Why you should outsource

Do you have too many things to do?

Are you overwhelmed and bogged down with too many projects to do. Creating a website can be really time-consuming and sometimes, you just want to give up! Your mind is always all over the place with so many tasks to do you just don’t know where to start. That is why it is good to outsource. Whatever you don’t know how to do someone else can do it for you. When you outsource you can focus on tasks that will drive leads and sales to your business like, advertising and promoting.


What is Outsourcing?

There is a lot of definitions for this word but I will try to explain the best way I know how. Outsourcing is hiring someone else to do a job that you cannot do, so you can focus on tasks that matter to you. It’s also called contracting out. Its the cheapest way to get stuff done without having to physically hire someone and pay hourly. 


Where can you find people who participate in Outsourcing?

There are plenty of places you can go to find someone to do the job for you but I’m going to list a few that offers

a broad range of services that you are sure to find helpful.



This is an online Marketplace where services can be bought and sold. The unique thing about Fiverr is that the price for most services is $5. Millions of people want diverse things on the internet. Someone wants to get a sketch made while someone else wants to get a mobile app or an article written. Someone wants a Video or Website Design. You can get Facebook page likes, or get someone to write a review for your business or Products. These people go on Fiverr to find someone to do the work for them. You can even do jobs like these you can earn money from Fiverr as well.

Pay Per Post

Here you get paid for Blogging. It was set up for Business who wanted to be blogged about. For people who are trying to promote a product or company and do branding or SEO to get links formatted a certain way. You can pay someone a small amount of money in exchange for the blogger making a post within certain parameters depending on what topic you need to be written about. You can sign up for pay per post and submit your blog or make an offer for someone to do a job for you. The unique thing about this is that it connects to all of your social media accounts so if you want to build a following or get the exposure you can do that when you write content. 


With Freelancer, you can speak in real time with the person you are about to hire. You just post a project that you need to be done and you will get instant responses from freelancers who bid on your project instantly. Once you find someone that you are interested in you can ask them all the questions you need right then and there. I use this site for my other websites that I am not working on that needs to be built. You can also find bloggers here too so if you write your own articles you can get someone to proofread and check for grammar errors. They also provide data entry, if you need a landing page an opt-in page or anything you can think of you can get it from freelancer.


Though all of these services I recommended are similar you will find something unique from them all. I recommend giving someone just one task first to see if they are a great fit for what you need. Maybe you will find someone long term to do all of your projects. I hope this helps you with your outsourcing. If you have any questions please leave them below.







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