sell me the upgrade. Asked and got a different coach, never heard from him! LM seems to only be good for those who have a big list/network that will readily buy from them…


      Coaches are hard to reach the faster the company grows.

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